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Mo Fan crossed the Continent of Xiuxian, but the awakening system was very tasteless and had nothing to do with cultivation.

Mo Fan can only lead an ordinary life.

But I don’t know that I changed the world.

The tree planted is Tao Yun tree, the chicken raised is phoenix, and the white carp in the pond is a white dragon.

The words he wrote can trigger a vision of heaven and earth, and a single tear of his can block all things in the world.

Tang Seng learns from him…

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Short Title:MXPF
Alternate Title:修仙大佬,求你翻牌吧
Weekly Rank:#180
Monthly Rank:#67
All Time Rank:#2815
Tags:Cultivation, Male Protagonist, Misunderstandings, Naive Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Slice of Life, System,
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25 Comments on “Master Xiu, Please Flop
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  1. here there is nothing to misunderstand, and just the stupidity of the characters... even without the MC doing or saying anything they are distorting things.

  2. I don't understand how these mc's brains work, for example when i am in a whole new martial arts world, i would try to get strength by any means possible, for example doing push ups to my limit, does these mc never try to do a push-up but keep bitching about how the world is dangerous and shit, like if he try to do a pushup he will probably realise that he can do unlimited pushups because he's a fricking god or something

  3. What the meaning practice this thing when you were in cultivating world?All strength come from their supernatural power. With their finger, the cultivator can get rid of any ordinary human their want. Beside, if mc want to became strengh based cultivator who were using body not supernatural power, the mc need to cultivate some technique to increasing his body stat like, maybe cultivate Golden Body skill?Without these, no matter how long you practice martial art you will only be stronger than ordinary human.

  4. The mc still think he was only mortal at that time. So he probably think their no meaning to do this if he doesn't even have spirit root. In later chapter, around 500-600 chapter mc already know his strength at Fairy level, but because his clone was so damn strong after being fed so many elexir, his clone can fight one on one against Golden immortal cultivator, most strongest level in their world and he can win against his oponent in second if his clone was serius enough. So, it no wonder mc already abondoned the idea to pratice his body if he had clone, so many friend(follower) at level of immortal who can protect him. Yes, at this time he still doesn't know he had strength of sage level...what dumb mc but i still enjoyed reading this book

  5. What I hate about this kind of novel is the first costumer are always girl then another girl then sooner or later it become a harem...

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