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Monsters Will Die if They Are Killed

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——Those who are different from ordinary people are monsters——

Born to be a superpower, a hundred ghosts retreat wherever they go, crushing bones is the same as crushing butter biscuits.

It’s too special, it’s actually not a good thing. In order to find the same kind in this seemingly ordinary world, Su Zhou has been searching all the way for ten years, but he has found nothing… Until the sudden arrival of aura recovery, it opened up a vast expanse for him. The curtain of the times.

Looking forward to change and transcendence, Su Zhou didn’t want to watch the world burn, but he longed for the world to become lively.

Traveling alone for thousands of miles, strolling around the world.

Seeing the uneven road, draw a knife to help.

Even in this world full of monsters, demons, and countless demons and ghosts, in this multiverse that is on the verge of breaking and is on the eve of destruction, there is no need to shrink from fear, no need to be confused, and still have a heart that longs for justice and pursues correctness. .

After all, it’s just like the well-known nonsense, ‘when a person is killed, he will die’.

Monsters will die if they are killed.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:MWDITK
Alternate Title:怪物被杀就会死
Author:The cloudy sky is hidden
Weekly Rank:#5147
Monthly Rank:#5128
All Time Rank:#4104
Tags:Action, Calm Protagonist, Cautious Protagonist, Friendship, Ghosts, Male Protagonist, Modern World, Overpowered Protagonist, Seeing Things Other Humans Can't, Weak to Strong,
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  1. What is that title "Monsters Will Die if They Are Killed"!!?? I can probably find better tittle like "Eating food relives hunger" "you'll die if you don't breathe" "protagonists may not die if they are killed"

  2. Crying world peace everywhere but doesn't use his brain, when people said that cultivators saw mortal as imperfect dirty and smelly, what did mc do, nothing, tge stupid bitch has eaten a wisdom fruit, can make some kind of gene repair serum or super soldier serum, so that people are not much different and shit is solved, maybe mc has not enough brains to make the serum but his friend definitely has, but his friend stopped studying and started cultivating. If only one of them had decided to study, most of the problem could be solved, you want advanced weapon, solved, you want everyone to be strong, solved, you want to study spaceships, solved, like every single thing that could be solved with intelligence, the two most intelligent people on earth decided not to do it.

  3. Okay I haven't read far but this book seems pretty good. It's genre is horror , action , adventure with calm cautious and clever protagonist. It's about a boy who could see supernatural things. The setting is in modern world.I will read more to see how things develop.

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