"Actually, the method of exercising mental strength and condensing nodes is the reward I want to give you."

Xu invited Li Zheng to sit down and explained slowly: "But I still want to thank you for relieving me in this way... That's embarrassment, right?"

"Ah, it doesn't matter. The important thing is that you have to remember what I'm going to teach you next..."

Xuzhen is a chatterbox. After the first generation of lamp holder left, he has been alone for too long, and unknowingly, he has caught the other party's bad habits. From a quiet listener, he has evolved into a broken mouth.

Even when he was explaining the secrets of exercising his mental strength to Li Zheng, he would subconsciously mention a few small stories, and after a long chat, he would bring the topic back to the right track.

In short, Li Zheng finally exhausted his strength, but he failed to memorize much knowledge about cultivation, instead he remembered a few short stories...

"...That's why I locked that guy up and let him feel the torture of endless loneliness before releasing him!" Xu paused here and asked Li Zheng, "How much do you remember?"

Li Zhengsheng has no love: "Three short stories, five incidents of revenge on others, and sixteen interesting things about getting along with the first generation of lamp holders. I have written down all of them."

"Why do you remember these useless things?" said falsely: "I asked you to remember the method of cultivating spiritual power and condensing the nodes of spiritual power!"

"Co-authoring, you also know that these little stories are useless!" Li Zheng lay flat and asked Xu: "Tell me the truth, are you afraid that I won't come after you teach me, so you interfere with my study in this way? "

"No... how could it be?" Xu's expression was a little unnatural, and he didn't seem to have learned how to lie.

"Oh...it's alright, we have time, but I've stayed with you long enough this time, and I still have things to do outside. I'll come to study with you next time." Li Zheng sat up, calculated the time, and realized that he didn't realize it. It's been almost four hours!

If I don't go back, I may not be able to finish the ten challenges today, so I can only say goodbye.

"Then... well, I'll take you out." Xu said with a bit of disappointment, got up and made a strange gesture, pointing at Li Zheng.

The next moment, Li Zheng only felt a sudden pain in the palm of his hand holding the lantern, like a burning needle.

He let go of his hand and wanted to rub it twice to relieve the pain, but when he crossed his hands, he remembered that he had no entity here.

"What did you do just now?" Li Zheng was stunned. His current form should belong to a state similar to a spiritual body, and Xu can actually cause damage to himself in this state?

If you learn this trick, won't you kill the enemy invisibly?

"It's nothing, just forcibly bound the lantern to you. Don't forget, the terminals that you and I call both are X, and I also have some of its abilities." Wei Wei smiled.

This means that unless Li Zheng dies, the mysterious declaration can no longer be traded for others to use.

"Are you afraid that one day I will learn how to cultivate spiritual power and trade the lantern to others?" Li Zheng sighed, "Are you too vigilant?"

Although he did have this idea, it is estimated that Xu did this after peeping at this idea before.

"Be prepared, this is an... idiom in your memory, isn't it?" Xu raised his hand and pressed it, "Don't worry, I promised you just now that I won't spy on other people's thoughts easily, so this time it's really just my own thoughts. Just do it.”

Li Zheng couldn't confirm whether he really fulfilled his promise, but since it has been bound, Li Zheng also gave up the idea of ​​​​trading lanterns.

"Okay, send me back first, I haven't figured out how to use this broken lamp to go back." Li Zheng urged.

"Your mental power is too low, when you can't use it, you can use it in the dark world when you condense the first mental power node." Xu explained and waved it casually.

Li Zheng only felt that the world was spinning in front of him, and finally fell into darkness.

In just a moment, he opened his eyes again and had returned to the capsule residence.

'Master, what happened to you just now? ’

The hand trembled, and the bloodthirsty demon knife was still held in the palm of his hand.

Li Zheng looked at the other hand and found that the "lantern bearer" had disappeared, and a trace of the lantern appeared in the palm of his hand, which flashed past.

That is the place in the dark world, where it hurts to be fooled at the end.

"Is this completely bound?" Li Zheng muttered, he could accurately perceive a lantern in his left hand, and as long as he moved his spirit, he could enter the dark world again through it.

"As expected of the first-generation lamp holder, he was able to make such a stable prop to enter the dark world." Li Zheng couldn't help but sighed in admiration.

When he was in the dark world, Xu gave Li Zhengpu a lesson. Even if it is a virtual and real life body, the dark world cannot be entered if you want to.

Although a large number of beings appeared in Xu's mouth, in fact, it took an inexplicable amount of time to accumulate so many people.

In fact, if it weren't for the genius of the first-generation lamp holder, he walked through the abyss where the virtual and the real state were relatively stable, and figured out the way to travel between the virtual and the real.

The Dark World is still a place that can only be entered by looking at the face.

"Huh? By the way, you just said I've been standing here?" Li Zheng glanced at the time while asking about the magic knife.

Twelve forty-five at noon?

After staying in the dark world for almost four hours, the real world has only passed an hour?

One to four time flow rate?

Or did you make a mistake?

In fact, you have been standing here all day and night?

Because he arrived in the dark world, the things on the real world could not be carried, so the panel functions including the system terminal were gone. Li Zheng couldn't see the time and any information, so he could only estimate by himself.

'The master has been standing here for almost an hour since he took out the lamp just now, eh? Missing lights? ’

The magic knife's statement made Li Zheng basically confirm that the time flow rate between the real world and the dark world is one to four.

The Blood Thirsty Demon Knife is very well-behaved after being boiled, so it shouldn't lie.

Li Zheng returned to the first floor, and Xiao Ying was dozing off with an empty plate.

This time, Li Zheng was sure that the sharpening knife was telling the truth.

If she had been in the dark world for more than six hours, it was impossible for Sakura to sit here and doze off so honestly.

'Master, the lamp did not know when it disappeared! ' The magic knife was still entangled in this matter, and it kept shaking in Li Zheng's hands.

"Okay~www.mtlnovel.com~ I know!" Li Zheng showed the lantern, and then put it into the mark, and the magic knife went quiet.

Looking at the lantern mark, Li Zheng was full of resentment towards the first-generation lantern holder.

The good-looking anti-sky characteristics, why do you want to make a gameplay that disappears after the combination?


I'm furious!

He doesn't care about other characteristics, mainly the "Xi plus one", he is really reluctant!

Moreover, according to Xu, the feature of "Happy Plus One" is actually an unexpected product. In his plan with the first-generation lantern holder, he did not intend to add this feature to the lantern.

So, it doesn't matter if other features are gone, why does this unplanned product also disappear?

This is very unreasonable!

The more Li Zheng thought about it, the more uncomfortable it became, so he contacted the four Zhan Zhouzhou and started the plan to challenge mutants today.

Sprinkle all the qi on those mutants.