On March 20, 2019, heavy rain turned to light rain and then overcast

It suddenly started to rain heavily in the early hours of this morning.

There will be a twinkle in the sky,

The **** shoveler said it was thunder,

He seemed to be afraid of thunder,

So I didn't sleep well for half the night,

So much so that the planned plan to take me to buy dog ​​food today was postponed.

In the afternoon, the **** shovel officer crawled out of his nest.

When he took me out,

I have bitten off a pair of flip-flops,

And a cotton mop.

It can be seen that the **** shovel officer praised my behavior very much, and patted my head hard while pointing at the slippers.

I decided,

Strive to bite a pair of slippers every day!

As a husky,

keep your teeth sharp,

And the proficiency in hunting quilts,

It is necessary!

not to mention…

It seems that the manuscript submitted by the **** shoveling officer has not been replied yet.

From waking up,

It has been said countless times:

Ah... You Long is a wretched four-eyed chubby man who calls himself a handsome guy every day, so shameless!


The so-called "You Long" is the target of the articles submitted by the **** shoveling officer.

It seems like something from a novel website... whip? …side? ...or make up...whatever...


As a Husky who graduated from Qinghua,

Want to understand those strange nouns of human beings,

There is still some difficulty!

Closer to home,


The **** shoveler took another step forward on the street.

I have to take advantage of the **** shoveling officer's ability to support me,

Strive to sharpen your teeth,

When the **** shovel officer couldn't support himself and had to abandon me,

Anyway, when there is someone who can wander outside,

The means of survival... oral?

It's still raining lightly outside,

The **** shovel officer put on a small raincoat and a dog leash for me,

We went out.

I like rainy days,

Because when running on the street,

There is so much fun!

The falling raindrops,

the puddles formed,

A mud star splashed by the car driving,

They are all objects of my play,

Very interesting!

But I also hate rainy days,


Rainy days are too easy to stain my hair,

Although you get yourself dirty,

Contaminated with the taste of nature,

For Huskies,

It is a self-preservation instinct.


The **** shovel officer also has an excuse to give me a bath!

I hate bathing!

Very annoying!

Apart from taking a bath,

I also hate a lot of things,

Expired dog food, dog food with too much MSG, hair falling from the body, and water without soup in the big white bowl...

The **** shovel officer doesn't have something like a taxi.

Only one with two wheels,

Put a little hat on me over the raincoat,

The **** shovel officer asked me to sit in the back,

I set off for a place that sells dog food.

It's also the place where I first met the **** shoveling officer,

My parents' house, a pet store.

sitting in the back seat,

Squinting and enjoying the crackling sound of the wind rolling up the raindrops on the hat and raincoat,

I think of my friends at the pet store.

Xiao Ke, who can't run fast on short legs, Xiao Qiu, who loves to laugh, and another idiot husky who likes to grab food from me...

There is also a nightmare that I don't want to recall - the cat boss.

Thinking of the cat boss,

Go back this time,

I must let the **** shovel officer give him some hardship!

When I was at my mother's house,

But he was bullied badly by him!

We soon arrived at the pet store,

The young lady in the store was very enthusiastic when she saw the **** shovel officer.

The **** shoveler also smiled brightly,


Second goods,

If you don't buy dog ​​food from her house,

Let's see if she still gives you a good look!

I somewhat despise the virtue of the **** shoveling officer,

This makes me feel a sense of crisis,

What if the **** shoveler doesn't love me anymore?

standing in front of the store,

I hesitated,

I don't dare to go in,

I want the **** shovel officer to go first to see if the cat boss has been released today.


The one who shoveled **** didn't graduate from Qinghua.

He doesn't understand me...


Education is really important! !

At least one foreign language must be mastered! !

I speak dog language...

The **** shoveling doesn't understand what I mean,

dragged me in with the dog leash,

Carefully looked around,

I didn't find the figure of the cat boss,

This is how I feel relieved...

Too lazy to think about why there is no Boss Cat,

I went to Xiao Ke's side to have a look first.

The occupants of the cages have changed.

It seems that He was also taken away,

I hope there are no stairs and high thresholds where you go...

Xiao Qiu, who loves to laugh, is still there,

He always kept a smiling face,

I like him very much!

Super handsome!

Super warm!

We talked,

He told me that Xiao Ke and the cat boss were taken away,

At the same time, there was bad news that shocked me for a long time,

The one who took away the cat boss,

Live in Longhu Community!


It's the community where the **** shovel officer lives!


I don't want to go back,

I want to live at my mother's house!

Where there is a cat boss,

horrible! !

The two fools who love to steal my food are still there, UU reading www. uukanshu.com

When they saw me, they turned around in the cage,


I won't like you,

You are so stupid...

The **** shovel officer quickly picked out the dog food.

It is still the brand with a lot of MSG.

If I could speak human words,

Must protest!


I can't let him,

Do not!

I can't let any human know,

I can type!

Listen to the **** shoveling say,

There is a department that likes to study things that are out of the ordinary.

If I let them know about me,

Maybe I'll be sliced! !

So this matter must be kept secret! !

Pinch your nose and eat,

Compared with the life of a dog, hair

It must be the dog's life that is more important!

But later development,

It was beyond my imagination.

The **** shoveler complained to the store clerk about my hair loss,

It's too troublesome to clean up the hair that falls off my body every day.

At that time, I had an ominous premonition!

Just as I was about to flee,

I was held down by the two of them together...

He kept a dazed face the whole time,

Like this ('?Д?


I thought about continuing to eat MSG dog food,

Sooner or later I will be bald,

I just didn't expect,

This day has come so fast!

Except for the hair on the head,


Completely bald!

shoveling shit,

Do you still want your home! ! !

——The bald little G

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