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Heaven and earth are black and yellow, wild and wild. The rise of the human race built four continents. Among them, the Xia people, the overlords of the Central Continent, have been ruled by those who “hold the destiny” for thousands of years. When the time comes to the great Chu, and finally the national body is aging, there are powerful countries rising in the Quartet, and they are striving for the crown!

At this moment, a yellow-mouthed child who was trapped in the vast ocean and island with nothing, was born, and rose to the world…


Produced by pigs, it must be a high-quality product!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:MOTS
Alternate Title:翻天鉴
Author:Bamboo pig
Weekly Rank:#8629
Monthly Rank:#6433
All Time Rank:#8611
Tags:Male Protagonist,
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  1. Readers, please drop your favorite novel title in raw such as with the following genre: [Urban: Not ancient theme, with monster slaying plot//Swallowed Star], [Sci-fi: Plot started from Earth or wherever planet, then they are going to a bigger stage such as Universe//Super Gene], [Bloodline: Ancient or urban themes will do, with the help of System or strange items//King of Gods]. Thank you!

  2. Admin run out of upcoming novels stock? Maybe you can try add faloo novels. Although it'll not be update again at least it can serve as temporary light read

  3. Hei bro,you guys usually read Chinese novels where apart from being like soxs CC imaobige xingdou and others l because soxs CC and so on are blocked or the domain is registered on namesilo, can you suggest what web site?

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