The infinite void--

The void was shaking a little, and there was a feeling of crumbling. ——

I fly, I fly--

Liu Yu furiously flapped his hands up and down in the air to make himself fly higher.

Only when Liu Yu just patted his hands.

I accidentally broke the space I was in, and the heaven and the earth broke apart like a mirror.

In a blink of an eye, Liu Yu traveled through time and space, standing on the top of the building on the bustling street——

Liu Yu, who didn't say a word, had a familiar feeling in his heart, as if he had been here before.

Time and space are upside down again! ——

Liu Yu's brain seemed to be running too fast, and everything seemed blurred.

Sometimes I was clearly at home, but the next second I showed up at school.

Sometimes flying in the mountains, Hou suddenly appeared on the street to flirt the beauties.

It's just that Liu Yu doesn't think this thing is strange at all now, it seems to be a commonplace thing.

In a trance----

Time and space are upside down again!

Liu Yu was desperate on the street. Liu Yu's intelligence seemed to have become a three-year-old child.

But in a blink of an eye, Liu Yu's thinking became an adult's thinking again.

Liu Yu watched the time and space on the street reversed, changing from a city to a mountain, from a mountain to a small town, from a small town to a battlefield, and the battlefield into a metropolis again.

All of this is under Liu Yu's senses, but Liu Yu has never thought about why the scenery in front of him has changed again and again.

It seems all this is normal.

Liu Yu didn't care about the change of sceneries and the inversion of time and space at all.

Isn't it just time and space changes? You can also create a universe with a wave of your hand. With one punch, the entire chaotic world can be broken into pieces. How could Liu Yu care about those changes in time and space?

Liu Yu didn't know how much time and space he had passed, nor how long he had stayed in this world.

Anyway, for a long time, for a long time, it is not an exaggeration to describe the vicissitudes of life.

At this time, Liu Yu appeared again in a place he was familiar with.

Very familiar place,

But I don't know the name of the place, I just know in my heart that I have been here.

That is?


I am a chef.

I have cooked here, and it costs 6,000 yuan a month.

This is where I work. ——

I'm off work already-

Why are you still here?

I lay in bed a long time ago to sleep!

"Suddenly, Liu Yu realized that he was dreaming."

Yes, Liu Yu clearly felt in his heart that he was dreaming.

How surprised and amazing it is to know that I am dreaming.

You can fly by waving your hands, and the space will be shattered when you punch it out. Isn't this a dream, where else can it be?

Liu Yu enjoys this feeling very much, like a fierce beast, his body is full of destructive and destructive factors. It is a feeling of doing whatever he wants, fascinating!

Looking at the tall buildings in the distance, Liu Yu flew out of thin air when he thought about it. There was no auspicious cloud under his feet. When he flew, he was not like before. The flight was slow and difficult. It was just a thought, and he could do it by himself. Flying at will.

Standing on the top of the building, Liu Yu thought, beautiful woman, come here with a beautiful woman, that kind of protruding and curving one would be fine, Liu Yu yelled wildly in her heart.

It just turned out to make people cry, embarrassing, and nothing.

The surrounding environment hasn't changed, it's just that I can move freely in my dreams.

As soon as he stretched his arm, a hole appeared in the sky. Wherever his eyes were swept, the space was turned into fragments. With a light step on the ground, the whole city was as if it had been hit by nuclear weapons, and the tall buildings collapsed.

Cool, cool, this is life!

If you want the sky to be shattered, the sky will be shattered, and if you want the earth to be destroyed, the earth will be destroyed. Just ask who else can be as powerful as yourself?

Hahaha, hahaha!

Uh, Liu Yu suddenly found himself lying on the bed and laughing!

Liu Yu was stunned, his face was dark, and he felt helpless!

At the beginning, Liu Yu was very welcome to dream of this kind of ruining dream. After all, in the world of dreams, his consciousness was very clear. Dreaming of this kind of dream is something you can never find.

It’s just that every time I wake up with a smile in the middle of the night, things like this have been going on for a week. Waking up with a smile is not terrible, what’s terrible is the next thing.

Now Liu Yu doesn't dare to sleep, for fear that he will repeat the things that happened in the past few days every day. That thing is really embarrassing!

It's just that Liu Yu was tortured for several days, and he was really sleepy.

The eyelids closed slowly!

————————————Dream world dividing line

"Hahaha~ it's dangerous, fight with me, almost fooled." Liu Yu smiled happily.

Let me just say, how can I look for the toilet everywhere in my dream if I go to bed again?

Sitting on the bed, Liu Yu felt that his stomach was very uncomfortable, and instantly understood that he was awake, otherwise he would have bedwetting again today!

When Liu Yu turned over, his whole body got up from the bed, and immediately floated to the toilet wearing slippers.

Liu Yu took a deep breath, then slowly closed his eyes, and slowly exhaled.


The sound of running water!

Liu Yu couldn't help but shake his body, feeling that dull and tasteless——


More is the relaxation of the body, just want to squint Qing Qing to have a good night's sleep.

Liu shouted in his heart, I'll go.

I go--

what happened?

Didn't I wake up—?

Look down

The pants are actually wet!

Liu Yu was angry.

Unexpectedly, we still wet the bed!

Liu Yu suddenly woke up with a spirit of excitement.

I feel wet and warm under my body.

Liu Yu gently lifted the quilt, and a stream of heat and air flowed straight towards Liu Yu's facade, the taste was so sour and refreshing—

Hey, what can I do!

The one who was at night would get up and change his pants and commit sins!

Liu Yu shook his tired head and thought: "What the **** is going on with me these past few days? I haven't wetted the bed since I can remember, but I didn't expect me in my early twenties to actually wet the bed."

Damn dream dream!

The sky is above--

"What evil did I do?"

This is a bit weird! ——

Five days ago, after Liu Yu got off work, as usual, he went to the mountain to climb alone. This is not because Liu Yu likes outdoor sports, nor does he like to exercise, but as a member of a singles league, like everyone else, I want to find it when I am alone. Sitting quietly in this place, and then draw a five-leaf god, slowly aftertaste, thinking about the inexplicable life and the future!

As a member of the lower Dongguan army, Liu Yu is naturally located in Shangjiao Village, Dongguan.

Just as Liu Yu was thinking about the future of life, he suddenly saw a person tens of meters away, like a woman, a young lady to be precise, a young lady squatting or sitting in the woods.

There was a fiery feeling in Liu Yu's heart right now. The blood rushed towards the brain like a flood in the Yangtze River.

Liu Yu ghostly touched the place where the woman was.

Long hair, very elegant——

Dresses in the format of a floral dress-

"It should be a beautiful young lady." Liu Yu thought to herself.

At a distance of seven or eight meters, the figure of the young lady disappeared in Liu Yu's surprise and her brain crashed. Liu Yu thought that she had seen it wrong, so she rubbed her eyes and looked at it again, where there were only weeds. No young lady!

Long flowing hair, gone! ——

The floral dress is gone. ——

Liu Yu, who was a little confused in his brain, decided to walk over and take a look.

Five meters

Four meters

Three meters

Liu Yu didn't see any women.

Liu Yu, who was a little irritable in his heart, opened the weeds more than one meter deep in front of him with his hands.

Liu Yu's heart throbbed a few times--

The weeds in front of me had no traces of being stepped on at all, and they were perfectly integrated with nature.

"Do you think it's dazzling?" Liu Yu thought.

There are no women here, what kind of little sisters, everything is the reason of being single, and everything is the little sister, which leads to hallucinations?

Liu Yu, who didn't give up, walked two steps forward and pulled away the weeds.

Liu Yu's legs were so frightened that he thought to himself, it's over!

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