"So fast!"

Tanaka Junichilang's heart trembled, he was fully prepared before sending the world message, and he could send it to other channels at any time and disappear without a trace.

Unexpectedly, Li Zheng's speed was faster than him. Li Zheng arrived just after the portal was opened.

The blood-colored streamer walked close to the ground, and Junichi Tanaka knew that he couldn't touch it, so he took out the highest-grade shield in the capsule, and the pier was on the side where the streamer hit.


A slight cracking sound sounded, and the portal stabilized. Junichi Tanaka didn't have time to think about it, and jumped!

"Huh? Why am I still here?"

After a single thought, Tanaka Junichilang felt unbearable pain in his knees and screamed.

The next second, Junichi Lang Tanaka used the knee as the dividing line, and the upper body slipped down.

Tanaka Junichi Lang was horrified in his heart. He used an extraordinary shield to resist, but he was instantly chopped up by that reverse stream of light?

how can that be?

Could it be that Li Zheng has already mastered higher-grade props?

Amidst the screams, Li Zheng walked over step by step and crouched in front of Junichi Tanaka.

"Look, I really don't want to kill people, otherwise I would have slaughtered all your players in the country!" Li Zheng said with a cold face: "Why do you want to provoke me without knowing what to do?"

"Heh, in the matrix, the survival of the fittest is supposed to be the survival of the fittest. You flinched at that time, wasn't it also because there were not enough teleportation props? What are you pretending to be a saint here?" , you Chinese people like to play this hypocritical face in the world, as if you are the kindest in the world!"

Li Zheng's face turned cold, he turned over Tanaka Junichi Lang, and punched his vertebrae. How could the vertebrae be able to withstand his full blow, and it broke directly.

"I came to you, not to argue with you. Since the people of your country like to use the name "China" to slap the backbone of my Dragon Kingdom, in order to win spiritually, then I will break your spine before you die and let you Know what it feels like!"

"Also, it's not for you to define hypocrisy or not. Don't treat everyone in the world like you, selfishness!"

"Shh, don't talk before you die."

Li Zheng stretched out his hand and crushed Junichi Tanaka's chin: "I wanted to ask who the top leader behind the scenes of Gao Tianyuan was before you died, but I think you are so strong, you shouldn't say it. So. ...I won't waste my time."

"Pink Polly, kill him for me!"

Li Zheng got up, Sakura was still sleeping, but Fan Polly was awake.

"Polly." Fan Polly glanced at him and didn't want to pay attention to him at first, but after all these days, he figured out one thing.

Xiao Ying will execute all Li Zheng's orders, and it listens to Xiao Ying's words, so after rounding up, it also has to listen to Li Zheng's words.

After thinking about it, it stretched out a part of its body, turned into a spike, and penetrated Tanaka Junichi Lang from top to bottom.

In Fan Polly's eyes, the difference between the earth's human beings and it is like the status of ants in the eyes of the earth's people, and there is no guilt in killing them.

It's just the nature of the race that it doesn't like to take the initiative to attack other creatures.

Li Zheng picked up the ID card that appeared on the corpse indifferently, and fused it directly, converting the space in it into the area of ​​his residence.

Unexpectedly, Tanaka Junichilang, as a white-named player, expanded Li Zheng's residence by ten meters after the integration of the ID cards!

In the early morning, the more than 100 ID cards expanded his residence to more than 230 meters. At this time, adding 10 meters in length, width and height, he is about to break through the 250-level barrier!

"It seems that some player ID cards killed by red names in Gao Tianyuan have been occupied by Tanaka Junichi Lang." Li Zheng muttered and looked at the items obtained by fusion.

Unsurprisingly, they are all low-level items, and the best things are just some silver-level items.

Tanaka Junichi Lang was very cautious, and he didn't learn any useful drawings.

In the information fed back by Eye of Prells, the blueprint he learned was at most a gold-level Taidao production drawing, which was of little value to Li Zheng.

"Unfortunately, I thought that this time I could cut off the production of your Gaotianyuan concentrated enhanced liquid, but you actually let others learn it." Li Zheng was playing with a prop in his hand.

It was one of the three undamaged props that Sakura snatched up in the early hours of the morning, which could deprive others of a blueprint.

"Five people, one is dead now, and Diana probably won't live long." Li Zheng thought about it, five main messengers, and two more to be killed.

In the early hours of the morning, after several masters knew that the plan had failed, they all used space dynamism props to transfer, left the previous channel, and hid.

Li Zheng lost the exact channel number of the other party, the star thief could not transmit, and there was no way to retaliate.

If a few people except Rebecca are honest and don't show up on the World Channel, Li Zheng can't do anything about them.

As a result, Junichi Lang Tanaka didn't know if he was too confident, but he dared to reveal his whereabouts.

"And Jonathan and Jace." Li Zheng put away the props in his hand.

The several people who led the attack on him this time, Rebecca told Li Zheng all of them before being taken away by Joanna.

So except for Rebecca, the other four are all on Li Zheng's list of revenge, just waiting for the other party to reveal their whereabouts.

Or wait for the news from Kunlun and Jiutian, the two legions have more energy, maybe they can find out where these people are.

At this moment, Li Zheng received a private letter from Liu Qishao.

"Li Zheng, I've found my sister-in-law. Joanna has already brought someone to fight with them. It's in space blockade now, but after forty-seven seconds, the space blockade will be released for five seconds. Teleport in seconds!"

Found Diana so soon?

Li Zheng was a little surprised. It seemed that Joanna had also placed staff in the other knight commanders, otherwise it would be impossible to find him so quickly.

In order to bring down her own sister, Joanna has been premeditated for a long time...

The private letter sent by Liu Qishao contained the location of Diana's room. Li Zheng took out the star thief, filled in all the information, and then watched the time closely.

Forty-seven seconds passed in a blink of an eye.

Li Zheng clicked to confirm the transmission, and disappeared with Xiao Ying.

"Joanna~www.mtlnovel.com~My dear sister, don't you think that I'm really not prepared for your arrival?"

Diana looks a lot like Joanna, just with a different hair color.

Joanna is blonde and Diana is brown.

At this time, in the room she was in, besides her, there were 87 other Knight Commanders of the Knights of the Round Table.

Rather than saying that the undercover agent leaked her traces, it is better to say that she invited Jun into the urn and wanted to completely solve the rebel army brought by Joanna.

"The people of the White Bear Legion are indeed difficult to deal with, but if you think that you can defeat me with this person, it would be naive." Diana said coldly: "Not to mention that I have the support of other legions, you have no chance of winning!"

Eighty-eight people against sixty-one people, no matter how you look at it, the odds of winning are on the side of the Knights.

Not to mention that the Knights have additional support that will arrive soon.

Joanna instantly analyzed the countermeasures in her heart, and said to Peel in a private message: "Turn on that machine immediately, shut it down for five seconds after one minute, and wait for Li Zheng's support!"

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