When I heard Lin Fan mentioned the word ‘savage’.

The expression on County Mayor Liang's face clearly showed a strange change.

These changes were all seen in Lin Fan's eyes, and at the same time, he was secretly determined that not only County Chief Liang, but also the entire Heishi County people, knew the legends about savages.

Otherwise, County Mayor Liang and the people in other county governments would not have such an expression.

In the meeting room, there was a brief silence.

It's just that this rare silence didn't last long.

County Magistrate Liang smiled and nodded: "Yes, in the mountain behind Meihua Village, there are indeed legends about savages...but this is also a legend. Whether it is a savage or not, none of us can be sure. , After all, this is beyond human cognition, and there is no proof..."

Just when his voice fell, Lin Fan smiled and shook his head.

"Mr. Liang, beyond human cognition, it doesn't mean that there must be no. Moreover, this is not unfounded. Otherwise, how would I ask you a question?" Lin Fan said.

When the voice fell, I saw a member of the task force next to him and took out a few photos.

And these photos are all huge footprints beyond human cognition.

Judging from the size of the footprints, this is definitely not what normal humans can have.

County Magistrate Liang and other people in the county quickly picked up the photo and took a look.

As a result, the more they watched, the faster their expressions changed, and finally they turned into a more ugly look.

Lin Fan smiled lightly, showing all this in his eyes.

With a smile, he said, "Mr. Liang, let's talk about it. We all want to know the legend about this wild man. I also believe that this legend may have a more direct relationship with this case and the collective disappearance of the villagers of Meihua Village!"

"Mr. Liang, you also know what we did all the way here, and I still hope that you can cooperate with me with all your strength and tell what you know, so as to help us solve the case. Otherwise, ......" A sharp look flashed in Wang Jianmin's eyes.

County Mayor Liang was shocked when he heard this.

After all, Wang Jianmin is a leader from the provincial government, and his official position is much larger than that of a county magistrate in other districts.

Moreover, this case has already moved to Kyoto.

If he is here, because of something, the case cannot be smoothly investigated.

I am afraid that he will also be involved.

Magistrate Liang was silent for a moment, then nodded and said: "Well, in fact, this matter is not a secret in our local Heishi County. If you want to know, I will tell you... "

While speaking, County Magistrate Liang sat down and after a moment of indulging in his words, he slowly told his legend about the wild man.

This legend dates back many decades, which is about the time of the War of Resistance.

As mentioned earlier, this Meihua Village has existed since the Ming Dynasty.

And it has been multiplying to this day, and during the Anti-Japanese War.

Because this village is located in a relatively remote place, although the battlefield has lasted for a long time and the scope of expansion is also very wide, it has not spread to this humble small mountain village for a long time.

The people in the village live a relatively peaceful life every day...

But until there was a trace of a group of defeated Japanese soldiers, a dozen of them accidentally fled to Meihua Village.

They threatened the villagers in the village with guns and asked them to take out all the food.

In this regard, the villagers did not resist, and obediently handed over all the food.

After these soldiers had enough food and drink, not only did they not have any intention to leave, but they still stayed here, and they lived for more than a week.

In this more than a week, they can be described as extremely happy, but they are very distressed for the villagers.

Feared by the guns in their hands, these villagers did not dare to resist and could only obey them honestly.

Until one day, a little devil saw a widow in the village and wanted to seize her.

The widow swearing to death, she took her three-year-old daughter and ran into the mountains and disappeared without a trace.

Since then, the widow has never appeared again.

Everyone instinctively thought that the poor mother and daughter had already died in the mountains.

And for this purpose, she set up a monument of chastity.

After all, in the mountains at that time, there were all kinds of jackals, tigers and leopards.

She is a woman with a child who is a few years old.

In that remote mountain, either being starved to death, or being eaten by the wild beasts alive, there is no possibility of being spared.

After the devils left here, the villagers spontaneously went up the mountain to look for them, but they did not find any clues.

"Until more than ten years ago, the legend of the savage was spread more and more widely in Meihua Village and Heishi County. It is said that when many people go into the mountains to pick up goods, they will see a man who is two or three meters tall and has a very strong body. There are things that look like people and not people, and things that look strange and not strange!" said County Magistrate Liang.

Hearing these words, Lin Fan and Wang Jianmin looked at each other.

"Mr. Liang, you said so much, do you mean that the savages in the mountains are actually the missing mother and daughter?" Lin Fan asked.

"It's not that we say, but the people in Heishi County think so. There has never been any savages before this!" said a staff member in the nearby county.

"Well, such a statement is not impossible, but decades have passed since the period of the War of Resistance Against Japan, even if they are still alive, they should be quite old now, how could they..."

A young man in the task force next to him also frowned and analyzed.

"This is just a version, a legend, what the **** is going on, and what the facts are, we can't find out. Some people say that in fact there were savages in the mountain. After the mother and daughter fled into the mountain, The savages who originally lived in the mountains rescued them..." County Magistrate Liang said.

Hearing these contents, Lin Fan did not speak immediately.

Instead, he sat there, bowed his head in thought.

For a long time, Lin Fan said with a smile: "Director Wang, let’s end the topic tonight. Everyone is tired. In the end, this matter has nothing to do with savages. Is there really savages in the mountains? It's not too late for us to investigate!"

Hearing this, Wang Jianmin looked back at the people from the task force who had come from Fengshi.

Drove the car all night.

Now I have just finished dinner, all showing a trace of fatigue.

Wang Jianmin nodded: "Alright, after everyone has finished eating, go back to rest early, County Magistrate Liang, thank you for your hospitality!"

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