Matrix Survival: I Get A Random Chest Every Day

【Matrix Survival Game】 All players have the same initial resources. Each person can explore ten rooms per day, and there may be dangers and supplies in the rooms. Do your best to survive. … After reading all the introductions, Li Zheng heard a voice in his ear: The daily tr.... Read more

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v2 Chapter 373 Shocked! 8000 words large v2 Chapter 372 Did you see that? He is so handsome~~ v2 Chapter 371 Shh, don't talk until you die!

v2 Chapter 370 Knife, cut off his leg! v2 Chapter 369 Time flow 1 to 4! v2 Chapter 368 A node the size of a planet! v2 Chapter 367 Darkness and Void v2 Chapter 366 5 top evolution routes! v2 Chapter 365 Sakura's 50 Bloodlines! v2 Chapter 364 Back to Channel 879! v2 Chapter 363 Compared with mud baking, you and I are both saints! v2 Chapter 362 1 gust of wind, do you need to hide?

v2 Chapter 361 Is this a duel? This is so obviously disfigured! v2 Chapter 360 China's first sword! Edgeworth follow me! v2 Chapter 359 Suka is not listed!

v2 Chapter 358 Red name must die! v2 Chapter 357 Whistleblower, Rebecca? v2 Chapter 356 Group society is dead! v2 Chapter 355 Let the flashbang fly for a while v2 Chapter 354 Here comes the jackal with a shotgun! v2 Chapter 354 coming! v2 Chapter 353 Open your eyes with Mr. Kunlun v2 Chapter 352 build animal pen v2 Chapter 351 rice balls

v2 Chapter 350 rain falls v2 Chapter 349 night when rain falls from the sky v2 Chapter 348 preparation stage v2 Chapter 347 "Starting Point" was born! v2 Chapter 346 The first team was poached by half! v2 Chapter 345 Is this guy really an expert? Why are you neurotic? v2 Chapter 344 The legion is recruiting, 0 flowers are blooming, and there are misunderstandings. v2 Chapter 343 A real catastrophe? v2 Chapter 342 Gifts, deals. v2 Chapter 341 Too bad he's bald... v2 Chapter 340 Lin Longxuan v2 Chapter 399 Fengshan's open mouth

v2 Chapter 398 What was the name of the organization I founded? v2 Chapter 397 Fengshan: "Damn Ou Huang!" v2 Chapter 396 World Channel: No compliments, no small speakers. v2 Chapter 395 I want Li Zheng! Live! v2 Chapter 394 each has ghosts v2 Chapter 393 It will be a massacre v2 Chapter 392 The star-level props that are at the top of the leaderboard! v2 Chapter 391 Open the treasure box Open the treasure box! v2 Chapter 390 Old Xiao's forward-looking thinking is so accurate! v2 Chapter 389 boil knife v2 Chapter 388 The power of the magic knife, kill the half-step Xingyao mutant! v2 Chapter 387 : At this moment, a mutation occurs! (I found these 8 words broken

v2 Chapter 386 The magic knife is unsheathed! v2 Chapter 385 The magic of spiritual power! v2 Chapter 384 Extraordinary Fruit! v2 Chapter 383 We are not unreasonable v2 Chapter 382 pig v2 Chapter 381 Raising a baby for 0 days, using a baby for 1 o'clock! v2 Chapter 380 Wandering Merchant: Happy v2 Chapter 379 Chat across servers v2 Chapter 378 Buy Misaka Doemon v2 Chapter 376 7 ways to die v2 Chapter 375 7 deadly sins? This setting is so outdated! v2 Chapter 374 Those dungeons... why are they so difficult?

v2 Chapter 373 Xiao Siyuan meets and knows v2 Chapter 372 be prepared v2 Chapter 371 The mushroom cloud is back! v2 Chapter 370 incendiary bomb v2 Chapter 369 Radium element Get! v2 Chapter 368 At the end of the auction, Li Zheng also miscalculated! v2 Chapter 367 crazy kick v2 Chapter 366 Auction: Different Housekeeping Models! v2 Chapter 365 On my site? Who gave you the guts! v2 Chapter 364 "That's it?" v2 Chapter 363 Auction Petri dish, and then lead to the bidding wave! v2 Chapter 362 Signed with Kunlun and 9 days

v2 Chapter 361 The introvertedness of the people of Longguo v2 Chapter 360 Unreasonable grade suppression v2 Chapter 359 These little days... the players who have a good life are quite rich! ~ Kanade v2 Chapter 358 Brother, that's Li Zheng! v2 Chapter 357 team up v2 Chapter 356 Can cooking be auctioned? Long experience! v2 Chapter 355 provocative? Press it back! I, someone, never pretends to be X v2 Chapter 354 Does anyone dare to smash the field? v2 Chapter 353 Matrix's inaugural auction begins v2 Chapter 352 Evil knife! v2 Chapter 351 Is this what I can open without dying?

v2 Chapter 350 Cheng Tian Park: Small country! v2 Chapter 349 Livestock Series Capability Owner v2 Chapter 348 Abyss system? I have! v2 Chapter 347 nuclear explosion v2 Chapter 346 Tell a story: read this v2 Chapter 345 Magic Medicine: APX-One v2 Chapter 344 Old Xiao, help! v2 Chapter 343 The gentlest way to die v2 Chapter 342 autistic variant v2 Chapter 341 it's time v2 Chapter 340 Extraordinary Armor: Earth Dragon Armor! v2 Chapter 339 Kill diamond-level creatures in seconds!

v2 Chapter 338 v2 Chapter 338 Qinglong v2 Chapter 337 The new ability is "explosive"? v2 Chapter 336 Do not play cards according to the routine v2 Chapter 335 Fengshan: I don't need a woman to protect me! v2 Chapter 334 Brother, do you want a wife or not? v2 Chapter 333 Lee Capitalist Zheng v2 Chapter 332 God killed myself! v2 Chapter 331 Tickets to the Outer City! ~ I really got it v2 Chapter 330 Why sign that agreement? ~ Ask for leave

v2 Chapter 329 still a familiar recipe v2 Chapter 328 Armored Dragon Turtle v2 Chapter 327 grumble v2 Chapter 326 "sell" each other v2 Chapter 325 False accusation and truth and misunderstanding v2 Chapter 324 This is so embarrassing ~ It's over, it's over, and I can't catch up, wait for me to modify it! v2 Chapter 323 punching woman v2 Chapter 322 Jiang Bingyao v2 Chapter 321 space stone v2 Chapter 320 Mr. Li Zheng raised his hand! v2 Chapter 319 The safest place is the most dangerous

v2 Chapter 318 What a big one fluttering moth! v2 Chapter 317 Continue the Raiders v2 Chapter 316 Xingshi to ask guilt v2 Chapter 315 Happy hour is coming v2 Chapter 314 Delayed extraction, the treasure chest system will be upgraded again v2 Chapter 313 Open the treasure chest, but not fully open v2 Chapter 312 Park all day v2 Chapter 311 moon black wind v2 Chapter 310 The attacking Banquan Ryoma v2 Chapter 309 Clow and Ith v2 Chapter 308 9 day composition v2 Chapter 307 "The Mechanic" and "Mystery Lantern"

v2 Chapter 307 It's too late today to finish writing. v2 Chapter 306 King of undercover, not enough money! v2 Chapter 305 The identity of the administrator is instantly exposed v2 Chapter 304 hard core therapy v2 Chapter 303 1 is 1, 2 is 2! v2 Chapter 302 Add pets, expand the team v2 Chapter 301 Easy customs clearance v2 Chapter 300 Weird copy v2 Chapter 299 Overturned! v2 Chapter 298 Red-named player exclusive copy v2 Chapter 297 bloody battlefield v2 Chapter 296 Li Zheng? Isn't it just relying on the aircraft to show off? what's wrong...

v2 Chapter 295 Dual Element Ability Development Items v2 Chapter 294 Picked up 1 intelligent doll v2 Chapter 293 The transaction is completed, Li Zhengxue earns? (2 in 1) ~ written request for leave. v2 Chapter 292 Shameless Misaka Doemon (Super Discount v2 Chapter 292 v2 Chapter 291 Misaka Doemon (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 290 Continuous development of new capabilities (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 289 Yu Xiaoyu Back Pot (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 288 Banquet, Dangerous! (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 287 Kill Points + Two (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 286 Variant 39 (2 in 1)

~ It's late today, let's see tomorrow v2 Chapter 286 Variant 39 v2 Chapter 285 The first kill was robbed, Kong Huanxi 1 game (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 285 After 12 o'clock, I will modify it and watch it again v2 Chapter 284 Plot Out Loud (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 283 Matrix's first major event (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 283 After 12 o'clock revision v2 Chapter 282 Roemont: Is this man poisonous? (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 281 Would you like to help me? (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 280 Induce labor for BOSS (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 279 BOSS v2 Chapter 278 observation room

v2 Chapter 277 Dog bites Lu Dongbin v2 Chapter 276 Biochemical exclusion zone v2 Chapter 275 I always like 8 foot adults! v2 Chapter 274 Molten Essence, the most pitted silver-level item. v2 Chapter 273 Mystery fruit, get excited! v2 Chapter 272 Rubik's cube v2 Chapter 271 Who is the author of Journey to the West? (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 270 A small warehouse of Genesis? v2 Chapter 269 split! v2 Chapter 268 Sword come! v2 Chapter 267 Sword Mastery Get! v2 Chapter 266 He was scolded to death!

v2 Chapter 265 play big v2 Chapter 264 Come up! v2 Chapter 263 New special type of room v2 Chapter 262 attractive conditions ~ Sheet 261 You're thinking about farting v2 Chapter 260 How dare you look at Lord Pu? v2 Chapter 259 Kim Jae-in v2 Chapter 258 Banquan Ryoma v2 Chapter 257 cloak v2 Chapter 256 Kamui v2 Chapter 255 The difference between man and man is bigger than the difference between man and pig. v2 Chapter 254 The spirit of craftsmanship

v2 Chapter 253 sorry v2 Chapter 252 This Dragon Kingdom player is too scary! v2 Chapter 251 trembling! v2 Chapter 250 Some people are simple in appearance, but they are darker than anyone else after being cut! v2 Chapter 249 Come first to a table full of Han Chinese, I am appetizing! v2 Chapter 248 Let "Fly" apply for the World Heritage List! v2 Chapter 247 The so-called foodie means that you can't forget the food after falling asleep. v2 Chapter 246 Mr. Li, you are really a good person! v2 Chapter 245 memory releaser (blank) v2 Chapter 244 I only have 2 of those kinds of waists! v2 Chapter 243 Don't put any black pot on my head! v2 Chapter 242 I want to be a gentle and humble person

v2 Chapter 241 Detecting lies is easy v2 Chapter 240 Junkazu Kato, you know a thing that attacks players at night... v2 Chapter 239 The other half of the pay is... v2 Chapter 238 Doctor: Your genes are interesting. v2 Chapter 237 I have a bold idea! v2 Chapter 236 An existence that cannot be provoked! v2 Chapter 235 Beautiful... bad day starts with drawing a treasure chest. v2 Chapter 234 Only love and Sichuan cuisine must not be let down! (special edition) v2 Chapter 233 The second drug sale, the thickness of the blacklist has greatly increased v2 Chapter 232 unremarkable sewing table v2 Chapter 231 Remember, 00,000 cannot become a red name! v2 Chapter 230 Oops! The place where the boss went to exploded!

v2 Chapter 229 Yes, but not exactly v2 Chapter 228 depleted desert v2 Chapter 227 I don't want them to steal the boss from me v2 Chapter 226 with 2nd copy v2 Chapter 225 I like the paper man wife, is it wrong? v2 Chapter 224 The most hateful thing is actually the source of the avalanche! v2 Chapter 223 Overlord sunset shrimp, breeding platinum creatures? v2 Chapter 222 lonely soul v2 Chapter 221 burial chamber, true and false trap v2 Chapter 220 exist? Touch gold? v2 Chapter 219 A good day starts with the daily treasure chest. v2 Chapter 218 framed

v2 Chapter 217 Cut it first! v2 Chapter 216 Night attack, incarnation of rage! v2 Chapter 215 Zhan's Swordsmanship, Online Teaching (4000 words) v2 Chapter 215 Who are you? (4000 words v2 Chapter 215 Who are you sending it to? (4000 words v2 Chapter 214 Someone actually touched the porcelain Chu Xiao and Ye Kai? I just don't have Li Zheng... v2 Chapter 213 nine hundred and fifty ninety-five thousand nine hundred and ninety-five v2 Chapter 212 Who is Xiaoxuan? v2 Chapter 211 Transform, evolve! (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 212 Transform, evolve! (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 210 It's all a show (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 209 Sitting up in shock from a dying illness, the waste is actually me?

v2 Chapter 208 Make up the foreshadowing, hee hee v2 Chapter 207 Sheathed sword! v2 Chapter 206 The real usefulness of errands and "tech cups"? v2 Chapter 205 Gift from "Ancient Technology" v2 Chapter 204 New · NPC? v2 Chapter 203 Finally being able to eat the staple food, it's not easy! v2 Chapter 202 Does anyone sell game guides? v2 Chapter 201 No one wants to sell platinum-level crops? Li Zheng exploded v2 Chapter 200 Platinum Crop: Arctic Ibaraki v2 Chapter 199 It's not wrong for this man to die v2 Chapter 198 Kamdai 0 Crane v2 Chapter 197 The hole card likes to increase by 1

v2 Chapter 196 cards out v2 Chapter 195 it comes from the abyss ~ Little G was forced to do business v2 Chapter 194 Fallen Abyss v2 Chapter 193 Matrix 1 Negative State: Blindness! v2 Chapter 192 Mechanic Technology v2 Chapter 191 incomprehensible choice v2 Chapter 5 month summary v2 Chapter 190 Powder Polly v2 Chapter 189 Polly v2 Chapter 188 Broken Abyss Summoning Circle v2 Chapter 107 Non-technical side item "Been Demon Boots"

v2 Chapter 186 Don't look up! v2 Chapter 185 Conditions for entering the outer city v2 Chapter 184 Outer city? Extraordinary props? v2 Chapter 183 goodbye to roemont v2 Chapter 182 Channel 24, here I come! v2 Chapter 181 set almost v2 Chapter 180 1 As always arrogant and stupid. v2 Chapter 179 Earth Dragon Core, Diamond Grade v2 Chapter 178 Mysterious black light flashlight v2 Chapter 177 heartless v2 Chapter 176 Explosion is the romance of men! v2 Chapter 175 Some regional channel administrator permissions have been enabled

v2 Chapter 174 Yuan Lao 0 Ancient v2 Chapter 173 Draw the treasure chest, quality: diamond! v2 Chapter 172 Knight of the Night v2 Chapter 171 Gangmen is dead on the left (4) ~ Gan! v2 Chapter 171 Gangmen counterattack to the left failed v2 Chapter 170 Gangmen continues to counterattack to the left (3) v2 Chapter 169 Gangmen continues to counterattack from the left (2) v2 Chapter 168 Gangmen counterattack from the left (1) v2 Chapter 167 Although far... v2 Chapter 166 it's dark v2 Chapter 165 Regional management transfer certificate

v2 Chapter 164 "Terminal, someone is hanging up here, do you care?" v2 Chapter 163 Thank you "Qiwu Scavenging Dream" for 20,000 points! ~ forced to open v2 Chapter 162 Cheerleader: Li Zheng! v2 Chapter 161 First acquaintance with "Gao Tianyuan" v2 Chapter 160 special special room v2 Chapter 159 Build an Organization (3) v2 Chapter 159 Proposed Organization (3) v2 Chapter 158 Establish an organization (2) [Thanks to the town book ghost for 5,000 coins! 】 v2 Chapter 157 build an organization (1) v2 Chapter 156 you're worth it! v2 Chapter 156

v2 Chapter 155 kill! v2 Chapter 154 Gosaka Sun Tritium, nuclear radiation variant v2 Chapter 153 Level 2 Gene Nucleus, Sakura upgrades! v2 Chapter 152 new game features v2 Chapter 151 Get a diamond-level item again! v2 Chapter 150 blood gas suppression device ~ Fill. v2 Chapter 149 intelligence v2 Chapter 148 Underworld (End) v2 Chapter 147 Underworld (2) v2 Chapter 146 Underworld (1) v2 Chapter 145 Father Jiko Takashi (2 Go 1)

v2 Chapter 144 Feng Qiwu, Yu Xiaoyu v2 Chapter 143 undercurrent v2 Chapter 142 I don't touch it there, it's dirty! v2 Chapter 141 private trade v2 Chapter 140 Burning Abyss Bloodline! v2 Chapter 139 The impact of personality on pets v2 Chapter 138 Exploring the Mist v2 Chapter 137 This plan is enough for you to sit in prison! v2 Chapter 136 Lying down on the Fengshan Mountain, Li Zheng mowed the grass like crazy! v2 Chapter 135 Unravel the right of disintegration v2 Chapter 134 Ready to go: Misty Island! v2 Chapter 133 Fengshan: "Yes, is there a problem?"

v2 Chapter 132 This time I want 12 times! v2 Chapter 1 Work related Chapter 131 Grandpa is here! (Thanks to "Big Stomach King 12,130... Chapter 130 weird Chapter 129 The electric light that dances at your fingertips Chapter 128 New abilities, invincible! (2nd today Chapter 127 Old Pusheng is gone? (No. 1 ~ month-end summary Chapter 126 Make the transition and start exploring tomorrow. Chapter 125 White Gold Chest Chapter 124 Trade show home swordsmanship (the treasure chest will be opened tomorrow!) Chapter 123 Sword Qi?

Chapter 122 Skills in line with basic swordsmanship Chapter 121 Murderers, people will always kill them! (No skin today) Chapter 120 Fighting, 3 British fight against Lin Feng! (this 1 Chapter 119 A gathering of talents Chapter 118 Laugh to death! But not dead yet... Chapter 117 I'm not short! (shock!) Chapter 116 Lin Feng, 3 gene ability blessing! Chapter 115 Stalker's Compass Chapter 114 Find someone at night! Chapter 113 Genetic Ability: Ten Thousand Blades Chapter 112 Pure lotus, human body transformation platform Chapter 111 deep sea monster

Chapter 110 How loud is the roar of the gods and demons? ~ Personnel Change Notification Chapter 109 What about Li Chunren? Chapter 108 Really... can it really hit the lungs? Chapter 107 Leisure and entertainment room, the heaven and earth in the game. Chapter 106 Dislocation of time and space is so good! ~ Get some benefits Chapter 105 Technology Cup: Free your hands and enjoy life. Chapter 104 The cowardly Fengshan and 2 salted fish Chapter 103 I beg Xiaofeng to show the second spirit Chapter 102 This woman can't be demolished without me ~ make a notification

Chapter 101 If you lose a lot, you have to pay more! Chapter 100 Cyborg 7 Chapter 99 Li Zheng's 6 guns! Chapter 98 Stitched Wolf Chapter 97 Xiao Siyuan: "I don't even know, this kid is so awesome!" Chapter 96 How many guns does this guy have? Chapter 95 New Exploration Squad Assembled Chapter 94 Invitation from Zhan Zhouzhou, new special room. Chapter 93 Destroy it, hurry up. Chapter 92 Kentaro, the charge is amazing... Chapter 91 Stalstone and Compost Studio Chapter 90 Sakura evolves! King Kong Sakura...

Chapter 89 Scaled Crow Monitor Lizard (thanks to the 1,500 points of "Devil's Love"!  … Chapter 88 Xiaojing, give me some more... Chapter 87 Wild treasure chest? Chapter 86 Finally got a bed! Chapter 85 Capsule dwellings can also be transformed? ! Chapter 84 Floating thrusters, Li Zheng is in the sky! Chapter 83 Crazy revenge from Fengshan Chapter 82 Memory Releaser Fighter! Chapter 82 Chapter 81 This player is obviously super strong, but he likes to be a licking dog. Chapter 80 Poison! Chapter 79 Searching for People at Night

Chapter 79 (Thanks to the 5,000 points of "Qiwu Dream of Scavenging Waste"!) ~ Testimonials Chapter 78 Game update, open combat power ranking Chapter 77 "The father sees that the son is still alive, and draws out..." Chapter 77 Chapter 76 Huh? Could it be that Fengshan is the biggest hero? Chapter 75 Ruthless Doctor Xiao Chapter 74 [Ancient Ruins, Exploration Rate: 90%] Chapter 73 1 up! (Thanks to the 5,000 points of "Dream Pen with the Wind"!) Chapter 72 elite squad Chapter 71 Mechanical giant! Chapter 70 This

Chapter 69 Mechanical Knife Mantis Chapter 68 Inside the ruins (thanks to the 1600 points of "One Hundred and Thirty One S"... Chapter 67 Special Room: Ancient Ruins Chapter 66 Finally got a shovel Chapter 65 Hunting Skills: 1 Sliding Shovel... Chapter 65 Chapter 64 Gold-level creature room, advanced to bronze! Chapter 63 Roemont felt full of malice Chapter 62 1 gamble! Chapter 61 "I want you to bury my eyes with you!" Chapter 28 Explanation 1 under 28 Chapter 60 "Damn Ou Huang!"

Chapter 59 A short PK (thanks to the 1,500 points of "Bell 2 Rings"... Chapter 58 Fengshan Chapter 57 "Did you keep a donkey at home when you were a child?" Chapter 56 Roemand was so angry that he wanted to curse. Chapter 55 Black Market Merchant: Roemont Chapter 54 Big harvest! Smart humanoid drawings! Chapter 53 intelligent humanoid Chapter 52 cat cafe Chapter 51 This treasure chest... so good! Chapter 50 Gene medicine pricing (thanks to the 1,500 points of "Huaxia Shuyu"... Chapter 49 "Mr. Li Zheng" (Thanks to the 200... Chapter 48 Are you... looking for me?

Chapter 47 go out and see Chapter 46 Lin Fan! "Top player!" Chapter 45 Death was announced, and Lin Fan showed up! Chapter 44 The novice period ends, +1 Chapter 43 human nature Chapter 43 Abandoned 1 family of 3 Chapter 43 Chapter 42 Little helper... nothing! Chapter 41 What exactly is a card bug? Chapter 40 wolf pack Chapter 39 It's over, it's been discovered! (Thanks for saying what is not what is 1500... Chapter 38 Desert Fire Scorpion

Chapter 37 Shocked, Li Zheng actually... Chapter 36 Eye of Prellus Chapter 35 Business Chapter 34 Decompose platinum! Chapter 33 life monument Chapter 32 Xiao Siyuan Chapter 31 life and death Chapter 30 What are you hitting it for? hit me! Chapter 29 what are you afraid of Chapter 28 encounter player Chapter 27 New room again? Chapter 26 ice and fire

Chapter 25 Replay, open the ability panel Chapter 24 Daily persecution of Xiaofeng Chapter 23 treat Chapter 22 escape! (Thanks to the thousand and five hundred of Anna big brother) Chapter 21 wake Chapter 20 Ice giant leader Chapter 19 Ambient room, inertial thinking ~ Chapter 18. Another Special Item Chapter 17 2nd treasure chest! Chapter 16 Snake grass needle, real baby! Chapter 15 The first day is over, the detector is upgraded! Chapter 14 1 glass of water, under what circumstances can you drink for a lifetime?

Chapter 13 Sakura Chapter 12 Open the pet panel Chapter 11 Repel the Dire Bat Swarm, Level 1 Gene Core. Chapter 10 Open the Pokédex and explore the first dangerous room Chapter 9 Making a small water purifier Chapter 8 mysterious lantern Chapter 7 Power Core Type III! Chapter 6 Trading, Desert Eagle Black Technology Edition! Chapter 5 Harvest! Another silver-level item! Chapter 4 9 Uncle Feng Ping was killed Chapter 3 2nd room, 4 crops! Chapter 2 Room 1

Chapter 1 Welcome to "Matrix Survival Game" ~ 1 stuff written by crazy before 4 ~ 1 Something Crazy Wrote Before 3

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