Eighty-eight people versus sixty-one?

Do not!

In fact, eighty-one people played against sixty-eight!

Just when Diana ordered to attack Joanna, the soil under her feet suddenly shattered, and two thorny vines drilled out and wrapped around her neck.


Diana was shocked and angry, called out a name, and rolled to the side to avoid the attack of the vines.

The vines lost the target they needed and grew crazily from the ground, entangling several other knight commanders not far away.

Diana got up, took out her weapon, a slender western sword, and glared at a male player standing behind her.

"Even you betrayed me?!" Diana couldn't figure it out, Louis and herself were classmates since middle school, why would they do it to herself?


Louis was a young man with fair skin to the point of being inhumane. He was dressed in the clothes of a Western medieval nobleman and looked polite.

"When the princess asked us to sign a prostitution agreement, did you ever think about our safety?"

"Of course I..."

"Of course you didn't!" Louis directly interrupted Diana's defense. "If you thought about it, you wouldn't send someone to provoke Li Zheng!"

"What's wrong with Li Zheng? He's only a solo player, so what's there to be afraid of?" Diana said resentfully: "I have sent people to contact him many times, but all attempts to deal with him have been rejected. Since he doesn't know each other, I will send someone to contact him. What's wrong with people going to rob it?"

"Look, this is what's wrong with you." Louis took out a snow-white handkerchief from his breast pocket and wiped it lightly on the tip of his nose, "Others don't want to deal with you, that's the freedom of others, you just because of this trivial matter, Combine other organizations to attack each other at night?"

"Well, it's also... After all, you are the one who wants to sign a contract with us."

"But I didn't give you the benefits that I should have?" Diana clenched her fists. "I want to trade with Li Zheng, isn't it to improve your strength?"

"Yes, the stronger we are, the more at ease you will feel when we work for you." Louis put the handkerchief back in his pocket, and from among the knight commanders, six people came out to stand with him.

These are the people who thought about the pretext for a few days and did not immediately sign the agreement.

After these days of "consideration" they were clearly in Joanna's camp.

"Okay! It's very good!" Diana's eyes were burning with fire, and she simply waved her hand neatly. "Since you are disrespectful, I will not be polite to you. Come on together and kill them!"

With a single order, the eighty knight commanders who signed the agreement had to attack Yuhi's colleagues.

Almost at the same time, everyone used their genetic ability to launch a salvo on Lewis.

Immediately, the sky was filled with brilliance.

A fireball the size of a washbasin, an ice needle as thin as an ox's hair, an invisible wind blade, a falling rock as big as a bucket, electric snakes dancing, and water splashing.

"Arthur, block it!" Louis and the others were not panicking, a man with broken hair came out more and more and slapped his fists.

Mind Power Barrier!


As a chaotic color flashed in his eyes, a transparent wall appeared in front of several people.

The countless manifested abilities hit it, causing tremors again and again.

Arthur was surprised, was this first round of offense too weak?

No matter how arrogant he was, he couldn't possibly think that he could block the attacks of 80 people by himself.

Water on the other side!

A thought popped into Arthur's mind. It seemed that those who signed the agreement regretted it. This is to cooperate with them to the maximum extent within the scope of the agreement.


Of course Joanna wouldn't watch Louis and the others fall into danger. Arthur's barrier could only last for less than ten seconds, and they had to go up and help during this period.

Rebecca stepped forward and held the giant axe high: "Davari!"


The fifty members of the White Bear Legion behind him roared in unison.

"Ulla!" Rebecca swung forward with the giant axe and rushed out.


Accompanied by this shout, fifty Maozi Mao sisters raised their weapons one after another, and rushed up in a frenzy.

"Ow~ Lululuula!"

Ralph rattled his throat, shouting meaningless syllables, which was his habit when he unleashed his powers.

In the next second, the khaki-yellow luster shone in the crowd, wrapping the ten people at the front.




One after another, members with defensive abilities released their abilities one after another.

In the blink of an eye, all fifty people were wrapped in various colors of luster, and their defenses rose sharply.

Rebecca took the lead and rushed in the first place, wielding a giant axe: "First row, raise your shield!"


A row of giant shields that can block most people was erected, built into a wall of steel and flesh, and pushed frantically.

"Second row, shoot!"

At the same time as the members behind the shield soldiers, they took out a super-long cavalry spear similar to that used by Western cavalrymen in the Middle Ages.

More than a dozen people in the second row, with cavalry guns under their armpits, passed the front section along the gap in the shield, and their footsteps gradually became neater.

boom! boom! boom!

Dozens of people ran out of the momentum.

As the distance got closer, Rebecca swung the giant axe again: "Everyone, hold on!"

Holding power is to let everyone have the ability to bless power and release them all.

At this time, the people of the opposing Knights can already attack them with long-range.

If Joanna's two long-range attackers are on the opposite side, they will definitely warn others that long-range attacks are meaningless.

Unless you can come up with enough power to destroy the monsters under the blessing of these dozens of layers of defense!

Too bad...they didn't remind them.

Thirty knight commanders with long-range means opened up one after another, sniper rifles, assault rifles, pistols, artillery, crossbows, etc., all long-range weapons, they could come up with this type of existence.


Diana retracted into the crowd as early as the first time, and at this time raised the rapier in her hand and gave the order: "Shoot!"

crackling, crackling, crackling, da da da~

The sound of random shooting sounded, and a large number of bullets, energy bullets, and arrows of various calibers were fired at the opposite side.

The dozens of defensive layers on Rebecca and the others were shattered, and occasionally a powerful sniper rifle could penetrate a few, and finally lost their power.

"Whatthefuxk!?" A knight commander carrying a big sniper was stunned, unable to believe his eyes.

What kind of monster is on the other side?

Why can't this sniper, which is close to extraordinary power, penetrate all the defense layers?

Too fake, right?

How to fight this?

"Bow and arrow projectile! Others switch weapons and prepare for melee!" Diana had never commanded a team battle of this size, and could only do her best.

"Report! We won't shoot!" shouted a knight commander with a bow next to him, "We'll only shoot straight!"


Most of the people who play bows and arrows in the modern society are more handsome for those archery events in the Olympic Games, so they only play two.

In fact, who would seriously study an attack like a projectile?

"Then what should I do?" Diana panicked, and because of such a delay, the White Bear Legion rushed up more than ten meters from the opposite side.

"Captain, we should all switch weapons and prepare for melee combat!"

"No, I think we should step back and have another long-range attack!"

"Fart! The opposite is a whole shock, we should spread out and fight against them!"

"Playing guerrilla? Luis and the others have four field-controlling players. How do you play?"

"Then turn around and kill Louis and the others first!"

"Are you mentally ill? Arthur's barrier restrains all distance, how to kill?"

"Don't sit still, let's recoil!"

Everyone was chattering, and all put forward their own opinions.

These people are the first in the battle power list of each channel. No one is convinced by the other.

"Don't panic, don't be chaotic!" Diana maintained order loudly, and with the power of the agreement, she managed to control the scene.

But it's too late.

Rebecca roared: "Ula~"

The next second, hand in hand.

The giant axe slashed at Diana.

This is her fighting habit, to catch the thief first to catch the king, as long as the main thing is done, the rest is not enough!

"court death!"

As the head of the legion, Diana naturally wouldn't lag behind too much in strength. She swung the Western sword in her hand, drew away the giant axe, and clenched her silver teeth.

"What are you looking at?" Rebecca kicked out, aiming directly at the middle of Diana's legs.

Both of them are women, they have their own unique understanding of beating women, and they are vicious and insidious.

"Fake!" Diana was shocked, her slender and powerful legs stepped back and avoided the kick.

Just after getting out of danger, there was a sudden sound of wind in my ears, whining.

Out of the corner of her eye, she glanced at it, and it turned out to be a door-like shield that was drawn straight towards her face!

"Get out of the way!"

There was a loud shout in his ear, and a knight commander held a one-handed hammer, smashed the shield with one hammer, and fought with the forty-year-old Maozi.

"Where are you looking?" Rebecca's cold voice came, and she took a few steps in the short time just now to catch up.

There was a triangular △ spike in the middle of the double-edged giant axe, and the axe in both hands stabbed Diana's abdomen fiercely.

At this time, everyone's fighting literacy will be reflected.

Even if they are the first in the combat power list, their strength is also divided into high and low.

Even if the genetic abilities developed are of the same rank, battle awareness can distinguish the upper limit of strength!

Since the fifty members of the White Bear Legion will be brought out collectively by Rebecca, they have been carefully selected, and they are all players suitable for team battles.

They have long since been run-in, cooperated tacitly, and learned from each other's strengths to complement each other's weaknesses, which can almost smooth out the gap in individual strength.

They are like a whole, wherever Rebecca goes, they will follow, never reluctant to fight, let alone knives.

The opponent who was still fighting at the last moment will be handed over to his teammates the next second, and he is facing the other one.

Relying on the tacit cooperation, the battle of fifty people against eighty people almost reproduced the scene of the duel with Joanna and others in the early morning, and pressed the opponent to fight in a short time.

Dozens of the channel's first combat power players felt that they were dying of aggrieved, obviously their own strength was stronger, facing these animals, there was a sense of powerlessness that had nowhere to go.

However, the good times did not last long. When the defensive capabilities covered by the White Bear Legion began to disappear, they gradually fell into passive.

The knight commanders suddenly found that their attacks could not break the opponent's defense from the beginning, and gradually the opponent began to dodge consciously. In the end, they didn't even fight them head-on, but used their shields or weapons to fight their moves or reaction speed.

This time, their combat power has become prominent, and some knight commanders with good fighting awareness can even single out two members of the White Bear Legion.

The morale was reinvigorated, and the 80 people pushed the 50 people back.

Rebecca couldn't keep up with the rhythm of the defeat, gradually disconnected from others, and fell into a circle.

A giant axe is clumsy on the left and right, struggling to support it, resisting attacks from all angles.

With the help of others around Diana, she finally found a breakthrough. The western sword penetrated the defense line of the giant axe and stabbed Rebecca in the heart.

"Go to hell!" Diana shouted, holding a sword in one hand and sending it forward!

At this critical moment, the ground suddenly exploded, and four vines drilled out and wrapped around Diana's right hand holding the sword.

It's Louis!

After the White Bear Legion disrupted the formation of the Knight Commanders, they finally found an opportunity to take action and used their field control ability to repeatedly save the members of the White Bear Legion who had fallen into defeat!

In the slash, another figure suddenly jumped into the battle circle, and also handed out a sword, stabbing Diana's heart.


Another shot deflected the sword, and returned to attack the passer-by.

Joanna simply abandoned the sword and took out a long stick.

"My dear sister, you actually attacked me?!" Diana was furious, Joanna had really killed her just now!

Joanna separated the attack with one stick, and a few sweeps forced the people back. She mocked lightly: "I didn't expect it? Just as I didn't expect, there are people in the Knights who are really willing to be your dog!"

She looked at the player who had repeatedly rescued Diana, a short, masked woman in a black net suit.

"Ninja?" Joanna looked at the weapons in the hands of the masked woman in amazement, but they were two black and dull kunai!

"Do you still cooperate with Gao Tianyuan?" Joanna frowned. Gao Tianyuan actually sent someone so powerful to endure and protect her sister?

"Heh, do you think I'll tell you?" Diana sneered, turned her wrist, left Rebecca behind, and attacked Joanna.

Joanna used the stick technique to fight with her sister, and she had to be distracted to observe the movements of the female ninja, and she did not dare to use her full strength.

Rebecca took a deep breath, picked up the giant axe again, and was about to go forward to entangle the female ninja, when a knight commander came over to disrupt her plan first.

Under the circumstance that the number of people was not dominant, Joanna's side gradually became exhausted, and injured people began to appear.

Fortunately, most of the knight commanders did not kill, but only wounded people.

In their eyes, Joanna's victory is the best outcome.

It's just that with the help of the female ninja, no matter how much they release water, Joanna doesn't seem to have much chance of winning.

With one enemy and two, even Joanna's cudgel skills are superb, under the joint attack of two masters who are not weaker than her, there are dangers.

Pil was hiding not far away, not joining the fight, and there was an unremarkable piece of equipment running beside him.

He glanced at the time and counted in his heart.




Turn off the device!

The moment the device was just turned off, a somewhat familiar figure appeared beside him, and the bald head was extremely dazzling.

"What's your name?" The bald man glanced at him: "Oh, your **** is stuck in your crotch, right? You don't need to turn on that machine, leave the rest to me."

Li Zheng stopped Peel from continuing to turn on the banned device, looked at the battlefield, and when he saw Joanna there, his eyes suddenly lit up.


He raised his hand and waved it forward, and the bloodthirsty demon knife turned into a bloodline, shooting directly at the female ninja in the net suit.


The knife light flashed, and the head fell to the ground.

The female ninja was unprepared, and her head was instantly removed.

There is no blood splash, only the misty color caused by the leakage of electric light and energy.

That female ninja is not a real person, but an intelligent humanoid robot!

【Intelligent Humanoid - Fighter Type

Grade: Diamond (pseudo-superior)

Type: Intelligent humanoid robot

Status: Destroyed

Description: An intelligent humanoid for combat, which can be implanted with relevant combat experience as needed.

Current Implant: Ninja Assassination

The grade is not high, but it is difficult to make, and it is not as easy to use as the mechanical knife.

Of course, if you have special XP, you can make one and implant the "Sneak Investigator" combat experience. 】

Joanna thought it was a ninja sent by Gao Tianyuan to protect her sister.

In fact, this is a battle figure made by Diana herself!

Because one of the materials is extremely rare, so far there is only such one. She has kept it in the capsule and dare not release it at will, for fear of damage.

If it wasn't for this team battle, Rebecca put too much pressure on her, and she wouldn't rashly release this precious fighting doll.

It can be said that this fighting doll was at its peak when it debuted, and it was cut by Li Zheng before it showed much ability.

"Good food, this kind of baby bump, left in the hands of people who don't know how to use it, is simply a waste!" Li Zheng walked towards the battle group step by step.

Diana was surprised and lost her mind because her fighter model was suddenly destroyed, and was beaten to the ground by Joanna with two sticks.

Joanna hit her sister with no mercy at all. Both sticks hit the opponent's waist, and the lumbar vertebrae were smashed to pieces.

Even if she doesn't kill her now, without the help of the human body transformation platform, Diana will only be able to live with a paralysis in the future.

As Li Zheng walked, he hooked his fingers and directed the Blood Thirst Demon Sword to shuttle among the crowd.

As long as he ignores his arrival, the members of the knights who are still fighting will directly chop up the opponent's weapon with one knife!

If this doesn't stop, chop off your hands too!

To the greatest extent, preserve Joanna's living strength that can be recovered later.

After all, he is his own person. Li Zheng doesn't mind giving the other party a favor, so he should pay the debt.

Walking up to Diana without anyone else, Li Zheng looked at her condescendingly: "Who gave you the courage to gather people and attack me?"

Diana lay on the ground, even if she was defeated, she had an unyielding expression on her face: "If it wasn't for this traitor who exposed our plan, do you think you have a chance to speak to me from this angle now?"

Her words made Li Zheng amused.

"You seem to have made a mistake, Ms. Diana." Li Zheng bent down and said word by word, "The people you sent are not my opponents!"

If Li Zheng didn't care about his red name, it would not be difficult to kill all the people who came early in the morning.

Joanna tipped off the letter, and the only help to Li Zheng was to avoid the risk of becoming a red name.

Diana didn't speak, but looking at her expression, she didn't seem to believe much in what she just said.

Li Zheng shrugged nonchalantly. He didn't care whether Diana believed him or not. He didn't come here to prove anything, but to take revenge!

By the way, help Joanna fulfill her wish to master the Knights of the Round Table.

"Then...Ms. Diana, where are Jonathan and Jace's current coordinates?" Li Zheng asked softly, "I believe you have always been in touch with them, right?"

Diana was silent, her eyes twinkling.

Li Zheng recalled the magic knife with a smile, put the blade on the back of Diana's hand, and his tone became softer: "It doesn't matter if you don't tell me, I don't care if you lie, I believe that no one can stand the flesh on his body. A little bit of pain to chip away."

As he spoke, he gently dragged the magic knife, allowing Diana to clearly feel the biting chill of the blade sliding across the skin of the back of her hand.

"Oh, that's right!" Li Zheng stopped suddenly, as if he was remembering something: "Forgot to tell you, I did this many times when Gao Tianyuan framed me last time. I promise you every knife The pain will not be ignored, after all, I have a lot of experience."

Li Zheng's every movement is extremely gentle, every expression is as kind as the neighbor next door, and every word is like telling a friend's thoughts in his heart.

But Diana felt horrified and shuddered.

"You...you...you are the devil!" She swallowed hard, her voice trembling, looking at the gentle smiling face in front of her, her eyes were terrified like seeing a devil.

"Unfortunately, this is not the answer I want, Ms. Diana." Li Zheng shook his head regretfully, and reached out to push the magic knife.

"No! I said! I'll tell you where they are!" Diana trembled and begged for mercy.

Li Zheng stopped his movements, and his tone was a little impatient: "Ms. Diana, my patience is very limited, I hope you can cherish the opportunity."

"Jonathan is on channel 0944178~www.mtlnovel.com~Jace is on channel 0655887!" Diana called out two numbers aloud. "They were still there at least two minutes ago!"

Li Zheng leaned against the knife and looked directly into Diana's eyes, as if to see through his heart.

Finally, just when Diana thought that Li Zheng didn't believe he was going to continue torturing herself, the other party moved the knife away.

"Sister-in-law, I'll leave it to you next. I still have something to do. Let's take a step first." Li Zheng got up and finished talking to Joanna, directly activated the star thief, and teleported to the room where Jonathan was.

Joanna should be able to take care of the rest, she has done everything she needs to do, and the debt she owes has also been repaid.

Continue to stay here, but it is easy to miss the footsteps of chasing and killing others.

Diana is indeed telling the truth, at least the Star Thief has been successfully launched, which means that there is a player with this name on that channel.

As soon as Li Zheng left, Rebecca suddenly became weak in her legs and grabbed a hairy girl beside her with a flushed face.

"You... have you seen it? He's so handsome~~"

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