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Monster: Summon Godzilla at the Start

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Novel Summary

When the plane crashed and wandered on a deserted island, Luo Xiu accidentally obtained the 【Monster Sign-in System】!

Sign in for one day, reward; monster “Godzilla”!

Sign in for seven days, reward: monster “Skull Island-King Kong”!

Sign in for 30 days, reward: the ultimate skill “Atomic Breath”!

Sign in for three hundred and sixty-five days, rewards: Red Lotus Godzilla, King Gidola, Monster Queen Mothra, Deep Sea Banshee Thira…

Two hundred million years ago, the ancient giant beast was the true overlord of this planet.

When they come again, the whole world will tremble at the feet of these ancient creatures!

Luo Xiu: “I want this world to surrender to the iron hoof of my monster!”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:MSGAS
Alternate Title:怪兽:开局召唤哥斯拉
Author:10,000 daily changes
Weekly Rank:#892
Monthly Rank:#499
All Time Rank:#1320
Tags:Cheat, Cruel Characters, Fan-fiction, Harem, Male Protagonist, Non Human, OP MC, Racism, System,
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50 Comments on “Monster: Summon Godzilla at the Start
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  1. Who in the fuck, would let his monster evolved in an open space where there are other people who era present. Especially if thay people who saw it is not your subordinate, trusted members? Brain dead MC

  2. I don’t understand why when people disagree with the MC whether he cheated in practice or whatever he must prove to them that they are wrong, why can’t he just fukking kill them. Why does he care about those shits when he is strong ????

  3. Some people do, there are some novels where mc is a pshycopath that killed everyone but the princess when summoned, or that weird dude that does Wrestling moves on princess every time they meet. In many cn novels cities and plantet even universes get blown up left and right. I prefer the more grounded mcs but some people...

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