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Dressed as a peasant woman, Su Jin gradually calmed down from fear and unwillingness, and was determined to live a good life with her cheap husband, but found that this cheap husband seemed a little strange.

After the rebirth, Qin Lang was full of confusion: Wasn’t his daughter-in-law both disgusted and afraid of him, she saw him, mouse and cat, and finally eloped with someone? Why is the style not right?

This is a story of a time-travelling woman who meets a reborn man, and finally falls in love with each other and never gives up.

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Short Title:MBC
Alternate Title:医锦同心
Author:Yilan Xi
Weekly Rank:#805
Monthly Rank:#658
All Time Rank:#1435
Tags:Ancient China, Female Protagonist, Medical Knowledge, Modern Knowledge, Reincarnation, Transmigration,
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  2. Hello I wanna recommend a novel, it is a romance novel, the mc is a apocalyptic boss, but a little different, why I said that bcuz it was much more darker than other apocalyptic boss, th mc died and reborn in modern world, back then when she was in doomsday, she is very strong, but her common enemy is not the zombie but kind of system, that system is a manipulative who loves to absorpt human memories and brain, and that system coveted the mc's body and want to control her but mc aware of it and faught with it together with ml and their daughter, The ml and mc are both killing machine and little different from ordinary people, they are both apocalyptic boss, and at the same time husband and wife, the wife is the ml and husband is mc I dont know how that comes, their daughter is an AI intelligence I dont know how she was produce but she was indeed daughter by ml and mc, most of their subordinate and in the end mc and ml and theit daughter defeated the system, and also died in the end, for the beginning of the plot the mc reborn in modern world but a little different bcuz ml first to awake and establish his own High tech company which led to their society more advance, the mc previous experience is very pitiful, she was often beated by his father and even her mother hide her gender amd often inject her male hormones which lead her to become unbalance, although her mothet intention was part of her trauma but it was still unacceptable, her mother were poor and she knows the fate of being a woman, she traumatized when her mother eas married to an old man just for her brother and that's why she dont want the same fate as her son(daughter)The mc father company's was bankrupt bcuz of investment scam anf failure which lead him and become alcoholic often beat the mc, not until was reborn and mc from apocalyptic reborn in that body again. This novel is not much nationalism and no discrimination others national, infact most of her friend are from different countries including america and she dont look down on them and discriminate even migrste to america which very unique chinese novel that I've ever read, even descredited china for stealing the name of ml scientific project which lead ml company to emerge with american business become the most stronger hightech business in America.I dong know why but I think the author novel is really something and unique, anyway I dont know if the novel will become better or worse cuz not finish read it yet..

  3. So, FL time travel and ML reincarnate. They get married and look down on each other but found out that both of them are weird... Is what I understand from the synopsis.

  4. Actually even though they realise some weird things and inconsistencies they never doubt or ask each other. I don't know why the synopsis focuses on that.

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