"The dark world is virtual, and all things with substance cannot exist here, and even the concept of existence itself does not belong to the dark world."

"And your appearance broke this rule, leaving a flaw in the dark world, which can accommodate some things that exist between the virtual and the real."

"Accurately speaking, it is because of my existence that those virtual and real lifeforms can find this place and create the lamp that can send you in."

Therefore, the dark world has no rules to distinguish between size, height, distance, light and dark.

Li Zheng's activities here are limited, but it is actually his existence that affects the scope of the dark world.

It's not that the dark world limits him, but that he limits himself, so he can't go far.

"Then what is the thing between the virtual and the real?" Xu walked back and forth in front of Li, "I have been thinking about this issue for a long time before... Until a guy full of blood came in that time, I didn't come from He found a word in his mind to describe it."

"Translated into your language, that's called spiritual power."

"Afterwards, I was thinking that your creatures in the real world can give birth to the concept of spiritual power, so... Can I do it?"

"Since then, I have been studying spiritual power, trying to actively create some existence between reality and reality in the dark world."

"At first, I thought I had failed."

"It wasn't until later... that another guy with more blood came in with a lamp and broke the rules of the dark world. I found out that I actually succeeded!"

"It's those things that can prove this..." Xu pointed to the sky, "Node!"

Li Zheng looked in the direction, and it was the dense starlight.

Although those stars are dense, they are not bright enough to illuminate the dark world.

"The existence of the node is the same as me. It's all about reality, but it's not real." He moved his fingers and pulled a star close to him.

The starlight, which was originally a grain of rice, was pulled by his fingers and quickly approached the top of the two of them.

From rice grains to eggs, from eggs to basketballs, from basketballs to hot air balloons.

In the end, a super-large planet spread out in Li Zheng's line of sight, boundless, and it was full of oppression on the top of his head.

It was like a documentary he had seen before, looking at the earth from space, he knew his own insignificance.

The starlight was not round and smooth, and Li Zheng could even see the pits on its surface, very much like the craters on the moon's surface.

The person who made it must have no talent for art.

In the end, with a violent yank, the "planet" passed through the two of them, disappeared under their feet, and turned into a grain of rice.

When Li Zheng reacted, he realized that he didn't know when to adjust the direction, and the starlight that was originally above his head actually ran to the bottom of his feet, like a lake of stars.

And he and Xu stood in the sky above the star lake.

"These nodes are actually some kind of manifestation of spiritual power that I have researched. I don't know when it appeared in the dark world."

"Only when a second life comes from the dark world and breaks the rules of the dark world will they appear."

"Perhaps... even if I create virtual and real beings like me here, as long as the rules of the dark world are restored, they will fall into silence."

"Unless, I can create reality in the dark world."

But that's impossible. To be able to create a half-truth existence like a node is to learn from the rules of the real world, which is equivalent to taking a backdoor of the rules and getting stuck in a bug.

If he came up with a "real" in the world, it would not be called a bug, but would directly start playing "crack". With that ability, he would use it directly on himself, brute force the rules of the dark world, and break through to the real world Is it not good?

Li Zheng fixedly looked at this handsome bald-headed guy who was as handsome as himself and extremely charming, and read an emotion called "loneliness" from the other's face.

As the only living being that exists in the dark world, I don't know how long it has survived, but it is always in the concept of "nothing" and has no consciousness of time.

Until one day, a life very similar to him appeared in the dark world, and he thought he finally had company.

But found that when those beings saw him, they reacted extremely terrified, and even hit him.

He had tried to "stay" some, and let these lives be with him all the time.

Although it looks more like "imprisonment", he doesn't care about the means, he just wants to have more existences that can accompany him.

It's a pity that they are different from themselves. After a long time, they become weaker and weaker, and eventually disappear into nothingness.

Later, he no longer insisted, and another similar life strayed into this place. If it was friendly, he would send the other person out. If it was malicious, he would imprison them as punishment.

until that guy shows up...

That is a very special guy, obviously true, but he has realized a kind of ability similar to nothingness.

By mistake, he entered the dark world.

He was friendly and soon became friends with Xu after getting to know him.

It is also very pleasing to the eye to see it, so I gave it the virtual and real life I caught not long ago, so that it can use it as a springboard and can often come in and communicate with itself.

After that, it did not disappoint Xu, and after concluding the abyss walking sent by Xu as a pet, it often passed the more stable virtual and real characteristics of abyss walking, and came to the dark world to chat with Xu.

It will tell a lot of things that happen in the real world to the virtual listener. The virtual was not as talkative as it is now, but a quiet listener.

Over time, Xu got used to this kind of life.

Whenever it leaves, the virtual will look forward to it in "nothing", waiting for it to come again.

Xu felt that although he still could not get out of the dark world, that short period of time was the best memory in his life.

It's so beautiful, I don't know how long it has been, and when I look back now, it still seems like it happened just a moment ago.

Until that time, that was the last time it appeared in front of Xu, and told him that he was going to complete his mission.

But before leaving, it borrowed a virtual hand and made several parts together.

It said that with these things, more people will come in to accompany Xu and chat with him in the future.

And those people are called "light bearers".

But the fact is that there was a problem with that part, and the beings who came in with the lamp behind were all **** and very violent.

Xu did not like this kind of life, so he never came forward to pay attention to it.

It was also from the consciousness of those existences that Xu figured out what blood qi meant.

Since then, he has decided that he will never be seen unless it is a bloodless lamp bearer.

"So...you can read other people's consciousness, and you want others to chat with you?" Li Zheng rolled his eyes after listening to the rude remarks.

At this moment, I was embarrassed.

He knew that some beings valued the things in their own consciousness very much, and would be very angry after being peeped at. He was so absorbed in his memories just now that he forgot to hide this aspect.

"Actually, I can only read some unsuspecting information... Well, looking at you, I don't seem to believe it." He was a little embarrassed, as if after losing his best friend, he suddenly met another person who might become a friend. candidate, and at this time he was about to lose the other party.

He is afraid of being alone, he is really afraid of being alone.

Only when you have it can you know how precious the company of a friend is.

Li is the second existence after the first Lantern Bearer ~www.mtlnovel.com~ in countless years who may be friends with him.

If I miss Li Zheng and wait for the next one, I really don't know how long it will take.

"If you don't mind, can you wait a moment? Let me make up an excuse to convince you." Holding his chin, he paced back and forth.

This is Li Zheng's subconscious action when he is thinking alone, and Xu has even learned this in the past...

Li Zheng was helpless. Seeing that Xu was also a poor person, he found a step for Xu himself:

"It's better than this, you should know that I like to make deals, why don't you use your peeping into my memory as a bargaining chip and make a deal with me?"

"Okay!" Xu Yi was excited, peeped at Li Zheng's consciousness again, and said excitedly: "Deal!"


Li Zheng was stunned for a moment, then reacted and spit out a word.


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