"Fake it too much, I almost forgot to take off Diana's intelligent humanoid drawing!"

Li Zheng wiped his forehead angrily, and decided that in the future, he must act in moderation and not be too outrageous.

At least not too playful!

Putting away the props that recorded the drawings of the battle figures, Li Zheng looked at Jonathan, who fell to the ground, his limbs separated, and only one stick was left, showing a gentle, pretentious, exclusive smile.

Jonathan looked at Li Zheng who had flashed by and reappeared at this moment, his face full of horror: "Please, please, don't... don't kill me! I know I'm wrong, give me a chance!"

He wanted to crawl back, but his limbs were all cut off by the red glow that Li Zheng released in an instant, and he couldn't move or use any props.

Li Zheng stepped forward as if he didn't hear it, and took off the badge on Jonathan's chest. The foreigner's body flashed with blood.

"Look at you, how unsatisfactory you are, you are actually a popular name." Li Zheng shook his head with a feigned regret.

"Guru! If... If I wasn't a red name, would you let me go?" Jonathan swallowed hard, strumming his throat.

"Of course..." Li Zheng said gently: "Actually, even if you are famous, I won't necessarily kill you, it depends on whether you know each other or not."

When Jonathan heard this, he instantly understood: "I know the appearance! Of course I know the appearance!"

Nodding frantically, he began to operate the Legion warehouse, turning things inside out.

Afraid that Li Zheng would be impatient, he took out the best batch of materials in the Legion's warehouse at the beginning.

There are actually five extraordinary power cores!

Li watched Jonathan's operation expressionlessly, and nodded slowly until he released the last iron ingot.

"You are very good!"

Jonathan was ecstatic when he heard the words, with hope in his eyes: "You mean, will you let me go?"

"Of course..." Li Zheng raised his right foot and smashed the foreigner's head: "No!"

Human beings are really strange. You have attacked me with others, and you still expect me to spare your life?


And... you're too deceitful, aren't you?

Such an old-fashioned routine, it's used badly in movies and TV dramas, right?

Why are you still being fooled?

Li Zheng bent down to pick up the ID card, and put all the materials Jonathan released into the capsule.

Five super power cores can recharge the star thief five times, which means...

Although Li Zheng had used Star Thief three times just now, what Jonathan contributed was enough for him to teleport another 150 times!

Rounding up, that's one hundred and fifty lives!

"Sure enough, robbery is the fastest way to get rich. No wonder you all join forces to rob me." Li Zheng sighed, took out the star thief, and tried to start again.

This means that he still has a moral bottom line. Otherwise, if a player like Lin Fan has the strength and status he has now, the entire matrix will fall into doom.

The moment the teleportation ended, Li Zheng tilted his head subconsciously, dodging an iron fist that slammed into his head.

He counterattacked with a punch, hitting the opposite face, and the lightning flashed.

Li Zheng's current physique is not much better than the incarnation of a violent demon. With this punch, at least 30 years of skill.

"That's right, you didn't run away, and you didn't stand still. Instead, you were thinking of killing me." Li Zheng retracted his fist and looked at the man who was about forty-four-five not far away.

Jace pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose: "Run? Where can you run to? The entire matrix is ​​a player, and there will be a day when it will be exposed. It's better to solve you and never have future troubles!"

"Fix me?" Li Zheng smiled as he looked at the young man whose central system was hit hard and still had not stood firm, "Just rely on him?"

"Of course not." The mirrors on Jace's face flashed white. "John is just one of them. You can turn your head and look behind you."

With Li Zheng's strength, he was not at all afraid of others playing **** with him, so he turned his head generously.

Behind him stood nearly fifty soldiers whose whole bodies had been transformed into mechanical limbs, both male and female, raising their arms indifferently, as if they were charging some kind of energy-type weapon.

"Just these scraps of copper and iron?" Li Zheng asked jokingly.

"Kill you, enough." Jace said indifferently: "Fire! (Volley!


The sound of energy infusion sounded neatly, Li Zheng didn't even look at it, turned his back to the forty-nine fully transformed soldiers he had just counted, grabbed the soldier named John, and slammed it towards the rear.



John knocked down three fully-modified fighters. The huge impact force caused the mechanical limbs to break, revealing the pipe-shaped parts that guide the energy. The leaked energy was accompanied by electric light, giving off a brilliant brilliance.

Of the remaining forty-six fully modified warriors, a piece of metal was opened in the center of all ninety-two palms, revealing the black muzzle hidden in it. The blue-white energy condensed in the muzzle, and gradually emitted a dazzling light.


The silent energy beam was almost connected, hitting Li Zheng's back, and the brilliance skyrocketed.

"It's done!" Jace clenched his fists, excited.

This Li Zheng was blown away like a god, but in reality he was nothing more than an arrogant man!

Forty-six fully-modified warriors have a round of set shots, even if it is a star-level life, it will not be good!

Let's see if Li Zheng will die this time...

"That's it?"

The faint two words came into Jace's ears, like the explosion of spring thunder in the sky, and only felt a buzzing in his head.

"He...he didn't die?!"

"Are you thinking that he didn't die?" Li Zheng stepped out of the flashing brilliance with his hands behind his back, and a circular shield appeared beside him at some point.

The attacks from those energy weapons were all blocked by the shield, and they could not get close to Li Zheng!

TJP type ion shield, a super powerful shield belt, can defend against all physical long-range attacks!

The disadvantage is that this belt is only platinum-level, resisting the bombardment of so many diamond-level weapons, and the energy consumption is like a dam bursting.

In such a short time, Li Zheng has used up ten platinum-level power cores, and his hand behind him is covering the operation of taking out the power core.

And because he was activating while charging, causing a load that exceeded the upper limit on the belt, he had to consume some materials to continuously repair the belt.

"Impossible! Impossible!" Jace backed away in horror, as if seeing a phenomenon beyond his comprehension.

"Even Xingyao-level life may be severely attacked, why are you okay? Why... Have you already obtained Xingyao-level armor?"

"How is this possible? We, the top legions, are just new to the extraordinary life. You, a single player, are so much ahead of us?"

"This unscientific!!"

Jess felt that his three views were about to collapse. He simulated the salvo power of this equivalent countless times, and was sure that any extraordinary level could not withstand it.

Even Xingyao, which is one level higher than Transcendent, is very likely to suffer heavy damage.

It was with this confidence that he had the idea and plan to fight against Li Zheng.

However, reality gave him a resounding slap in the face!

He guessed wrong!

Li Zheng is stronger than he imagined!

Li Zheng frowned suddenly, hooked his fingers and released the bloodthirsty magic knife, a flash of blood flashed, and the mechanical arms of all the fully modified soldiers were all broken, and the incisions were extremely smooth.

Losing the energy circuit in the mechanical arm, the energy attack was forcibly stopped, and the mechanical warriors who did not receive a new order stood there and waited blankly.

"Fuck, I can't wear it anymore, the belt is almost scrapped!" Li Zheng touched the belt without showing any traces, the temperature was very high, and it was a little hot.

The magic knife cut off all the mechanical arms, flew to Li Zheng's side, circled happily, suspended in mid-air and trembled happily, as if laughing.

"This... this knife!" Jace suddenly looked at the magic knife frantically, "Does this knife have its own consciousness? How did it do this? It's amazing!"

"If I can crack such technology and bring it back to Earth, as long as there is a weapon like this knife, I can sit at home and rule the whole world!"

"Let me study it! Let me study this knife!"

Jace's abnormal behavior made Li Zheng frown.

"Pretend? Or... Really crazy?"

Jace swooped towards the Blood Thirsty Demon knife and muttered frantically, "This knife... let me study it..."

"No! This knife is my research! It's my invention! Hahahaha...hahaha..."

"I want to apply for a patent!"

"No one wants to rob me!"

"This is my invention!"

"I invented a cold weapon with self-awareness!"

"I am the number one scientific researcher in the world!"

"My invention... little baby... don't run... come to daddy... daddy will take you to rule the world!"

"Haha...hahahaha...Come on, little baby!"

With frantic eyes and crazy expressions, Li Zheng couldn't tell whether this person was really stupid or pretending to be stupid for a while.

But it doesn't matter if it's true or not, Li Zheng didn't care about it at all.

Glancing at the hint given by the Eye of Preles, he went over to control Jace and prevent him from running around.

He raised **** on his right hand and inserted it along the back of Jace's left head, deducting a circular chip the size of a coin.

There is also a very fragile wire under the chip that is connected to the nervous system. Li Zheng has waited until now to let Lao Pu find out the direction of this wire.

Pulling on the silk thread, Li Zheng let the magic knife slash Jace's back a little bit and take it out completely.

During this period, Jace seemed to be really crazy, muttering to himself, and he didn't let out a scream even in the pain of opening his back.

After taking out the complete chip, Jess was useless, Li Zheng forced to ask a few questions, and tried to empty the Bald Eagle Legion from him, but it failed.

In desperation, Li Zheng could only call Fan Polly and kill all fifty-one Bald Eagle members including Jess.

When Fan Polly pierced the head of the last player, Fan Polly's whole body suddenly twitched. It should have no pain, but it showed a painful expression.

【There is good news and bad news for you, which one do you want to hear first? 】

Li Zheng looked at the information panel of Eye of Prells subconsciously, and got a riddle, and was immediately annoyed: "How many times have I said, don't play such a low-level method!"

[Okay, let’s talk about the good news first. Your valet's valet...is about to be upgraded. 】

[Bad news, the condition for your servant to upgrade is to kill enough lives of other races. 】

[It's a tangled race, it's clear that its nature is kind, but the upgrade conditions require them to kill. 】

This... is actually an upgrade?

And this setting of killing creatures of other races, how does it feel a bit like accumulating experience points?

enough experience points to level up?

Li Zheng recalled carefully that although Fan Polly had participated in a lot of battles after entanglement with Sakura, there seemed to be not many creatures that died in his hands.

It's no wonder that I haven't seen its rank upgrade. It turns out that there is such a requirement.

Pink Polly's expression became more and more painful, and the pink in her body gradually became richer and developed into a deep red.

After a while, the facial features that could have been vaguely seen completely merged into Fan Polly's own body and disappeared.

As the color became darker, the temperature of Fan Polly's body continued to rise, and even Li Zheng could clearly feel the fiery temperature, and he had to give himself a layer of extreme isolation.


With one last moan of pain, Pink Polly fell silent.

[Upgrading... It will be over in about half an hour. If you don't mind, you can do other things in this corpse.

For example, there is a good-looking young lady over there, Lao Pu's suggestion is to take advantage of the heat...]

Take advantage of your uncle!

Li Zhengbai glanced and walked to Xiaoying's side. The little guy had been dragged and teleported by him in a sleeping state, and he has not woken up until now.

I don't know what effect the so-called bloodline has on it, and why it suddenly becomes so sleepy.

The previous explanation of the magic knife was that drowsiness belongs to the nature of the blood-striped black dragon family. They like to sleep when they are free, and will only wake up when they encounter a life-threatening danger.

This kind of nature is too stupid. Li Zheng doesn't want Xiaoying to add a lazy label after eating.

"Old Pu, can you detect Xiao Ying's current situation?" Li Zheng thought about it for a while, but still couldn't restrain his worries.

[For this kind of thing, you should check the little guy's panel. If the panel doesn't display abnormality, it means that this situation is normal, and there is no need to worry. 】


It's not that Sakura's panel has not been seen.

Just opened it when I woke up and it showed everything as usual...

Li Zheng opened the pet attribute again, this time, found a line of small characters at the bottom of the panel.

[Due to special factors, the pet is sleeping. 】

Well, the terminal is also an unreliable guy. As long as you have eyes, you can see that Sakura is sleeping, right?

The question is, shouldn't this slumber be an indefinite state?

Forget it, cranky thinking can't solve the problem, but fortunately the little guy is not life-threatening, and with Fan Polly around, it's not difficult to move with it.

Li Zheng released the capsule residence, went in and integrated all the ID cards, and the residence successfully expanded over 300 meters.

"Xiao said that before entering the outer city, we should try to expand the scope of residence. I don't know if this is enough now?" Li Zheng muttered in his heart.

The floor height, which was originally a bit low due to the layered transformation, is now expanded to nearly ten meters per floor, and a lot of space at the height is wasted.

The height of the floor is too high, the only advantage is that Sakura won't easily meet when flying.

As a result, the little guy is still in a deep sleep...

Li Zheng shook his head, took the prop that recorded the drawing of the battle figure, folded it to reveal the USB port, and inserted it into the "computer".

Before this study, Li Zheng glanced at the corner of the drawing, and there was indeed a figure drawn by Zhanzhouzhou before.

It's very inconspicuous. If Ye Kai hadn't reminded him, Li Zheng wouldn't have paid attention.

Looking through the pictures and texts, because the text is not clear, I can only view the design drawings of the battle dolls, all kinds of lines are distorted, Li Zheng can see it.

"It's hard to imagine how those guys who play the technology route can see in..."

Click the learn button to directly convert the drawings to the production panel, and Li Zheng checked the materials needed for the battle doll.

"I have most of the normal things, except... I'm dying, this thing actually needs a memory releaser?" Li Zheng sighed.

Not only a memory releaser, but a battle doll also needs a non-grade material called "self-learning ***", which is the most difficult thing to do.

Li Zheng has also seen a lot of rare materials now, but this one thing, he has never even seen.

"Huh? Right!"

Li Zheng remembered something and contacted Joanna: "Is that ninja robot still there? Sell it to me!"

The props made by the player can also be decomposed. If you are lucky, the knife should not hurt the core components!

"Yes, I'll send it to you." Joanna directly sent the two female ninjas to Li Zheng.

Li Zheng calculated and sent Joanna 20 floating thrusters. Although the value is not as good as this damaged fighting doll, it is something that can make up for Joanna and the others.

"Thank you!" Joanna received the floating thruster and sent a brief message without rejecting it, presumably she was still busy there.

Li Zheng extracted two fighting human figures from the trading hall. The state of separation of the corpses looked a bit strange. Li Zheng had the illusion that he was buying and selling corpses.

Putting his head back in place, Li Zheng tried to decompose it silently.

[Disassemble the intelligent doll (fighter type), obtain: memory releaser (ninja assassination) +1, self-learning*** +1, … ]

"It's done!"

Li Zheng, who was staring nervously at the decomposition page, saw the two most crucial materials, and secretly clenched his fists.

As expected, the two pieces of material were not damaged and did decompose.



Li was under the drawing of the battle doll, found the mount function, put an AI core and a personality releaser into it, and confirmed the production.

Soon, a pinch panel appeared in front of Li's front.

"Of course, it's better to choose a woman for the profession of ninja." Li is operating on the pinching panel.

After a while, an intelligent humanoid figure with short hair and a face with melon seeds appeared in front of him.

"From now on, you will be called Fukada Yui, and you are mainly responsible for the security work inside the residence!" Li Zheng casually made a nonsense about a job, in fact, he made a beautiful young lady who can fight a little bit.

"Yes!" Fukada Yui's eyes were dull, she nodded mechanically, and turned to go to patrol.

"Wait!" Li Zheng stopped her again, "Put this suit on!"

He threw a set of black leather jackets that he had just bought from the trading floor, the kind connected by a long zipper in front of him.


Fukada Yui held the clothes in his hands and looked at them for a while, and then he understood how to wear them.

Seeing her putting on the leather coat on her own, Li Zheng nodded with satisfaction: "Sure enough. It's a good idea to mount the AI ​​core for you. With the school *** and the personality releaser, you may be the first one of my men to have wisdom. A real, intelligent humanoid."

"Yes!" Fukada Yui pulled the zipper of the leather jacket, followed Li Zheng's order with bare feet, and was responsible for the security task - patrolling inside the residence.

In fact, there is nothing to patrol. Li Zheng just doesn't want to have another model machine in his residence that will just stand there.

"When the intelligent doll has more learning functions, I don't know how it can be improved?" Li Zheng watched as he squeezed it out with his own hands. The appearance and figure inherited part of the fighting dolls of Mr. Yongmei and Mr. Bo Duo. I remembered the two blood-colored robots with true biological consciousness.

The structure of the two blood-colored robots was relatively rough, but the technology of the brain was unexpectedly developed. Li was thinking about whether it was possible for Yui Fukada to grow to be as wise as Ith and Cullo one day.

Or... find a way to directly replace them with a body?

After thinking about it, Li Zheng put this idea on hold for the time being.

At least he has to wait until he can communicate with Yisi and the others and get their consent, otherwise it will be a bit too inhumane.

Search on the trading floor, change to two daggers, and hand them over to Yui Fukada. Li Zheng did not give her any clear instructions.

However, after she came into contact with the dagger, she only paused for a while, and then inserted it into the buckles on both sides of the leather jacket.

"The ability to learn is very strong!" Li Zheng wanted to test how smart the intelligent doll he made on a whim, and went to the trading floor to change out a pair of black strappy high-heeled shoes.

When Yui Fukada got it, she also gave a small meal and sat down and put it on.

At the same time, Li Zheng pulled out the two daggers privately, and when Yui Fukada stood up again, he handed them over.

This time, she didn't hesitate after getting the dagger, and inserted it directly into the buckle.

"Do you remember what you did once?" Li Zheng pondered. Seeing that he had no further instructions, Yui Fukada walked away crookedly on high heels.

The first few steps are still difficult to maintain balance, but after a little familiarity, Fukada Yui is used to walking in high heels and adjusts the center of gravity very intelligently.

Gradually, she actually came out of a smoky smell, **** and charming.

It's a pity that her eyes are too rigid, still not out of the category of intelligent humanoid.

"That's right, it would be nice if there was another mounting position. Hanging a technology cup on it would be the perfect companion that the majority of male compatriots yearn for most?"

Li Zheng held his chin and was already thinking about how to expand the mounting position and make money with the "perfect companion".

There are hundreds of millions of otaku in the matrix, and there are many people who are willing to spend money for this perfect partner. Li Zheng is not afraid that he will not earn enough benefits.

"Unfortunately, this matter may have to wait for the outer city, where there may be more and more stable access to props than in the matrix."

Whether it's the AI ​​core, the personality releaser, or the memory releaser and learning ***, these materials are relatively rare, and Li Zheng can't guarantee that he can make another set before entering the outer city.

Li Zheng studied the combat doll's learning ability for a while, and gradually lost interest, so he took out the circular chip taken out of Jace's brain.

This chip is held in the hand, and there is no attribute display. Even the Eye of Prells can only display the prompt of [technical products taken from a certain player's body].

Not to mention how to use it.

"Props without attributes?" Li Zheng remembered that he seemed to have obtained similar things.

"The two appearances are illustrations of black U disks!"

Since the Eye of Prells became an ability, Li Zheng has never touched such a thing as a picture book, and has long since thrown it out of the sky.

At this time, seeing things that have no attributes will bring back the memory.

Could it be that those illustrated U disks also come from outside the matrix game?

Who would gather information on these creatures outside the Matrix?

and also…

Why does this U disk appear in the matrix?

For a time, various thoughts appeared in his mind, and Li Zheng vaguely felt that he seemed to have grasped some key information, but lacked other information to connect it.

There is too much fragmented information, and it cannot be connected in series.

Li Zheng looked at the chip in his hand, and finally decided to give it to a professional person to play, then traded it to Xiao Siyuan and explained the origin of the chip to him.

Perhaps Lao Xiao could use this chip to free the Bald Eagle's large number of chip warriors, or directly occupy the magpie's nest and take over from Jace to control them.

After the things were traded, Li Zheng stopped worrying about it. He toured the residence, drank some potions to improve his physique, and ate the few flame flowers and the accumulated fire-type gold-level fruit.

The explosion ability has been improved to Lv6 and the distance has risen to full level, and it is only one round of flame branches to mature. At most, it can be fully upgraded tomorrow morning.

At that time, Li Zheng was going to put some of the extra flame flowers into the legion warehouse as a benefit and give them to the members of the starting legion at a low point price.

However, the silver level has a higher probability of side effects after all, so it has to be matched with some gold-level fire-type fruits.

"By the way, I was busy when I woke up today, and I forgot to check what kind of boost the Legion's Buff is."

Exactly, now that he is free, Li Zheng opens the legion rankings to check.

The new list is placed together with the battle power list, and you can see it by dragging it.

[Top1: Starting point]

[Top2: Kunlun]

[Top3: Creation]

[Top4: Nine days]

[Top5: Bald Eagle]

[Top6: White Bear]

[Top7: Knights of the Round Table]

[Top8: dark blue]

【Top9: Penglai】

[Top10: Gao Tianyuan]

There is no doubt that the starting point army occupies the first place in the leaderboard and has the best buff increase.

10% bonus loot during exploration.

From 1st to 10th, the percentage increase will decrease by one for each rank lower.

What Li Zheng didn't expect was that the army "Penglai" created by Liu Jiale and Xu Ying could actually be ranked ninth, crushing Gao Tianyuan, an organization of the Mud Baking State.

Li Zheng, the "Deep Blue" organization ranked eighth, didn't know them and had never heard of them before, but being ranked eighth showed that they were not weak.

At least there is a master in this legion whose strength is on a par with Liu Jiale.


Li Zheng swept to the level of Kunlun and other legions, and most of them reached Lv2. His eyes widened on the spot: "Damn! Are you **** slacking off?"

There are 500 people in the first-level legion, and 20,000 military merits are required to be promoted to the second-level legion.

Each legion member uses up all ten explorations every day, and then adds 10 points of military merit, which means that a first-level legion can get at most 5,000 military merits a day, and there is still 15,000 military merits!

Liu Qishao received a private letter from Li Zheng and quickly replied: "You don't know that the player quits the legion, and the player's own military merit is cleared, but will the military merit remain in the legion?"

And this operation?

"So you guys used this set to get four days of military merit in one day?" Li Zheng was shocked. He really deserves to be a player. He likes to exploit loopholes.

"That's right, it's a pity that you know it too late. The terminal has already fixed this bug. If you want to be faster in the future, you will have to rely on space-hopping props to jump into the room." Liu Qishao's tone was a little regretful, as if he was blaming the terminal. Bug fixes are too fast.

Thanks to the terminal repair speed is fast enough!

Otherwise, it would not be difficult to get 500,000 yuan in one day, right?

However, exploration also takes time. Li Zheng estimates that all 500 members of the first-level legion will be rotated once, which will take at least two hours.

In other words, Liu Qishao and the others may have been doing military exploits and kicking people early in the morning. It is really difficult for the commanders and deputy commanders of these legions to perform mechanical and boring operations all day long. It is estimated that it will be a long time in the future. I don't want to touch the army function anymore.

"I said Lao Liu, have you ever thought about one thing?" Li Zheng thought about it and asked, "Will this operation of yours disrupt the ranking of the legion tomorrow?"

The legion ranking is refreshed every day, and it counts the highest-rank creatures killed by players in each legion who have not quit the legion the previous day.

A big change of blood like them is likely to interfere with the refresh of the leaderboard the next day.

"I don't know if other people will. Anyway, we Kunlun have been doing statistics all day today, and the members who killed the highest-rank creatures have never quit the army." Liu Qishao was a little proud.

Don't look at the second-tier legions on the leaderboard, Kunlun's military merit is relatively small, but tomorrow's ranking will definitely be preserved!

Li Zheng said a little sourly: "Oh, what about the army of 2,000 people? The first is our starting point!"

He didn't even dare to think about the chaos of the original channel 879 players now.

Everyone else in the rankings is a second-level legion, and the starting point is still the first-level, and there is a feeling that they are not allowed to join.

In fact, Li Zheng wanted to go wrong. Not only did the players from the original channel 879 not complain, but when Xiao Siyuan found out that other legions were acting riotously, he persuaded him not to follow suit.

Because Mr. Li Zheng said that the first group of members accepted those new players, and if they were let out just because they upgraded the legion, even if they would add them back later, they would leave a little dissatisfaction with some people.

On the contrary ~www.mtlnovel.com~ these new players are slow to explore, even if the starting point army wants to follow suit, there is no such capital...

It may only take two or three hours for the members of the first wave of others to push the ten explorations today.

This batch of new players at the starting point may take six hours, or even eight hours.

What do you compare to others?

At that time, if I followed the trend, I am afraid that the bug would have been fixed before it was promoted to the second-level army.

"It doesn't matter to us, we'll be satisfied if we can get the second place. Who dares to get the first place? Don't talk about it, busy!"

Liu Qishao no longer pays attention to Li Zheng's private messages. It is estimated that the Legion or Joanna have something to look for him.


At this time, the time for Fan Polly's upgrade just ended, and its iconic cry sounded outside the residence.

Li Zheng opened the door of his residence, and when he saw what Fan Polly looked like now, he was shocked: "Fuck, it's outrageous, it belongs to..."