Chapter 599 Half-Step Legend (5.1 day chapter)

  It didn’t take long for Link to hear enthusiastic cheers erupting from the city of New West Asia.

  When Link walked out of the camp, he was surprised to find that many people were carrying torches northward and leaving New West Asia under the moonlight.

  Is it because the video played in the afternoon made everyone lose confidence in the free federation?

  But the faces of these people who left were obviously excited, and it didn't seem like they had lost faith in the Free Federation.

  This makes Link wonder. Since it is not an alien cause, what caused so many people to leave New West Asia with torches overnight? Is it the distortion of human nature, or the loss of morality...

  These people who have left include not only local vendors in New West Asia, but also refugees who had previously evacuated from Aysia, as well as a large number of players. In addition to torches, there are also various vehicles lined up, scrambling to evacuate from New West Asia.

  The macaw disappeared from where it was, and after a while panting, he returned to Link: "I figured it out, it was the Shadu who had a major event!"

  Something big happened in the sand?

  Link's spirit suddenly tightened, and the first reaction was that an alien invader also appeared in Shadu.

  The macaw took a few breaths and continued: “It was the TV station that issued a call overnight, calling on all the people of Shadu to join in the search for advanced knowledge and contribute to the fight against alien stars.”

   Now it was Link's turn to be surprised. The TV station called for it. There is no doubt that the think tank is behind it. This action must have been proposed by Penny.

  But why call the people of Shadu to seek advanced knowledge?

  Link felt it necessary to contact Penny to ask the ins and outs of the matter.

  Just before he could dial the phone, the sound worm on the table began to call: "Penguin Penney asks for communication!"

  Link plugged the sound bug in his ears, and immediately heard Penny’s voice: "Boss, there are already a lot of people on the New West Asia side, right? I'll sit down and report for you."

  Link went back to the camp and sat on the sofa: "Just in time I am going to call and ask you what's going on, so let's start."

  Penny Penguin’s report was streamlined and effective, and it only took the shortest time to explain the situation for Link.

   "So you combine these two needs and directly mobilize the whole people to find advanced knowledge, right?"

"Yes, as for safety, don't worry about it. I have communicated with Commander Dai Yi, Bob of the slum gang, and even greeted Mr. Painter in advance, so I can support at any time, so as to guarantee the platinum hotel to the utmost extent. Forces such as, academies, etc. can't get involved." Penny's tone was full of confidence.

   Now it’s Link's turn to be surprised, with an unbelievable tone: "You got it done with John?"

   "Well, I told him that this time it counts as overtime, it's another price."

   "What about the price?"

  "VIP-level Little Xiangzhu brand cat food for shorthair cats for one month."

  Link was stunned, how could he never imagine that Penny bought John with a month’s ration of shorthair cats.

  It can only be said that as a “master-level” entrepreneur, Penny’s vision is sharp and vicious, and he can see through John’s “weaknesses” at a glance, and then he can prescribe the right medicine.

   "Well, you have arranged so many new players, even if the Platinum Hotel and the Academy come, there will be no return."

  Penny clearly explained the reasons for the series of actions, Link also understood what the other party thought, and even he began to become interested in this plan.

  It’s just that there is another piece of information that surprised him, that is, Afu and Pharaoh Tumen went out looking for advanced knowledge and the whereabouts of artifacts, but they went around and finally the intelligence pointed to Shadu again.

However, the pace of the plot in the previous life was not so fast, and the players did not find any advanced knowledge in the sand. They still waited until the people of the [First Order] arrived and passed on the advanced knowledge, and the players gradually mastered the situation. Back and forth. Therefore, Link did not expect much for the clue from Schalbach.

  After all, even if you get advanced knowledge, with the player's current level, this thing is useless to them, and can only be used to upgrade some NPCs. Instead of this, it is better to put hope on his own promotion to the legend.

  Yes, after a wave of strengthening and promotion, Link thought about it all night, and now decided to put his hope on the promotion legend.

  He had already completed a ring to kill 5 NPCs with no less than 50 leaders. Now he only needs to create a legendary (S) skill to be promoted to the legend smoothly. If you follow the terms of the Internet novel Thief Huo, then his current state is a half-step legend.

  On the side, the macaw also heard the conversation between Penny and Link. After all, as the ‘chat group owner’, he is in front of him, so it’s not easy to receive the radio waves transmitted by the sound worm.

  The macaw scratched his head. After a long time of advanced knowledge, he was in Shadu, but the clue was also broken. Penny is also a big heart, and he dared to propose such a bold plan, and cut it first and then execute it. He is simply a role model for our generation! In this regard, there are only four words for macaws-chicken **** are so beautiful!

  After finishing the conversation with Penny, Link took off the sound worm and picked up the phone to make a call.

  Beep beep...

  After waiting for a few times, the call was connected. Just after the call was connected, there was a grumble: "It's less than half an hour after Penny finished the call. Your call came. Are you planning to put me to sleep?"

  Link heard John’s voice gradually increased from a low voice, and then finally increased, with a lot of resentment.

   Link grinned and said: "This wave, shouldn't I interrupt your spellcasting precisely, am I?"

   "Shoot, the hammer interrupted the cast, what's the matter?"

Link sternly said: "I'm here to ask how to create a legendary level skill. I have enough experience against masters. Now I can be promoted to a legendary level just short of my own legendary level skill. This time The success or failure of the frontline should be here."

   Hearing that Link was about to create legendary skills, John was no longer sleepy in an instant, and he was energetic.

   "I didn't expect you to accumulate enough experience so quickly. It's really a wave behind and pushing forward." John couldn't help but sigh. He used to be promoted to Legend, but it took a lot of setbacks.

John knew that this matter was deeply related to the fate of the wasteland, so he didn't sell it, and simply said: "Create your own legendary skills. This thing is not created out of thin air, but is integrated according to your fighting style and existing abilities. So the first step is to To find two or more skill characteristics, what effect you want for the skill you create, you have to find the skill that corresponds to the characteristic.

  After you find the sample, the next step is the most difficult step in the whole process, which is to constantly challenge the inner demon. In the process of challenging the inner demon, it is the process of gradually improving the idea in your mind. However, this process is extremely thrilling, and a little carelessness in the battle with the heart demon will cause you to lose control, and even be completely occupied by the heart demon, becoming a walking dead.

  But as long as you have sufficient insurance, this process is still relatively safe. You have to find something to concentrate on, as well as materials to transform your mind demon. The stronger the mind demon you transform, the more perfect your ability to create.

  The most important point is that only after thousands of battles with the heart demon can it be possible to complete a legendary skill, so you need a dream reincarnation stone that can repeat the whole process continuously. I got one of this stuff by chance, it was harder to find, but you are now the head of the free federation, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find a material. "

  John’s long talk, all kinds of key secrets, almost all taught.

  After listening, Link said that he had taken the small book to write down the main points.

  With these words, John hung up the phone with satisfaction, and said that he would like to learn the first time it was created.

  The macaw stood on tiptoe and saw the key points recorded in Link’s notebook. After seeing it, it instantly became Nick Young, with a black question mark face.

  Good deed, what I said when I called just now was fine, and I wrote down the main points, but when I looked at it, I realized that there were two characters in Link's notebook-look at the face.

  Dare to love this is the main point to summarize!

  Although there is little written in the book, Link has already formed a prototype after listening to John’s experience sharing.

  The prototype of the legendary skills, you need to pick a characteristic combination from the skills you have learned.

Link glanced at all current skills, Poison Poison lv10, Coin Divination, Eye of Beast lv10, ☆Doom Bullet lv1, Hidden Weapon lv10, Punch Fist lv10, Rapid Travel lv10, Crane Fist lv10, ☆Shi Fang Ji Mie lv15 (A) , ○Man in the Mirror (S), Feng Shui Kanyu lv10, Shaman Witchcraft lv10, Tarot Secrets lv10, Mechanical Assembly lv10, Mechanical Force Surging lv10, Gun Modification lv10, Smite lv10, Appease the Beast lv10, Natural Fury lv10 , Tracking humanoid creatures lv10, shadow escape lv10, Yi Jinjing lv10, penance lv10, ignoring pain lv10, ☆the emperor's vision (A), slashing sky lv15 (B).

  Normally speaking, the higher the level of skills, the better the characteristics they have, especially because Link itself has a legendary S skill and 2 epic A-level skills.

   Among them, the combination of Shi Fang Ju Mie and the emperor Wang Qi technique, Link did not intend to move. These two skills are perfectly matched. If you choose these two to create legendary skills as a blueprint, the new will not only absorb the strengths of these two skills, he will not have an extra legendary skill, but two epic skills, which is not worth the loss.

Since    is a legendary skill, it must reflect its characteristics.

  In the skills learned, most of them are ordinary skills, and only exclusive skills can reflect the characteristics.

  The star-shaped mark in front of the skill is the exclusive skill, which is unique and exclusive, and can best reflect the characteristics of a character.

  The bullet of doom, all directions are destroyed, the emperor looks at the air.

  Now that all the ten directions are bound to the emperor's vision, then the development target is placed on the doom bullet.

  Just Doom Bullet Although this skill is unique and exclusive, it is the first exclusive skill Link obtained, but because the effect is too tasteless, it has been rarely mentioned. It only comes to mind when synthetic materials are occasionally needed.

  Think about it carefully. The effect of the Doom Bullet skill is a bit interesting. Not to mention reducing the luck attribute, there is also a hidden effect that will definitely produce a crit after hitting an enemy. However, because the damage of firearms is relatively low, the damage of inevitable violence is not as high as Link's other skills. If you can take advantage of this effect, it seems pretty good!

  If you want to use Doom Bullet as your base skill, what should you choose for another skill combination?

  The effect of regular skills is single, and Link has not found inspiration after watching it several times. If this skill can't increase the height of the doom bullet, but instead limits the rules, then this creation is a failure. What Link needs is not "a correct answer", but "countless possibilities", so in order to achieve this, a wide range of skills application channels are needed.

  And the only skill that meets this requirement is the emperor's Wang Qi technique.

   can not only control the breath to kill people invisible, but also use various breaths to bless oneself.

  Although the emperor's Wang Qi technique can control many auras and can also detect the existence of various auras, the only thing that is vague and uncontrollable is luck.

  The doom bullet itself can affect bad luck and luck. If it is combined with the emperor's vision, can it give Link the ability to control the luck?

  If you want to know Ah Fu’s unparalleled luck, Link has always been envious. If he has this ability, wouldn’t it be cool?

  Boldly assume, carefully verify.

  At least these assumptions that Link thinks of now are all within the rules. As for whether it can really achieve the goal, it's hard to say.

  But... the legendary skills extracted from the two exclusive and unique skills are not too weak, otherwise, wouldn't they fall into the title of legendary skills?

  The initial idea of ​​the skills has been established, and the next step is the problem of hardware materials.

   Excluding the dream reincarnation stone, Link has never heard of this thing in his previous life, so he can only hope that he can find it.

   Steady the treasure of the inner demon, Link really has it on hand. The purple-quality [dormant crystal] from the desert oasis before has the effect of making all living things peaceful. Doesn't it come in handy this time?

  As for the phantom demons, John said that the stronger the demons, the better, and the stronger the demons can cast more perfect legendary skills. If that's the case, then Link is not welcome! According to John, as long as there is something that the illusion demon possesses, plus the memories and fantasies in your mind, you can create a powerful demon.

  Unfortunately, John used to give Link a pencil, [painter's pencil], still green in quality. Synthesis is useless for this thing, it can finally come in handy now.

  Everything is going well now, only the east wind is owed.

  And Dongfeng is this dream reincarnation stone.

  "Lao Jin, help me contact Penny. When the whole people are looking for advanced knowledge, let the people in the consortium not to be idle, and find a way to help me find something called Dreamland Reincarnation Stone, which is urgent."

The macaw nodded again and again: "Okay, you know, I'm going to talk about it. If there's nothing to do, I won't come over later. I also went to some nerbo priests in the desert ruins to ask, UU read wwwww to see if there is anything like this in the Spider Demon Empire."

  After the macaw left, Link sat in a chair and fell silent.

  In this wave, as long as you can create legendary skills, you can smoothly promote to legend. By then, your attributes will be greatly improved, and you can face all kinds of alien tricks more calmly.

  After thinking about it, Link wanted to take a look at the forum. After all, Penny has released such a big task tonight, he wants to see the reaction of the forum players.

  But when he entered the wasteland forum and clicked on the related posts and read it, he was dumbfounded...

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  (End of this chapter)