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Missy, She Always Does Not Seek To Make Progress

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”The so-called Taisu meridian is a physiognomy technique, which can observe the noble and the poor, predict good and bad, and calculate good and bad fortune. Good people, dare to let the meridian be supported? One vein is worth a fortune! ”

You see, how easy it is to make money, can you live?


In two lives, Qin Liuxi’s ideal is always to muddle along, after all, there are always people in the world who are willing to be salted fish and do not seek to make progress, and let her do such wasteful things!

But when the whole family appeared in front of them miserably, Qin Liuxi’s salty fish days also disappeared.

Facing the precarious Qin family that was about to collapse, and the maid begging for business with an empty money box, Qin Liuxi had no choice but to shoulder the heavy responsibility of the eldest lady, running the house, raising the elders, and raising the baby!

Qin Liuxi: I obviously took the Xianyu script, who secretly changed it for me?

Cousin who was so suspicious of her life by the eldest sister: I feel that the eldest sister sees us as if we are in trouble!

The third son of Qin who was beaten up by the eldest lady to teach him how to be a man: Be bold and get rid of the feeling!

Qin Xiaowu, who was driven into autism by the eldest sister: The elder sister is mine, dear, no one can snatch her away!

Later, someone asked Qin Liuxi if he could start his life again, what would his dream be?

Qin Liuxi was silent for a long time: If you don’t want to make progress, it will take a hundred years!

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Alternate Title:大小姐她总是不求上进
Author:Yan Xiaomo
Weekly Rank:#199
Monthly Rank:#242
All Time Rank:#3443
Tags:Ancient China, Female Protagonist, Ghosts, Transmigration,
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16 Comments on “Missy, She Always Does Not Seek To Make Progress
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  1. why have the "next and prev" buttons disappeared on this story I checked another and they were still there is it just this story or just me? I have to keep going to chapters to move through the pages

  2. Min, boleh di cek? Kok tetiba tombol sebelum n sesudah chapter nya hilang, cuma ada daftar isi di tengah aja Tapi cuma di novel ini saja Terimakasih

  3. As usual the description of the novel says nothing about what's actually going on in the novel. So what's the novel about? The story takes places in ancient China, where our MC is reincarnated into the Qin family. At 5 years old she was sent to country side due to poor health/fate, where she joins a taoist temple. The story starts 10 years later, when a tragedy hits the Qin family, where all the males above 12 get exiled, leaving only women of the family with no money to fend for themselves. Its up to the MC to return due to cause and effect / fate. Now having read many similar themed novels, I first thought it's gonna be run of the mill reincarnated op mc, who for unknown reason decided to follow the social norms and rules, only dishing out minor face slaps when any harm is dealt to her, even with massive op powers. THANK GOD finally its not the case. The strongest point of this novel, atleast for me, was the MC. Tough outside, but soft inside, even though many do not believe that due to her poisonous tounge. She is not afraid to say out the truth outright, which does not sit well with many people. Yet due to her opness, there is nothing they can do to her. She will not take anyones sh*t and noone can make her do something she does not want to do. Her will is made of iron, and noone can make a splash in it. It is also her poisonous tounge and shamelessness that cause many hilarious moments. So with that kind of personality, she instantly will show her dominance in the family, while solving life threatening situation the moment she gets there. It is also then she realised that unlike she imagined, she can't lay down and enjoy riches of the noble family, cause it does not exist. So she still has to keep earning money like, but now besides earning money for the temple, also for the family. Luckily as a reincarnated person, even tho she doesn't have the memories, everything related to the taoism and medicine is second nature to her, causing her to be one, if not the strongest one in the world in these fields. So like before, she will go around helping those who are destined/worthy, for a hefty fee of course. Those encounters are like 90% what the novel is about, the Qin family is just a side dish more often than not. Over time the novel might get stale a bit, as the encounters follow the same theme. Either its some disease the mc cures, a ghost that has been wronged that the mc help, or evil cultivator doing gruesome deeds. Rinse and repeat. But then again it's fun seeing the interactions ppl have with mc, slowly see the family realise how op the MC really is, and very very slowly get some tidbits about who the MC was.

  4. ◌ ⚝ ◌ ◌ ◌ ✩ ⋆ ‧₊ *:・゚彡 ◌ ☽︎ ◌ ◌ ✩彡 ・゚ *: ⋆ ◌ ◌ ✩ ◌ ⚝ ♡ (\_(\ /)_/) ( ) ( ) ૮/ʚɞ |ა ૮| ʚɞ\ა ( ◌ | | ◌ )sc

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