Billions of years have passed again, and Liu Yu has also been in retreat from the God Realm for billions of years, breaking from the peak of Shenwu King to the early stage of Shenwu Lord.

Shen Wu Zun is placed in the God Realm, those who are one side overlord, placed in the Heavens and Ten Thousand Realms, it is the existence of the Dao level.

The great master is an unimaginable existence. One thought of the universe's birth and the other's destruction of the universe, one can see how powerful it is.

All the dimensions of time and space are in the mastery of the Dao.

After billions of years of development in Liu Yu’s dream world, a large number of powerhouses have emerged in it, but the number of sage powerhouses is no less than 10,000. Even the existence of the heavenly realm has ten people, which shows how powerful the players are. .

But what makes Liu Yu regret is that during Liu Yu’s retreat for billions of years, a war broke out between players, resulting in the interruption of the link between the dream world and the real world. Among them, tens of billions of people’s consciousness has not come back and become A bunch of vegetative people.

Like Luo Yuanpeng’s Halo Regiment, Wu Chao’s Tiger Regiment, the official Heaven Punishment Regiment, Li Xiaoyao’s Xiaoyao Regiment, Chen Jiujiu’s Lily Regiment, and Yin Hongtao’s Qinglong Team, the five ancient leaders of these five ancient strengths also became one billion years ago. Heavenly powerhouse.

According to Liu Yu's understanding, now that they are not disappointed because they can't enter the dream world, a lot of them feel distressed that they have countless worlds and never return.

However, their existence as the Heavenly Dao level is still very powerful even without the dream world. Now they have reached the center of the real universe and are in conflict with the three **** level civilizations.

The three god-level civilizations in the real world are really powerful. The population is even more than one trillion multiplied by hundreds of trillions. There is no such number in human beings to show how many people there are, anyway. Endless.

The ordinary people of the three god-level civilizations all have the ability to destroy the planet, which shows how powerful their technology is.

Such a powerful individual strength is nothing. As a god-level scientific and technological civilization, creating the world is a piece of cake. Every god-level civilization creates countless worlds, and those countless worlds are their true base camp, which is from the real world. Erase them, they are still intact.

The player's power is a powerful person with the Heavenly Dao level. In the real world, waving your hand at will will destroy the galaxy tens of billions of light-years away, but compared with the real universe, it is a sesame seed. Compared with the earth, the real universe world It's bigger than imagined.

Luo Yuanpeng, Wu Chao, the two great mid-time powerhouses, plus eight great powerhouses, still haven’t penetrated the defenses of the three god-level science and technology civilizations, let alone the three god-level science and technology civilizations at the core of the real world universe. .

It is not that Luo Yuanpeng, Wu Chao and others are weak, but that the three god-level civilizations are too strong.

Only the Chaos God-level technological civilization has five masters, and these masters are all powers of the heavenly path, and there are even more powerful saints behind.

This is only a strong person in cultivation. It is also powerful in technology. It can easily modify the rules of the universe and the data of a huge range of stars. These are all routine operations.

More powerful technology can erase the enemy from the source of time, including the future, the present, the past, and all aspects. With such weapons, in addition to the power of the heavens, the saints are just cannon fodder.

And this is only the power of a civilization of the chaotic science and technology civilization, the three god-level science and technology civilizations combined are not weaker or even stronger than the players in their heyday.

When Liu Yu appeared in the real universe as a great Dao, the great Dao momentum swept the entire universe.

Among the three mysterious dimensions of the three god-level civilizations tens of billions of light years away, the existences that dominated the pinnacle level all looked at the place where Liu Yu was.

The existence of transcending dominance, such a thing has not appeared in their minds for hundreds of billions of years, and every time the existence of transcending dominance appears, it will cause shocks in the entire world, and a large number of era strong will appear.

Era Powerful is a title, and some dominate the realm, even if it is the dominator, it is also the peak dominator, and there are a lot of existences that transcend the dominance.

Era strong people, look at their names to know that they are very high******* Strong people are all civilizations that have survived the last cosmic age, very powerful.

When the universe is also in great collapse, the universe has destroyed all the creatures in it and naturally all die, but the existence of powerful technology and strong individual strength can survive.

As long as there is not much change, the masters of the three god-level technological civilizations will survive, as well as some of the people protected by them.

As soon as Liu Yu thought, he came to the center of the universe, which is the core sphere of influence of the three god-level civilizations.

However, in the face of a powerful man like Liu Yu, the senior leaders of the three god-level civilizations were silent.

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