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After a deadly car accident, Xia Fukun finds himself transported to a mystical world with monsters, cultivators… and a gorgeous woman.

It’s a dangerous world, but fortunately, he’s blessed with a cheat that can create special beasts to help him deal with his enemies and even take on the prestigious background of his crush.

Watch Xia Fukun go on a thrilling yet silly adventure with his beasts!

Warning! Be prepared to laugh till you cry and moved to tears!

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Short Title:MRS
Alternate Title:疯狂炼妖系统
Author:Ji Mo Asan
Weekly Rank:#61
Monthly Rank:#18
All Time Rank:#2212
Tags:Cheats, Childhood Friends, Comedic Undertone, Cultivation, Early Romance, Familial Love, Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy World, Hidden Abilities, Male Protagonist, Monster Tamer, Polygamy, Reincarnation, System, Transmigration,

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58 Comments on “Monster Refining System
  1. Bad and Retard MC Starting point. MC and his Father Bought Overpriced Tier 2 Monster corpse that can buy Tier 3 Monster corpse. And at the same Time MC doesn’t even Thinking about Retreating when someone from someone who has Stronger Backing that can wipe out his Family with a Palm. I mean, just STOP bidding and put a Bounty for that Monster. You can get it Cheap and not offending someone your weak family should. Duh,,,,,

  2. Okay, so MC is a common Pervert like the others. But, there is a Bad thing about MC is he can Grow Stronger by Refining a Monster as his Summoning beast. Like Refining tier 4 can make him from tier 0 to tier 4 without any hardship. Like BOOM he got to Tier 4, he doesn’t need climb step by step like Tier 0,1,2,3,4. And then, for making it Worst, the Chapters when he got Jailed in his Academy. He JUST ONLY THINKING for making another Breakthrough by Refining higher Tier Monster, so he can INSTANTLY become Stronger. The Problem is, from his Home and to Academy he need to Cross a few Forest and Mountai. Forest and Mountain filled with BEAST. So, he needed those Beast as Materials to Refine higher Tier Monster. But, he doesn’t even Think about that untill Suddenly he got Jailed(Misfortune). The System is OP but MC is more OP with his low IQ.

  3. the plot armor??, haha that's not enough, this Mc thinks "I have a system, I'm the star of this world" Deus Ex Machina and as long as I say always be there for him.

  4. Getting caught by the enemies in the first place you are doneeeee. The only keeping him alive is plot armor, and it is disgustingly annoying. MC have all the resources to get out and mot get caught yet here we are getting caught, if that is the case he should be dead by now, but yes, the plot armor.is thick as fuck.

  5. Premature romance=shoving the ot in readers' throat. It is cringy when you first met a person and you want to hit on them. At least, try knowing the person, this is the problem in some novels they don't know shit how to write a proper romance. It killed my interest in the novel despite its interesting concept.

  6. I don't like novels when main protagonist miraculously start with a heroine from strong backgroud as a starter package . Some of them found by male protagonists parents when they are baby . Some of them try low profil then fall in love with mc . Some of them live as a villager girl but after fall in love mc get super strong peoples inheritance reincarnates of them . Some of them come for a secret mission but fall in low with mc ... but there is one thing link most of them : They are male protagonists starter pack waifu or heroine . Choose the word you like .

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