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When the zoo was about to declare bankruptcy, Lin Fan’s phone automatically downloaded a game software.

[The animal is hatching, please be patient…]

“Fuck, what is this, a golden sacred animal grass mud horse?”

“Wait, that monkey, do you know alcoholism in a day?”

“And you, you are a crocodile, can you stop jumping like a frog? I would not throw it together if I knew it.”

“That bird, can you be quiet for a while, this is a zoo, not a good sound scene!”

Since having this game software, Lin Fan’s life has become richer and more exciting.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:MSZ
Alternate Title:都市之超级动物园
Author:Flying fox
Weekly Rank:#284
Monthly Rank:#396
All Time Rank:#389
Tags:Adventurers, Early Romance, Game Elements, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Overpowered Protagonist, Pets,
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11 Comments on “Metropolis Super Zoo
  1. This novel literally MC going around like 80 percent 5 percent system 5 percent people around him and only 1 or 2 percent about people interact with the anime in the zoo lul

  2. tbh there's some plot holes like why would you just send a killer without thinking about why would a saber tooth tiger appear in a zoo and the zoo keeper isn't calling authorities about it or reports of tiger attacks in the area, obviously the zoo keeper isn't a normal person if you think about it. it's like greed is a good reason for the author to make a whole organization of killers drop their iq to zero by just sending killers without preparation (or more like a reason for the author to just quickly send cannon fodders for the mc to face slap and offend)

  3. Well i read until chapter 1 thousand. Tbh all those thing is actually pretty normal in their society so not suprised. They got mutant, martial art and stuff. The only problem is he only use that zoo system in the beginning then just literally abandoned it. The only chapter i like to read is about that little fish xiayou but her appearance in this thousand chapter not even reach 100 chapter.

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