Master the Dream World

After Liu Yu, who works in Dongguan, hits a ghost, he can enter other people’s dreams to gain spiritual energy. Liu Yu shouted loudly: One year to become an academic master, two years to be a master of civil and military skills, three years to pick flowers and kill people, .... Read more

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~ Happy Ching Ming Festival ~ with Chapter 202 Fanwai 1 The three god-level technological civilizations in the real world xINShuHaIGe.CoM

~ Strongly recommend the author's new book [Lord of the Calamity] Chapter 201 Doubts about the materialization of the dream world Chapter 200 Source g virus Chapter 199 New pioneers at the end of the war Chapter 198 Fight alone with the two heavenly powers Chapter 197 A million billion light-year-old chaotic golden horns Chapter 196 Heaven tells the death of countless saints Chapter 195 The main god, the reincarnation reappears Chapter 194 Two trillion big Luo fights three hundred billion innate demon gods

Chapter 193 Two Trillion Da Luo Brothers Army Chapter 192 The long-lost earth-conscious space mission Chapter 191 The Eve of the Peerless War

Chapter 190 Invasion of the Alliance of Heaven Chapter 189 Mo Shipan, Founder of the Alliance of Heavenly Paths Chapter 188 Transcend the turmoil of the God Realm that became the Demon Emperor Chapter 187 The finale of the blue dragon group Chapter 186 Smile at the end of truth civilization Chapter 185 The end of fabricated myths. Chapter 184 The first time to compete with the Dark Prison Civilization (6600 words) Chapter 183 Dark Hell Civilization Invasion: The Holy Light Star Realm is defeated Chapter 182 Revival of the Dark Prison Civilization

Chapter 181 I, who dominated Beicheng District, passed through and became the leader of the demon cult (additional meal) Chapter 180 Prelude to Unifying Beicheng District Chapter 179 Return to the God Realm Chapter 178 The Eternal World of Heaven Alliance Chapter 177 The layout of the world drawn by the hammer Chapter 176 Battle with the Chronicles Chapter 175 The Great Integration of the Earth World Chapter 174 The world fusion of the nine-story demon tower Chapter 173 One of the opportunities of the Qinglong group to dominate the two universes Chapter 172 Xuanhuang ancestor Yunfeilong Chapter 171 Three hundred billion rule battleship Chapter 170 The Xuanhuang of Xicheng District is back

Chapter 169 Slab, machete, axe, wooden stick Chapter 168 Winter war Chapter 167 Want to collect flowers as a spokesperson Chapter 166 The martial artist through the black hole Chapter 165 Episode 177 Chapter 164 These are all gamblers Chapter 163 The saint makes a living by collecting protection fees Chapter 162 The way to town Chapter 161 Miner's Treasure Chapter 160 Dozens of mice of the sacred ore Chapter 159 Go to the sacred mine area for mining Chapter 158 A powerful and terrifying world

Chapter 157 Andromeda's fantasy level of technological civilization Chapter 156 Messenger from Andromeda Chapter 155 The Truth and Civilization Invasion of Personality Plan Chapter 154 The two great treasures of the truth civilization Chapter 153 Ten Elite Space Fleet of Truth Civilization Chapter 152 The invasion of the Xuanhuang civilization of the truth civilization Chapter 151 The law of heaven and the law of prison power's defeat is apparent Chapter 150 Eternal Great War Chapter 149 The War of the Eternal Great World Reappears Chapter 148 The mechanical civilization of the space battleship battlefield is destroyed Chapter 147 3 trillion eight trillion gods and demons level powerhouse Chapter 146 (8,000 words) Expedition to the Iron Star Realm of Truth Civilization

Chapter 145 (6,000 words) Singularity Bomb ~ Tell me about the update Chapter 144 One of the Eternal Great World, the Battle of the Trillion King Chapter 143 The headquarters of the imperial alliance collapsed Chapter 142 The chaotic thoughts of the eternal world Chapter 141 The Great Jing Dynasty of the Eternal World Chapter 140 The eternal world of Huangzhou (short one Chapter 139 The amount of calamity (short and weak one Chapter 138 The three powerful institutions of the Tiandao Alliance Chapter 137 Qinglong regiment's gods and demons breeding plan Chapter 136 Siji tribe extermination and unified Cang Ming Realm (recommendation ticket required) Chapter 135 The super-large war of the Nether realm defense line (recommendation ticket wow)

Chapter 134 Big Fusion Space Destruction Technique (recommendation ticket, big buddy) Chapter 133 The rise of Chen Beixuan (recommendations, various requests) Chapter 132 Temporal Fortress and Temporal Dam (recommendation ticket required) Chapter 131 Biochemical. Taiyuan mother fungus destruction of the Milky Way (see monthly ticket) Chapter 130 The horror of the space battleship battlefield (the work and rest are irregular these days, make up for yesterday's.) Chapter 129 Black dragon empire Chapter 128 A space battle across the starry sky (a few referral votes!) Chapter 127 A small battle in the pan-blue star field (during the explosion event, the monthly ticket will be doubled) Chapter 126 Preparations for Wutong Left-hand Wall Chapter 125 Fight with an unknown civilization (thanks to Chunliang for the 2,000 coins reward) Chapter 124 The world of gods Chapter 123 The two powers of the Centaur constellation

Chapter 122 Luo Feng, Commander of the First Fleet Chapter 121 Multiple empires descend on the earth (recommendation ticket required) Chapter 120 Behind the scenes, the lord who flees from God Space and Time and Space Administration Bureau Chapter 119 Behind the scenes shows up (the 4D update will be resumed in a few days, and now I have to write a paper) Chapter 118 Looking for clues to the black hand behind the scenes (brothers, ask for a recommendation ticket) Chapter 117 The real world aura is erupting (please recommend) Chapter 116 Human race billions of troops were destroyed (too sleepy yesterday forgot to update) Chapter 115 Zerg 200 billion army exterminated (recommendation vote) Chapter 114 300 million pieces of 100 billion tons of nuclear weapons to destroy the three supreme (recommendation votes) Chapter 113 The death of the undead of the 200 billion army Chapter 112 No. 119 Biochemical Control Center (seeking recommendation) Chapter 111 The 30 billion clone army defeats the remaining blood tens of billions of blood

Chapter 110 The 117.1 billionth 100 billion tons of nuclear weapons exploded Chapter 109 When the war comes (today we are discussing the plot of the following world may not be updated much) Chapter 108 The Arguston blood family is destroyed (no request, no recommendation ticket) Chapter 107 Thousands of level six genetic warriors are heading for the blood race Chapter 106 Swire Protocol (Thanks to kawaii for the thousand coins reward) Chapter 105 The collision of rules and rules Chapter 104 Hundreds of billion tons of nuclear weapons exploded (please recommend, dear friends, my friends) Chapter 103 Six-phase matrix (recommendation votes, various requests) Chapter 102 80 million gas refiners (this Chapter 101 Mythology Chapter 100 Twenty-five years of King Shang Zhou Chapter 99 The ninth game and Long proudly (recommendation)

Chapter 98 The main city defense team (no recommended ticket, no motivation, fast, no outbreak) Chapter 97 One sentence Chapter 96 The five weapons are washing the ground in turn (a new week, please recommend!) Chapter 95 Space Battleship Daqin (Remember to vote in the new week) Chapter 94 Peerless evildoer Ba Liming (unknowingly one hundred Chapter 93 Mutated zombie world (second more, please support) Chapter 92 Zombie World (recommendation, various requests) Chapter 91 The 97th finger bone destroys the elite army of thousands of human races Chapter 90 Random launch below 100 million tons (please recommend various requests) Chapter 89 Preparation before the war (recommendation ticket required) Chapter 88 Desperate nuclear weapons equivalent (10,000 characters have been updated, all kinds of requests) Chapter 87 Shemale War (recommendation ticket)

Chapter 86 Besieged by Monster Army (recommendation ticket) Chapter 85 Do you need a reason to fight your world? Chapter 84 King of Canopy (fourth more 4D, please support) Chapter 83 Nuclear explosion (please give me some motivation!) Chapter 82 Killed two monk exorcists Chapter 81 The debt-backed group was destroyed (today is the 4D update again, ask for a recommendation vote, give me some motivation) Chapter 80 Su Yang: Seven thousand wages helped the old lady cross the road? Chapter 79 Monster lair (seeking tickets) Chapter 78 What happened to West Kunlun? (Four thousand words have been changed, please ask for votes) Chapter 77 Wu Chao changed the emperor (three changes, more than 8,000 words, please ask for votes) Chapter 76 Have a world (recommendation ticket required) Chapter 75 A dish of green vegetables in the zombie world, Liu Yu is silent

Chapter 74 Novice missions for new players Chapter 73 Dryad extinction (additional changes, please recommend votes) Chapter 72 Business plan to remove the big demon Chapter 71 Xiahou was tempted (recommendation ticket) Chapter 70 Xiaoqing from Lanruo Temple (reward and change for Emperor Qinyang) ask for a recommendation ticket Chapter 69 Crocodile Chapter 68 Devil gathering place (recommendation ticket required) Chapter 67 Abyss World (plus more, thanks to qq user-Qin's reward -) Chapter 66 Zombies are a good thing (second one, ask for a recommendation ticket) Chapter 65 Reached an agreement with Qiaocun Chapter 64 Cebu Chinese Village (Thanks to the real name-Juwu) Chapter 63 Target Cebu (five watch brothers ask for recommendation votes)

Chapter 62 Awei wants to join the Northern Expedition? Chapter 61 Hero Sun Dianying Chapter 60 The rebellious army harms the villagers Chapter 59 Thank you for your support (Five tomorrow Chapter 58 Renjia Town in the Republic of China (recommendation tickets for various requests) Chapter 57 Ah Wei's God of Wealth (Dear friends recommend not to stop wow all kinds of requests!) Chapter 56 Evolutionary history of the world (recommendation ticket, various requests) Chapter 55 Prelude to crossing (recommendation ticket, various requests) Chapter 54 Sitting on tens of trillions of worlds (recommendation votes, various requests) Chapter 53 The Infinite Continent is destroyed (recommendations, various requests) Chapter 52 Waiting for the dwarf country will be the legal sanction Chapter 51 The dwarf country sinks?

Chapter 50 Space ring (seeking promotion ticket, various begging, begging for support) Chapter 49 Burning Ring (Dear friends, ask for a recommendation ticket) Chapter 48 The legendary red Hetian jade Chapter 47 Jade raw materials Chapter 46 Source of Consciousness Space Chapter 45 There were three British battles in ancient times Chapter 44 It's a big tone (seeking recommendation tickets, various requests) Chapter 43 Luo Yuanpeng's revenge Chapter 42 Zombie camp Chapter 41 The destruction of the Skeleton Camp Chapter 40 Ability and fearlessness Chapter 39 Xia Empire's reaction

Chapter 38 This world can only be controlled by the player Chapter 37 Nothing Chapter 36 Behind the scenes of aura recovery Chapter 35 Some gas is about to recover Chapter 34 Be a happy ghost brother (recommendation ticket) Chapter 33 When did you die Chapter 32 Prelude to the storm Chapter 31 Skeleton camp group destroyed Chapter 30 Skeleton camp group destroyed Chapter 29 All ready to go Chapter 28 Have deep-funded players ever heard of it? Chapter 27 Conceive monsters (recommendation tickets for various requests)

Chapter 26 Soul transfer station node Chapter 25 Dull and tasteless Chapter 24 This is a cruel man Chapter 23 Why do you need a girlfriend if your hands are alive Chapter 22 Post it to discuss Chapter 21 Speed ​​is too low Chapter 20 Yin Hongliang's speculation (Well, everyone can leave the recommendation ticket) Chapter 19 Powerful right hand (please add book list, ask recommendation ticket) Chapter 18 library Chapter 17 The master only appeared last (already signed and waiting to change status) Chapter 16 Running the drug circle is difficult at the beginning (seeking a recommendation ticket) Chapter 15 Disguise the Earth Consciousness Space (recommendation ticket request, book list request)

Chapter 14 Fate Circle Mode Chapter 13 Become a master in one year, become a **** in 1967 Chapter 12 Luo Yuanpeng (recommendation ticket) Chapter 11 Soul imprint Chapter 10 Liu Yu's first time Chapter 9 The soul responds to reality (third more) Chapter 8 Just rubbing Chapter 7 Panicked a group Chapter 6 Stir-fried kidneys (recommendation ticket) Chapter 5 Billions of worlds collapsed Chapter 4 Ascended brain waves Chapter 3 Slap a world with one slap

Chapter 2 Free flight in dream Chapter 1 Dream in dream

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