In the dream world, the battle is on the verge.

The four scarlet eyelids of the Red-Eyed Bone Dragon suddenly spewed out a red fire and raised a roar.

The sound speed of thousands of times above the sound wave swayed, causing the entire riot of the desert of the dead.

In the desert, countless undead monsters seem to have received instructions from the red-eyed bone dragon, and they all turned and looked up at the location where the nightmare was.

In the entire desert, the limbs are intact, crippled, rotten, and even some bone shelves are left, and even the undead species that are not in the eyeballs look up in the direction of the nightmare.

This scene seems to be amazed to the extreme, but fortunately it only lasted for less than a time.

After determining the location of the nightmare, countless monsters rushed in and rushed in the direction of the nightmare.

Seeing this scene, the nightmare was not in a hurry, but a strange smile, the body shape disappeared directly from the place.

When he showed his figure again, he had already appeared in a place less than one kilometer from the Red Eyebone.

The body shape of the nightmare is simply an ant in front of the red-eyed bone dragon. The red-eyed bone dragon has a length of tens of thousands of meters. His body is less than five meters long, not as big as the nostrils of the red-eyed bone dragon.

After the nightmare figure flashed over, the four scarlet eyes of the red-eyed bone dragon focused for a while before finally seeing the appearance of this enemy.

"Submission, or death!" Did not wait for the red-eyed bone dragon to move, the nightmare took the lead in the domineering.

The red-eyed bone dragon listened, and his first reaction was not angry, but rather strange.

But after the surprise, he was completely angry.

"Little things, you are looking for death..."

Among the four eyes of the Red-Eyed Bone Dragon, the flame is surging in madness, and even a distance of several tens of meters has been ejected.

But his voice has not completely fallen, he heard a "bang".

Then the whole head felt a slap in the face, and he had almost no resistance. The huge head was directly captured by the giant force into the depths of the ground.

The original mountain, which was originally entrenched, collapsed as if it had been hit by a meteorite as a concave deep pit.

The nightmare not far away lifted his right front paw and slammed his tongue out. "There is so much nonsense."

The red dragon bones were buried in the soil until the entire head was buried. The whole dragon was still awkward.

"What happened? Who was I attacked? Why didn't I feel a little?"

After the third question was asked, his mind was only a little clear.

"Is it the cat monster with a long nose? He is obviously just a virtual sacred place. Why is there such a great strength?"

Although there were various questions in the brains of the empty brains, the red-eyed bone dragons temporarily chose to leave these problems behind, and first put their energy on the enemy in front of them.

The huge dragon head was drilled from the crater. He once again looked at the cat monster just four eyes. This time he learned to be smart. He didn’t talk nonsense more, but he spoke directly. inflammation.

The huge dragonfly faucet just opened its mouth, and a touch of scarlet just illuminated from the mouth. The red-eyed bone dragon saw that the body of the cat monster had disappeared.

In the next moment, a violent sense of crisis came from above the head. He had just looked up and had not had time to see the nightmare. He felt a huge force once again shot from his head.

This time he finally knows what happened to the attack just now.


Along with a fierce roar, the red-eyed bone dragon that had just raised the dragon's head was once again slapped into the ground by a nightmare.

The surrounding mountains collapsed under the shock.

This time the dragon’s first pit was even two or three points.

There was no chance for the red-eyed bone dragon to even take out the hand, and it was twice suppressed by the nightmare.

Lin Huang, who was watching the battle in the distance, was also surprised to see this scene. In his opinion, this bone dragon is a monster of true gods.

Even in the dream world, it should not be played by the nightmare.

But now it seems that this red-eyed bone dragon seems to have no chance to fight back.

Until the third time the red-eyed bone dragon was photographed into the soil by the nightmare, Lin Huang finally saw a little name.

"This red-eyed bone dragon seems to be slowing down every time you want to fight back..."

I heard Lin Huang’s self-talk, and the voice of the nightmare came unnoticed.

"Yes, I used the ability of the clock to control the flow of time that he felt."

Lin Huang suddenly realized that he had always thought that the nightmare only used the space flickering ability of the nine-tailed Tmall and the power of the prison god. I did not expect that he still secretly controlled the time flow rate with the ability of the universal clock.

With these three abilities, the red-eyed bone dragon has no time to make any resistance, and it can only be reduced to a fixed target.

Lin Huang’s onlookers were clear, but the red-eyed bone dragon in the bureau did not react so quickly.

He always thought that because the nightmare was faster than himself, he could always suppress himself before he reacted.

It was not until more than ten times of suppression that the red-eyed bone dragon gradually discovered the abnormal flow velocity around his body. At this time, the gods in his body have already consumed more than half.

Although there is no successful attack, every attack of the nightmare will make the body of the red-eyed bone dragon consume a lot of power to defend. Ten times down, God has lost more than half.

Akam Bungeon himself realized that he would lose the battle sooner or later. Once the gods in the body are exhausted, they can only be mortal.

"According to the current combat mode, I have no chance of winning. His speed and control over time have almost made him invincible. Only by changing the combat strategy, I have the possibility of a comeback."

Thinking of this, there is a quick response in the brain of Akagi Bone Dragon.

The four scarlet eyelids spewed out the glaring flame again. But this time it was not only his eyes, but his entire body. Unlike the scarlet in the eyelids, the flame that ignited in his body is blue.

The huge dragon-shaped bone shelf was quickly covered with a layer of blue flame. It is entwined in shape, like a secluded blue mountain burning.

Lin Huang looked far away and knew that this red-eyed bone dragon was ready to fight hard.

The nightmare naturally realized this, although on the surface it was not too much to put the opponent in the eye, but in fact he has always been cautious, and did not have any opponents.

The blue flame quickly filled the entire body of the red-eyed bone dragon. The scarlet eyelids in his four eyes were also in the extreme, just like four scarlet suns.


With the scarlet fire from the eyelids, the red-eyed bone dragon suddenly slammed and gave a loud roar...

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