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Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years

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“Li Qingshan, as the eldest disciple of the Ascension Sect, the prince of the Dayan Dynasty, was actually bewildered and let go of the Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine, do you know the guilt?”

“I would like to give up my status as a big disciple, be imprisoned in Siguoya, and wipe the forest of steles.”

“Yes, but you must abolish your cultivation base, smash your roots, and you must not go out for the rest of your life!”

Since then, Li Qingshan has been living in seclusion, thinking about crossing the cliff, wiping the forest of monuments, and actually activated his full-level comprehension.

[You watch carefully, stimulate your full-level comprehension, and realize the Dahe sword qi]

[You watch carefully, stimulate full-level comprehension, and comprehend triple sword strike]

[You watch carefully, stimulate full-level comprehension, and comprehend Fantian Yin]

Eighty years later, the Immortal Dao Golden List came, ranking the masters in the world, and Li Qingshan directly occupied the first place.

The list’s evaluation of him – the god of the world!

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Short Title:MLCFW80Y
Alternate Title:满级悟性:思过崖面壁八十年
Author:Girl in Short Skirt
Weekly Rank:#1867
Monthly Rank:#2241
All Time Rank:#2972
Tags:Calm Protagonist, Cheats, Cultivation, Fast Learner, Game Elements, Genius Protagonist, Low-key Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Sibling's Care, Transmigration,
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  1. Why MC didn't find Qing Qing's corpse after attacking the organization behind the dam and directly go to supreme road?

  2. EDIT: This is actually pretty good! It's not "Sign-In" it's comprehension System. The characters feel more human and the writing is vivid. Does this even have romance? Probably not! Yet weirdly Author has added many hints of romance for other characters but not MC himself.

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