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Newly crowned Film Emperor Feng Jing; good looks, good stature, good acting, good character. Except he has one unshakeable rule—any night show he stars in cannot go past 12 o’clock. The media, with ulterior motives, chases after this little crazy secret of his. Yet remaining unconcerned about how the outside world falls into turbulent times, Film Emperor Feng still stands tall and unmoved.

Jiang Ran recently felt that her dog has become somewhat strange. Ordinarily when she kisses, hugs, and raises her dog up high, her dog would always be especially happy and lovable. Now whenever she kisses, hugs, and raises her dog up high, however, her dog was horny…

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Short Title:
Alternate Title:十二点的辛德瑞拉
Author:Ban Li Zi
Weekly Rank:#7480
Monthly Rank:#7894
All Time Rank:#8240
Tags:Acting, Beautiful Female Lead, Body Swap, Celebrities, Doting Love Interests, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Modern Day, Pets, Showbiz,
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  1. I genuinely believe this book is such a cute and lighthearted book. Both the mc and ml personality are so great. My review isn’t gonna be long because someone else already did a detailed review in the comments and on everything I wanted to say. But yea I love the male leads personality and I think like it’s good the main pov is the male leads . I mean I wouldn’t have read it if it was a male protagonist pov cus majority of the time it’s not that good. The only male protagonist I read are all gay bottoms and it gets boring with the same characters trope/personality. I want more book with some protagonist with this personality. It’s like a puppy/golden retriever personality. I used to love the bad /rebellious male leads or the ceo domineering one , or the cold and gentle /untouchable scholar type but this is my new one lmao. I really enjoy seeing him fall in love and pursue someone in this book

  2. I would not really tag this "Female Protagonist". It is 2/3rds from the male lead's pov. Though to be honest, if it did have the "Male Protagonist" tag I would have never read it. Which would have been a shame since it is a nice, light & humourous read.

  3. The FL was a very likable character. She was kind, hardworking, and open-minded even when it comes to the bizarre idea of soul swapping. She did not rush to misunderstand the ML and would always communicate with him. She trusts the ML wholeheartedly and she is very true to her feelings. I like how she was very direct in rejecting the 2ndML because she did not want to give him hope. Also, she was not afraid of the ML swapping with her dog at midnight, and instead is amused by the idea lol. The ML was one of the MLs I've read that perfectly balanced work and love. Upon liking the FL, he chased her immediately albeit very subtle initially. He also is the type of man who clarifies possible misunderstandings directly. I like how he reminds me of my boyfriend lol especially with how he treats the FL like a treasure but at the same time respecting her decisions, and how he tends to get horny with the slightest contact with the FL hahahaha Their love came out of nowhere but it was so warm and soft. It started because the dog was scared that the FL would be alone after he dies, so he asked the gods to let the ML switch with him at midnight and facilitate the start of the relationship between the ML and FL. It also talked a lot about the entertainment industry and how it usually works. Good thing is that the netizens in the novel were not constantly black powder and that they adapt according to the truth of the matter. I also like how they easily accepted the ML and FL's relationship despite being a bit unwilling

  4. Do you know a novel wherein the main character transmigrated to a bookworm/genius but something like with the autistic daughter of a wealthy family? She has a younger sister who is also like her – with autism (which the fl and her mother thought to be adopted but instead the real daughter of her mother) and a younger brother (an illegitimate son, wherein the maid, who is a friend of the fl mother, tricked the fl father and slept with him, then gave birth to a son, but the maid died. The fl father and grandfather kept it a secret, but the fl and eventually her mother found out.) The fl knows that she wore a book when she was sent outside the country, and the heroine, I think, is her cousin or (I don’t quite remember). Then, she came back to prevent the tragic ending of her family and to inherit and manage their family business (but first, she had to prove herself to her grandfather). When she first came to the country, she met the ml (illegitimate brother of her fiancé) who was riding a car. She knocked on the car window and the ml's and gave a money or check, but the ml was arrogant and drove away. Afterwards, she met her fiancé, who is gentle on the outside but ruthless on the inside. He is in charge of their family business. She began to consider their marriage, and they dated a few times, but due to several encounters with ml (the ml fell in love first and tried to get close to the fl brother and sister) and finding out that her fiancé tried to trick her to bankrupt or swallow the fl family business, she broke the marriage contract with her fiancé. BTW, the ml character is an aggressive, rebellious son. However, his past made him like that as his mother tragically died because of the ml father. This is a slow romance, and more on the flow of managing business. The FL family and her fiancé's family are well-known business families that have been passed down from generation to generation. 

  5. Rich Lady, but i don't think that this one available at mtl. U can google it, rich lady chu ning. The summary lil bit diff with ur desc, but this should be the story u looking for.

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