The changes in the earth made Liu Yu very happy. The strength of the earth also represents the foundation. The human beings on the earth have the power to stand on top of this world.

The disappearing world is vast, with an area of ​​no less than a trillion light-years.

How big is peta billion light-years?

It was at the level of Liu Yu fighting the Golden Horn of Chaos, belonging to the pinnacle of the Heavenly Dao, and only a little short of it could become a powerful Dao.

Such a universe is definitely an eternal universe, an eternal starry universe.

How powerful is such an eternal starry universe, others don’t know Liu Yu yet?

At the moment when Liu Yu, who was powerful in the later stage of the Heavenly Dao, returned to the real universe, he perceives no less than a hundred powerful Heavenly Dao powerhouses.

As for a strong man like a saint, there is simply not too much.

Now the entire player power is still very large, occupying countless universe worlds, possessing powerful players, technology, etc. are very large, although it is still in the recovery period.

However, the flow rate of the world time in each world is different, and the strength of some forces has long been restored.

However, there are still very few powerful saints at this level, and there are no more than three hundred saints in the entire player power.

Of course, there are many super technologies, and the killing machines produced are also very powerful. The strength is not much worse than that of the saints. This is also a bit of heritage.

:Dream Master

Coordinates: dream world

Mall: (Sell all kinds of transmog props)

Race: Human

Task: (Develop Dreamland World)

grade:? ? ?

Skills: manifestation, incarnation, spatial ring, etc.

energy:? ? ?

Weapons: Can be used as weapons

Trading: Tradable mental energy

Directly affiliated forces: urban defense team, deputy captain Xia Dongdong, Huang Shang.

Liu Yu didn't care about the changes in level and energy. These were all external existences. Whether it was the forces of the city defense team or other players, they were completely under their control.

The origin of the world, and the heavens and worlds that communicate the dream world, player forces cannot bypass Liu Yu.

One thought of the collapse of the universe and the thought of the birth of the universe, this is the power of the power in the later stage of the heavenly path.

At Liu Yu's step, there is naturally a lot less pursuit, and now there is only one left, and that is to enter the Dadao level.

Liu Yu believed that after he entered the power of Dao Dao, the entire real universe would be controlled by himself.

This is the real universe, the universe of trillions of light-years, and the eternal starry sky world, which is very exciting.

But it is not so easy for me to break through this state.

After Liu Yu strolled around the earth including billions of light years, he was ready to return to the God Realm.

To break through the **** martial arts, that is, the strength of the Dao, you have to return to the **** realm in the dream world.

The God Realm in the dream world is a very miraculous existence.

Regardless of the law or the strength of the characters, they have been suppressed to a limit by the world.

Ordinary people in the **** realm of the dream world have quasi-sage strength when they grow up. A little practice, proper saint level, this is a very powerful time world, sometimes Liu Yu is still thinking about the end of this **** realm. How it was formed.

In the beginning, Liu Yu's dream world was still a virtual existence, accidentally contacting the powerful gamma rays in the real world, and then those energies were materialized, and then the heavens and worlds appeared.

This is very abnormal. After Liu Yu was strong, he went to check the place where the gamma rays occurred, but he didn't find any clues, and even the source appeared for no reason.

Liu Yu felt that all this was being controlled by an unknown existence.

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