"What the **** did Lao Li eat today?" Feng Shan held Yanguang, Lin Fengjiao was standing behind him, and Xiao Ying was sleeping beside him.

"Maybe the attack in the early morning stimulated him, so he was so irritable today?" Yan Guang was not sure, because when Li Zheng left yesterday, his mood was still very stable.

Lin Fengjiao looked at the miserable sight of blood and flesh in the distance, and whispered, "I think Big Brother Li Zheng might be **** off by something else. Look at Big Brother Li Zheng's current strength, if it was the reason for the attack in the early morning. Now, the unlucky ones should be the leaders of those legions, right?"

Hearing what she said, the two of Fengshan turned around at the same time: "Yes, when the attack in the early morning, Lao Li just let them go?"

Feng Shan pondered and said, "According to Lao Li's character, it should have flown over to make a big kill, right?"

Li Zhengcai is not some kind of bad guy who repays his grievances with virtue. He has always been a character that people do not offend me and I do not offend others.

This time, I haven't heard of the person in charge of any organization until now, and I saw him venting his anger here...

Time to be sane?

"What's wrong? What are you guys mumbling about here?" Li Zheng came back with Zhan Zhouzhou, leaving the magic knife to drain the blood of the mutant.

"It's nothing." Fengshan reacted from his thoughts, "It's just that your fighting style is a bit irritable today, what troubles did you encounter?"


"It's a bit, but it's almost enough to vent, what's wrong?" Li Zheng has already cut down ten mutants at this time, and no matter how many troubles he has, it's almost the same.

"Fengshan wants to ask, that attack in the early morning, you are ready to forget it?" Yanguang interjected: "Others are bullying to our door. If you don't fight back, will others think you are easy to bully?"

never mind?

how is this possible!

Isn't Li Zheng waiting for the players to consume almost the number of explorations before starting.

"I have my own plans for this matter." Li Zheng didn't discuss it too much, "By the way, I got up late today, has the message from Liu Qishao been sent?"

What he asked was that in the early morning, the two of them announced the law of entering the outer city together.

This kind of thing is best to have a heavyweight when it is released, raise the style, and increase the trust of ordinary players to the highest level. Even if there is no effect in a short time, it will not be backlash.

"Not yet." Zhan Zhouzhou stepped forward and said, "Liu Qishao told me this morning that he has contacted several famous legions and is ready to wait for you to start."

Li Zheng raised his eyebrows, a little surprised: "How did he contact you?"

Zhan Zhouzhou was expressionless: "Because I am the deputy head of the starting point army, apart from you, Xiao Siyuan and I have the highest authority."

Yes, Li Zheng remembered that he had indeed mentioned the two of them to the positions of the deputy head of the group yesterday. Zhan Zhouzhou was powerful and Xiao Siyuan was famous. No one would object to them being the deputy head of the group.

"Then let's get started, help me contact Liu Qishao and the others, and release the news first." Li Zheng nodded, but he had the air of a legion commander.

Zhan Zhouzhou frowned and refused to eat this set: "You have nothing on your own, so can't you contact me in person?"

Li Zheng turned around and showed his panel, which was editing the World Channel information: "Who told you that I'm fine?"

"..." Zhan Zhouzhou had no choice but to help contact Liu Qishao.

Soon, Li Zheng sent the information to the World Channel, explaining in detail the meaning of the outer city and how to enter the outer city.

To this end, he also consumed a loud voice he got from Chu Xiao.

This prop is very useful. Li Zheng now keeps ten of them in the capsule. If they are gone, he will buy them from Chu Xiao.

Immediately afterwards, before the players had finished digesting the information released by Li Zheng, Liu Qishao, along with Tang Qianzang, the head of Jiutian's foreign exchange, and the six top-ranked legion leaders of the Dragon Kingdom, sent a message together to prove that Li Zheng's remarks were true. sex.

At the same time, he also called on all players and legions of the entire matrix to stop killing each other, because red-named players will not be accepted by the outer city.


For a time, everyone was in an uproar.

"The outer city is at the end of the matrix? Does going to the outer city mean we can go home?"

"Who knows? Maybe the outer city has only reached a stage of exploration. Change the map and continue to explore other places?"

"By the way, is this information reliable? Who would publish such important news? Go to the outer city first, isn't it bad to eat alone?"

"The idiot upstairs, is it necessary for Mr. Li Zheng to eat alone? The first person to enter the outer city is the boss. Is it good for the boss to hide it?"

"There is no doubt about the dog licking upstairs. Even if it is not good to hide and tuck it, it is good to announce it? I don't believe that others will do things that are not beneficial, and there must be something tricky about it!"

"Damn it! Is the persecution paranoia attacked upstairs? The boss must announce this news to improve his reputation! This is also hindering you? Do you have the advantage to let the boss take it? Pure NT!"

"I'm still concerned about whether I can go home when I go to the outer city. It's too tiring to fight. I want to go back to fish..."

"I also want to go back. The latest issue of the popular biometrics video has not been edited yet."

"By the way! Has anyone found the red-haired monster? Is he dead? Let him go back and continue to update if he is not dead!"

"Is the three scumbags there? Is this trip to the matrix enough? Are you ready to explode the liver code?"

"I want to go back and add one, eat barbecue every day, I miss the taste of aloe vera juice!"

"Wow, Brother Yong! It's clean and hygienic~"

Once the news of the outer city was released, most players seemed to see the hope of returning home, and they chatted about their lives after returning to the world channel.

Only Li Zheng knows that going to the outer city has no necessary connection with whether he can return to the earth.

If you want to return to Earth, you are still far away.

Otherwise, with the strength of old players such as Roemont, why do they still need to mix tasks in the matrix?

When they get to the outer city, what they get may be a very miserable truth.

Just when most people were thinking of a better life, there were a lot of negative comments on the World Channel.

"Outer city? Do you believe what Li Zheng says? Besides him, who else of you has heard of outer city?"

"That's right! We are all the first players to come in, and we have never heard of the finish line and the outer city!"

"The Matrix Terminal never thought about letting us go back, it just wanted to see us here to survive and kill each other for fun!"

"Where did the outer city come from? It's just a lie made up by the people of Longguo led by Li Zheng to make a public appearance!"

These people, led by Junichi Lang Tanaka from Takamurahara, are mostly the names of players from the mud-baking country, mixed with the names of several Western countries.

Li Zheng looked at these remarks, his eyes narrowed, and his whole body exuded a strong dangerous atmosphere.

"Junichi Lang Tanaka? Very good! I'm waiting for you to reveal the new channel number!"

Taking out the event tickets, Li Zheng directly disbanded the team and returned to the previous room.

Swap out the star thief, quickly lock Junichi Tanaka and his channel, and send it decisively!

The moment he landed, Li Zheng saw a player turn on the space dynamism device, ready to teleport.

"Knife, cut off his leg!"

Under the ruthless command of Li Zheng, the blood-thirsty magic knife turned into a blood-colored streamer and shot at it.