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The most vulnerable time in a tennis game is when you are leading; even if there is a match point, the game is still possible.

Football is round, tennis is also round.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:MP
Alternate Title:赛点
Author:Inkstone boy
Weekly Rank:#3119
Monthly Rank:#1270
All Time Rank:#3321
Tags:Game Elements, Male Protagonist, Rebirth, Second Chance, System, Tennis,
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9 Comments on “Match Point
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  1. The novel is not Yaoi, and yes is a tennis novel, so guaranteed slow start, a bit boring, and there is like a hundred of chapters that feels useless, and he start as a professional late XD, I don't understand how people see Yaoi vibes,and even why they asked that in a sport focused novel to be honest, the rating is definitely overrated, I would say that for being a tennis novel (that's something special) is at maximum 3,4 stars not more

  2. The rating is based in me knowing sports novels with 3.something stars that are definitely more enjoyable, and I would say that compared to other good sport novels, this one is below 3, but is a tennis one so it's "unique"

  3. requesting novel "surviving in the last days of america". https://www.uukanshu.com/b/189372/ Background story of the trending drama and game series "the last of us" and the good news is very very few nationalism or chinanumbenone. Come on give it a chance.

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