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Mistakenly Saving the Villain

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Novel Summary

Professor System has issued a mission: to rescue the gentle, kind and tragic protagonist shou of the novel “The Exceptional Furnace”.

Song ‘Scholar-Tyrant’ Qingshi: “Don’t worry, Professor! I can definitely ensure the patient’s recovery!”

In the Immortal Realm:

Song Qingshi praised from the bottom of his heart: “My patient is the kindest and most beautiful little angel in the world.”

Yue Wuhuan quietly washed the blood from his hands and smiled softly: “En.”

Song Qingshi swore from the bottom of his heart: “As a doctor, I will never covet nor take advantage of my beautiful patient!”

Yue Wuhuan took full and complete advantage of the doctor and smiled softly: “En.”

Song Qingshi affirmed from the bottom of his heart: “Under my loving care, the patient will never be blackened!”

Yue Wuhuan secretly hid his monstrously evil thoughts and smiled softly: “En.”

At that inextinguishable summit, upon thousand and thousands of soul lamps, he sat on the god’s throne of white bone, guarding that piece of stone.

“You are the only one in this world who treats me tenderly.”

“And so, you are the only one I treat tenderly.”

Scholar-tyrant Song was absolutely delighted: “Professor! Can I get full marks?”

Professor System exploded: “You fool! You saved the wrong person!”

A pure scholar-tyrant little angel obsessed with medicine shou X peerlessly beautiful, mad and paranoid gong; mutual affection; extreme pampering

Thanks to my friend, Chang An Muye, for the cover picture of little Wuhuan.

███ Mine clearance guidelines you must read before entering the pit. ███

The gong used to be a s*x s*ave (the kind that many people have played with), was forced to suffer and was subjected to all kinds of abuse, so he has serious psychological problems and a crazy personality. Thunder warning. Don’t jump into the pit if you mind this.

If you accidentally get thundered after reading it, it’s not your fault. It’s because the author has bad taste. Please show mercy.

███ I hope everyone has read my mine clearance guide. ████

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:MSTV
Alternate Title:论救错反派的下场
Author:Feng Yu Nie
Weekly Rank:#259
Monthly Rank:#205
All Time Rank:#3231
Tags:Ancient Times, Black Belly, Calm Protagonist, Caring Protagonist, Cultivation, Depictions of Cruelty, Doting Love Interests, Fated Lovers, Love Triangles, Male Yandere, Medical Knowledge, Naive Protagonist, Possessive Characters, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Transmigration, Unconditional Love, Yandere,
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11 Comments on “Mistakenly Saving the Villain
  1. Because mostly, BL or yaoi novel especially the good one, was concentrating on their plot, characterization, and theme, plus mostly BL novel wouldn't written with so many chapters (thousands chapter like others), i guess like that. So that's why there's many BL novel with good ratings

  2. Too much stereotypes for a not manly-man, honestly it's annoying as hell. The plot was good. But, writer make the world settings almost like it has no morality at all. Really guys, this is my only warning, it's worth reading only if you have such a strong heart and high tolerance capacity.

  3. In the end,i decided to read only the last 5 chapters, in other words, i'm not reading the whole novel, it's HE, yeah, but i'm just so afraid to something that is heartbreaking till i skip almost the entire chapters lol 😭😂

  4. So worth it. Their love story is wonderful, even the side couple's. I discovered a unique plot. The characters have their own motivations and reasons, they can come out as shallow or villainy or stupid at first but as the story progressed, I found that they are complicated creatures with rich personalities and can develop for better or worse.

  5. This story is worth a read however I felt distressed for the ml. The title is misleading lmao ML isn't a villain but a cannon fodder who will die because of the former shou. When the MC saves the ML, the ML slowly becomes yandere and villain-like, but he wasn't a villain in the original story our MC transmigrated into. So I am a bit annoyed with the false advertising in the title, but I understand it's because less people would have clicked on the story if it said 'canon fodder' I guess?. ML was forced to suffer so much. He totally doesn't deserve this. And moreover what was that shitty book. There are no morals in the world. It could be a major fault of the book. And you can't just make MC go into coma for 10 yrs without any warning. However the 2nd ML is kinda funny but he truly deserve a good beating. The MC is not an OP character, he is not perfect, but he is adorable in his own way and perfect for the ML. The ML is one of the most pitiful MLs I have read about (for now). His psychology and way of thinking is both understandable and relatable. Now there is a big twist in this novel. The truth about the mission, the truth about the MC and ML. The twist is mind blowing and at the same time, satisfactory. Anyway, It's all about the MC healing the ML who went through terrible things. I've learned a lot about diseases and therapy because the MC worked in pharmaceuticals in his first life and he uses a lot of his modern knowledge to find ways to heal the ML. He's also really bad at psychology, so you can really see him struggle to find a way to give the ML the therapy he needs. The MC has depth to his characters and also some flaws, but he pushes past his shortcomings to help the ML.

  6. Hi! I thank u for leaving such a nice review for the noval. I waas thinking about reading it but know watching your experience I'm supper excited.(≡^∇^≡) (。>‿‿<。 )

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