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Missy, She Always Does Not Seek To Make Progress

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”The so-called Taisu meridian is a physiognomy technique, which can observe the noble and the poor, predict good and bad, and calculate good and bad fortune. Good people, dare to let the meridian be supported? One vein is worth a fortune! ”

You see, how easy it is to make money, can you live?


In two lives, Qin Liuxi’s ideal is always to muddle along, after all, there are always people in the world who are willing to be salted fish and do not seek to make progress, and let her do such wasteful things!

But when the whole family appeared in front of them miserably, Qin Liuxi’s salty fish days also disappeared.

Facing the precarious Qin family that was about to collapse, and the maid begging for business with an empty money box, Qin Liuxi had no choice but to shoulder the heavy responsibility of the eldest lady, running the house, raising the elders, and raising the baby!

Qin Liuxi: I obviously took the Xianyu script, who secretly changed it for me?

Cousin who was so suspicious of her life by the eldest sister: I feel that the eldest sister sees us as if we are in trouble!

The third son of Qin who was beaten up by the eldest lady to teach him how to be a man: Be bold and get rid of the feeling!

Qin Xiaowu, who was driven into autism by the eldest sister: The elder sister is mine, dear, no one can snatch her away!

Later, someone asked Qin Liuxi if he could start his life again, what would his dream be?

Qin Liuxi was silent for a long time: If you don’t want to make progress, it will take a hundred years!

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Alternate Title:大小姐她总是不求上进
Author:Yan Xiaomo
Weekly Rank:#319
Monthly Rank:#402
All Time Rank:#5052
Tags:Ancient China, Female Protagonist, Transmigration,
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  2. I need help finding the title of this story: FL crossed over to ancient times to a girl who marries his brother in law vassal king in place of her dead sister. She became a stepmother to 3 kids and she raised them up while becoming the head of auxiliary to her husband's ambition to the throne. Thank you 😊

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