Chapter 600 Wasteland Protagonist (5.2 Day Chapter)

  In the Wasteland Forum, Link saw for the first time the tasks released by Penny's "whole network".

  Just after reading it, Link was completely dumbfounded.

  [A-level mission [Fate of the Wasteland], Accept/Reject]

  [Task reminder: The wasteland is now at a critical moment of life and death. The alien invaders are strong, even if they are as strong as the head of state, they are hard to support. The future of the wasteland is in everyone's hands. Only by finding advanced knowledge and artifacts can it be possible to reverse the fate! On this issue, no matter what faction, stand or organization we are, we should form a community with a shared future and protect our homeland! As long as you can find any clues or intelligence about advanced knowledge, report it to any Lin's financial group organization and institution in the wasteland. ]

  [Task requirements: search for any information about advanced knowledge and Shalbak, and report the news to]

  [Task reward: according to the rarity of the information provided]

  This task is directly classified as an A-level task by the system, and there is no task threshold at all. Even a new level 1 number can receive this task.

  So once the mission was released, all players were shocked.

  Many players have been playing for a few months, but they didn’t even see the shadow of a B-level mission. Suddenly they got an A-level mission. The feeling of pie in the sky is so cool. And players have already mastered some skills in the game, such as the division and distinction of task levels.

  F-level task is to pass errands, no risk, but the reward is also low.

  E-level missions are ordinary missions, with extremely low combat risk and average rewards.

  D-level missions encounter medium combat risk, or mission difficulty is medium, and the rewards are normal.

  C-level missions are advanced missions with high risks and rewards.

  B-level missions are big power plots, with high risks, complex missions, and good rewards. Such missions have additional special rewards.

  This time is an A-level mission. This is already a mission involving the main storyline, and it is related to important NPCs. The reward is definitely much higher than that of the B-level mission.

  After all, from the start of the server until now, I haven't heard of anyone getting A-level quests. Rao is the wind chasing gentleman who has the closest relationship with Link, and he has never heard of an A-level mission.

  Now using various media channels such as TV, radio, etc., it is widely distributed, and everyone has a share. This is simply a living bodhisattva.

  At this moment, everyone is discussing this advanced knowledge, artifact, and a new name Shalbak on the forum.

   "What is advanced knowledge, I didn't make it clear when I listened to Nicole on TV!"

"This person upstairs, you didn't pass the elementary school Chinese. You are all so clear. This advanced knowledge is the knowledge that the original extraterrestrial civilization bestows on the wasteland and fights against aliens. If you master this knowledge, you will be able to break with aliens. Wrists off."

  "Sharbak was the garrison general of the original Shabak. I checked the information. Shabak is the name of the ancient Shadu, so the advanced knowledge should be in Shadu without any accident."

   "The analysis upstairs makes sense, I will investigate now."

  Foreign players see here, except for envy, there is only envy. Although they also got the mission through TV and radio, after learning that Sharbak was the garrison general of Shadu hundreds of years ago, they knew that they had actually been excluded from the competition for the A-level mission.

  However, there are still many players who refuse to admit defeat, and they rushed to Shadu from other places to get a piece of the pie.

  After all, this is an A-level mission, and judging from the mission introduction, it is also the main mission of the planet. If a clue is found in the event of a big luck, it is really a leap to the branch, enough to become the forefront of wasteland players.

  Even players from the other two novice planets, after learning about the A-level mission of the Wasteland, all rushed over to join in the fun, all revealing their envy.

Their main missions are beginning to show up. Only a handful of players got the missions. The plot was originally quite epic. Compared with the all-people soldiers in the Wasteland, fighting against alien invaders, it was a bit petty in an instant, and it was still the internal structure of the planet. Little trouble, not on the stage.

  Whether it is Victoria or Pandora, they are still in the struggle of forces within the planet, which is like a wasteland, they have already engaged with extraterrestrial civilizations, and the enemies they encounter are all question mark levels, and their strength exceeds the upper limit of the planet.

  In the afternoon, the video of Link fighting with the messenger of war has been on the hot search in reality. With the addition of the national A-level mission, the plot and story of the wasteland is indeed far ahead among the three novice planets. Many players have already regretted not choosing Wasteland at that time. Isn't this more popular than bloggers?

  In addition to the players, the indigenous NPCs in the wasteland have also begun to take action. It is about the survival of the wasteland, and they can also be rewarded by the Lin consortium. Everyone must contribute to the public and private. Perhaps Longcheng and Faye haven’t had much feelings, but the people of Shadu have had a good life this year. The gunfights and chaos in the streets and alleys a year ago, and now they are almost closed at night. After Lin Ke came to power, he was right. They all saw the beneficial changes made by Shadu.

  If the front line really can’t hold the alien’s offensive, their stable life will be completely destroyed, and the sand will be reduced to a sea of ​​flames and ruins like Esiah.

  Many refugees in New West Asia, after hearing about the mission, many chose to go to Shadu to find advanced knowledge. The head of state has already paid too much for them, arranging food and lodging for them, without even asking for anything in return. But they cannot take this for granted, they must do something to repay the head of state.

  Link quit the forum, from initial shock to emotion.

   Vote for a peach, and repay it for a plum.

  Of course, this task finally revealed a fact.

  The direction of the story began to change, and the pattern of the wasteland was formally established-the three protagonists.

  Needless to say, the first protagonist is John the Killer King.

  Link now also has the A-level serial task [John’s request] released by John, go to the Prince’s Treasure together.

  The second protagonist is Silver Hand. As a clone like the previous life, Silver Hand inherited the luck of the savior of the previous life. Although there is no mission statement now, the position of a protagonist is absolutely impossible to run.

  The third one is Link. Penny released the A-level mission [The Fate of the Wasteland], nominally issued in the name of the Lin Consortium. However, it is obvious that this task will be labeled as an A-level task because of Link's relationship. After all, Link had also done missions before, and aliens invaded ahead of time. If they are related to aliens, they are all super template missions, not A-level missions.

  Just enter the game a year ago, he was still a slave fleeing everywhere. A year later, as the head of the Free Federation, he started fighting with alien invaders and became the protagonist of the planet.

  I always thought that he was on the thigh of the real protagonist, but Link didn’t realize that he himself was one of the protagonists.

  The next day.

  Shadu is full of voices.

  Penny stands on the top floor of the Morros Building, looking down on the whole city through the huge floor-to-ceiling glass. Whether it is the upper city or the slum, people take to the streets, talk to each other, or look in a hurry.

  Many people have notebooks in their hands or collected information.

  A variety of fragmented pieces of information are constantly combined and arranged to complete Schalbach’s resume.

  In addition to ordinary people, the powerful and powerful people in the Shangcheng District have also contributed their efforts. Many powerful families have taken out books about the desert dynasty collections or collections about Shalbak at home. Even the descendants of Schalbach stepped up and publicly supported them, willing to take out the family secrets for everyone to study and find clues.

  Before, the city was full of rumors and rumors, and the people were flustered, but after the public mission, everyone had their hearts in one place, and the previous rumors were self-defeating.

  Penny saw this scene and couldn't help sighing.

  Let all the people know the truth with the most frank attitude and let them see Link's contribution on the front line. This task is equivalent to returning the fate of the wasteland to everyone, and they have a sense of participation and mission.

  Penny looked at the information reported by Dragon City and Faye, this time he made a right bet.

  The panic of the people disappeared, and they all turned into a sense of responsibility and mission. This time the fight against alien invaders is no longer just a matter of soldiers and high-level personnel, but the whole people spontaneously. This terrifying force gathers together and will produce tremendous power. Next, on the basis of looking for clues, publicizing the stability of the rear is conducive to the front line, and people will soon be able to reinvest in life and production, and everything will be back on track.

  Penny easily completed the task of maintaining the stability of the free federation, and I don’t know what happened to Afu’s side. With so many people expressing their opinions and taking action, there should be a lot of information.

  Penny picked up the phone and dialed Afu’s phone. The phone was always beeping. After a long time, the phone was not connected until Penny was about to hang up.

   "Hey, Penny, what's the matter?" Ah Fu's voice was lazy. He had consumed a lot of going out some time ago and had not slept peacefully, so he took a good rest after returning.

   "You are still sleeping, the plan is successful, and now the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the whole people have been mobilized, you quickly see if there is any useful information."

Ah Fu leaped off the bed. He could hear the sound of rustling clothes on the phone. Then he grabbed the phone and said, "I greeted Troy last night and asked him to screen all the information, usefully in the form of a task. Hand out to the monster security company for investigation. I’ll take a look now..."

  Afu quickly came to the office and turned on the computer to check.

Immediately, all kinds of information flooded in, making the computer freeze for half a minute, and then Ah Fu saw the 999+ emails, couldn’t help taking a breath, and said to the phone: “I see, this The people are a little bit enthusiastic, I'm a little busy here, so let's hang up first..."

  This is still a preliminary screening by Troy. There are already so many emails, and the workload is not small.

  Afu summoned the Coffin Palace and summoned Pharaoh Tumon: "Quickly, the information has been exhausted at this moment, I need you to screen it together!"

  Pharaoh Tumen immediately came out of the casket, entered the Pharaoh’s soul box, recovered his body, rubbed his hands and said, “It’s time to find the truth.”

   Pharaoh Afu and Tumon began to bury their heads in collecting useful information, and this was a faint ignorance of the day and night outside.

  However, after reading all the 999 emails, Afu thought that the work was over, but clicked to refresh, and the interface stuck for half a minute. When it returned to normal again, 999+ emails were displayed again, and the atmosphere in the office instantly solidified.

  Afu and Pharaoh Tumon looked at each other. After a while, Pharaoh Tumon sighed and said, "Oh, let's rest after reading these."

  The two reviewed the information all night and day and night. After extracting the useful information from the list, they immediately sent it to the monster security company for investigation.

  As the rear information is rapidly exchanged, the front line has not slackened.

  Link used the ‘eye of the beast’ to control sand sculptures or doomed crows to patrol the sky over Esia several times every day. He watched shadow dogs and alien demons land from the sea, and even saw alien mechanics. When Link visited again in the evening, he found that Esiah had a lot of fires. The alien craftsman temporarily built a smelting platform, remelted the metal in the ruined walls, and began to delimit the area and start building the camp.

  One day, there is no news about the Dreamland Reincarnation Stone. Regarding advanced knowledge, Ah Fu and Penny did not give any feedback. They did not know whether it was too much news to verify that they were slow, or they did not find any clues.

  Link knows that if this continues, the alien must establish a magic forge camp in Esiah.

  Once the camp is completed and a stable teleportation system is formed in the camp, the alien army will continuously enter the wasteland. At that time, everyone's life will be more difficult. Therefore, the attack should be done sooner rather than later, and they must be driven out of the wasteland before the construction of the forge camp is completed!

  Link is still very clear about the forge camp, after all, he has dealt with for several months in his previous life and has done a lot of tasks.

  According to the current construction speed, the forge camp has begun to take shape, and it will take two to three days for the basic functions to be completed.

  If you want to attack, you must rush within these two or three days.

   But now there is no news about the two "East Winds", and he must always be alert to the alien army, Link can not help but become anxious.

  "Report! Head of State, UU reading, here is a copy of your letter from the Shadu Library." The soldiers outside the door entered the camp and reported.

  Lin Kemeiyu has a hint of suspicion. Is the letter sent from the Shadu Library at this time related to advanced knowledge, sent directly to him? After all, he is the honorary curator of Shadu Library, and it makes sense to bypass Penny directly.

   "Bring it to me."

  Link took the letter and found that the envelope, the sender, and the stamp were all unique signs of the library.

  Just after opening the letter, Link was stunned, and at the same time, the system also jumped out of a task—[The Last Trial].

   [Dear head of state, I am the administrator of Shadu Library. I heard that you are looking for advanced knowledge and dream reincarnation stone. Advanced knowledge forgive me for the administrator’s inability to do anything, but I will have some news about the dream reincarnation stone you are looking for. If unsurprisingly, you are looking for the Dream Reincarnation Stone to create a legendary skill, maybe I can provide some help...]

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  (End of this chapter)

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