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Maze Survival: Only I Can See Hints

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The maze survival game is also the maze destruction game. Hundreds of millions of Bluestar players entered the game at the same time, struggling for survival!

Six directions, six rooms, no one knows if there is a monster in the next room? Zhao Ba is also a game player, but only he can see the hints!

[The room ahead is so icy and snowy, you will freeze into an ice sculpture. ]

[There is a monster in the back room, kill it in the dark!]

[The room on the left is full of food, you can have a full meal. ]

When other players survived in the cracks, Zhao Ba has become the god of the maze world!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:MSOICSH
Alternate Title:迷宫生存:只有我能看到提示
Author:Los Angeles dried fruit
Weekly Rank:#1560
Monthly Rank:#1843
All Time Rank:#4968
Tags:Cheat, Game Elements, Male Protagonist, Survival, Survival Game, System,
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15 Comments on “Maze Survival: Only I Can See Hints
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  1. Hint cheats are no longer fun when it straight up says, that area is death and that area is the garden of eden with mythical treasures from all around the world. After reading a novel where the protagonist is completely forced to use analysis and brain process rather than brute forcing through everything, this just looks more stupid.

  2. The heck, if you die with this cheat based on the summary's description then that'll just be pathetic. The only real danger would be other people.

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