Master Sheng, Ma’am, She Became Popular All Over the World with Her Fortune-telling Skills

[Group favorite + metaphysics + genius doctor + entertainment circle, super burning and super cool! ! 】 Xie Xihe, the boss of the previous life, was reborn. She was reborn as a good-for-nothing young lady who had countless black fans, angered her father, and was about to be kicke.... Read more

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~ closing remarks Chapter 737 Ruan Shaohuai, Secretary of the Four Directions, Xi He? Chapter 736 Fanwai San Chasing Wife Crematorium

Chapter 735 Fanwai 2 wedding, live broadcast worldwide! Chapter 734 go to get married Chapter 733 Finale 3 (end of text) Chapter 732 Finale 2 Chapter 731 finale Chapter 730 What is he trying to do? 2 Chapter 729 What is he trying to do? Chapter 728 wrong again Chapter 727 rushed to

Chapter 726 fight against Chapter 725 punish! Chapter 724 choose

Chapter 723 initial confrontation Chapter 722 Sheng Shijing, my husband Chapter 721 return! Chapter 720 foreknowledge Chapter 719 Long time no see, thank you sir Chapter 718 Smash the field Chapter 717 Xie Xihe makes trouble ~ written request for leave Chapter 716 Skydome press conference (second update)

Chapter 715 Arriving at Sky Island for the first time (1st update) Chapter 714 Preemptive strike! (two more) Chapter 713 Xi'er, talk! (one more) Chapter 712 See Lord Hall Master! (two more) Chapter 711 Recognition (one more) Chapter 710 The past (two more) Chapter 709 like who? (one more) Chapter 708 Let's all fall off the horse together (Second update) Chapter 707 Ridiculous (one more) Chapter 706 The point is, have you ever fought? (two more) Chapter 705 Kanzaki Windsor (one more) Chapter 704 Xie Xihe, a member of the bottom class (second update)

Chapter 703 drop (one more) ~ About Completion and Updates Chapter 702 Encounter (Second update) Chapter 701 I want to keep Xie Xihe (1 more) Chapter 700 success! ! (two more) Chapter 699 Dark Particles (1 more) Chapter 698 Meet, Negotiate (2 more) Chapter 697 Molested (one more) Chapter 696 Be the first to strike first (Second update) Chapter 695 Fox False Tiger Wei Sheng Shi Jing (one more) Chapter 694 The crisis is resolved (second update) Chapter 693 Fight 2 (one more)

Chapter 692 fight (two more) Chapter 691 face to face (one more) Chapter 690 counterattack (two more) Chapter 689 off the horse! God X! (one more) Chapter 688 Xihe made a move! (two more) Chapter 687 contempt (one more) Chapter 686 Get out! (Make up for the second update on Saturday) Chapter 685 Division of labor and cooperation (second update) Chapter 684 Hall Master (1 more) Chapter 683 It's time to lift the vest, shock! (two more) Chapter 682 Fudge (one more) Chapter 681 Guardian Heart (1 more)

Chapter 680 Casual slander (make up the third update of 2.25) Chapter 679 Sheng Shijing made a move (second watch) Chapter 678 We all die together (one more) Chapter 677 Slag abuse (two more) Chapter 676 I am the sky (one more) Chapter 675 Reason (two more) Chapter 674 Qingcheng Fu starts broadcasting (one more) Chapter 673 Black Fox (2 more) Chapter 672 Not for redemption, only for destruction (1 more) Chapter 671 Leading the Snake out of the Cave (Second Watch) Chapter 670 Arrive at the guardian hall (one more) Chapter 669 Thermos cup (replenish yesterday's second update)

Chapter 668 Dark tide surges (one more) Chapter 667 destruction (two more) Chapter 666 She is Future (one more) Chapter 665 Are you Future? ! (two more) Chapter 664 Slapping the fifth mystery (one more) Chapter 663 The person in charge? (two more) Chapter 662 Threats and lures (one more) Chapter 661 Uncle Sheng, you've been a little clingy lately (second update) Chapter 660 Idols also have ranks (1 more) Chapter 659 The helplessness of encountering brain-dead fans (second watch) Chapter 658 I hope you apologize to God X! (one more) Chapter 657 Add me one more! (one more)

Chapter 656 Back to school (2 more) Chapter 655 Sheng Shijing: Angry? (one more) Chapter 654 Take back her things (2 more) Chapter 653 Ending (one more) Chapter 652 Two fathers (two more) Chapter 651 Advance with retreat (one more) Chapter 650 Abusive scum Tantai Qinglan (second watch) Chapter 649 She is the real eldest daughter of the Xie family! (one Chapter 648 Xie Siyun is mad (make up for yesterday's update) Chapter 647 Nobody Can Replace (Second Update) Chapter 646 Fan Jingyun: Are you my daughter? (one more) ~ written request for leave

Chapter 645 Sister-in-law! ! ! (Supplement 2.25 second update) Chapter 644 Impatient to live (second update) Chapter 643 She is Xie Xihe (1st update) Chapter 642 Let you be convinced (2 more) Chapter 641 reunion (one more) Chapter 640 Then kneel down and kowtow to me (second update) Chapter 639 Xie Chujun's plan (one update) Chapter 638 Tantai Qinglan (second watch) Chapter 637 Lively and lively (one more) Chapter 636 Xie Xihe: Try it if you don't believe me (second update) Chapter 635 Ancient God Realm Situation Chapter 634 Revenge from Xie Xihe and Sheng Shijing (second update)

Chapter 633 Foresight (one more) Chapter 632 Xihuang and Jingxuan (Supplement 2.22, third update) Chapter 631 Retaliation from Xie Xihe (second update) Chapter 630 The end, the contract (one more) Chapter 629 The earlier you stand, the easier it is to be slapped in the face (second update) Chapter 628 Xie Xihe: I will prove it to you (1st update) Chapter 627 To show one's will by death Chapter 626 Misleading (one more) Chapter 625 help me? You deserve it too? (Supplement 2.22 second update) Chapter 624 She is finally going to get him... (Second update) Chapter 623 Xie Xihe: No, I don't want to (one update) Chapter 622 Kill three birds with one stone (make up the third update of 2.19)

Chapter 621 Fighting against the situation (two more) Chapter 620 Persecution (1 more) Chapter 619 Uncle vs niece (2.19 second update) Chapter 618 Gu Lei slashed down again! (two more) Chapter 617 Xie Xihe gets angry (1st update) Chapter 616 Confidence, an irresistible force! (Supplement 2.17 Chapter 615 Truth 2, come to your door (make up the third update of 2.13) Chapter 614 The Truth (Supplement 2.13 Second Update) Chapter 613 When I ran into him, Duan Chengxian volunteered (supplement 2.12 third Chapter 612 Wrong Sheng Shijing? (Supplement 2.6 second update) Chapter 611 Marriage, confident Xie Xihe (Supplement 1.31 second Chapter 610 Vent (update 1.31 first update)

Chapter 609 How can the daughter be too strong? (Supplement 1.21 third update Chapter 608 Remember, your daughter, her name is Xie Xihe (make up Chapter 607 The pride of Fanjingyun (Supplement 1.18 third update) Chapter 606 The Bottom of the Abyss (Supplement 1.16, third update) Chapter 605 Duan Lao is here (make up the second update of 1.16) Chapter 604 Mistakenly entered the Sanskrit forbidden area (Supplement 1.9 third change) Chapter 603 The power of the curse (update 1.9 second update) Chapter 602 First Arrival at Taoism (Fix 1.7 3rd update) Chapter 601 Ending (make up the third update on 12.30) Chapter 600 Fan Jingyun (Supplement 12.29 third update) Chapter 599 recognize! Identity exposed! (Supplement to the third update on 12.28) Chapter 598 Xi He made a move, shocking the audience (3rd update on 12.26)

Chapter 597 The Beijing Guard is here! (two more) Chapter 596 Reaping the consequences of self-eating, the chaos of the hidden alliance (one more) Chapter 595 Not one is left behind (Second update) Chapter 594 Who is stupider than whom? (one more) Chapter 593 The first hexagram, the woman in white (second watch) Chapter 592 Shocking gamble! (one more) Chapter 591 Give money to Xie Xihe (second update) Chapter 590 When I meet Xie Xihe, I will have the answer (one update) Chapter 589 Don't provoke Xie Xihe! (two more) Chapter 588 Ready to move (one more) Chapter 587 Xie Xihe: I told you to lie on your stomach, so don't think about it Chapter 586 Being arrogant about Xihe, Mingdy was completely mad with anger (one update)

Chapter 585 Provoke, fight back (two more) Chapter 584 What a miserable man (one more) Chapter 583 It's hopeless, dig a hole and bury yourself (Second update Chapter 582 Another double lick was beaten away by Xie Xihe (one update) Chapter 581 Xihe fell off the horse, shocking the entire Internet! (two more) Chapter 580 Future is back, the trembling of the sky (one more) Chapter 579 Betrayal (2 more) Chapter 578 Xie Xihe: I can do it, I'm on (one update) Chapter 577 Who told you I'm here to speak for you? (two more) Chapter 576 Mutation (one more) Chapter 575 White hair (2 more) Chapter 574 Roommate, find Xie Xihe to save the scene (1st update)

Chapter 573 I ate melon and ate myself (second update) Chapter 572 Oh, this **** fate (one more) Chapter 571 Taihe Zhenren (Second update) Chapter 570 Reborn (one more) Chapter 569 This is a betrothal gift, the father and daughter of the Xie family will end (second update) Chapter 568 Xie Mingzhu is mad (1 more) Chapter 567 The difference between honor and inferiority (two more) Chapter 566 Xie's blog post, hello to my eldest lady! (one more Chapter 565 Grumpy Xihe is online (second update) Chapter 564 Arrogant (one more) Chapter 563 Something's wrong with him (Yesterday 2nd update) Chapter 562 Origin (one more)

Chapter 561 Xie Xihe, what are you doing? (two more) Chapter 560 She is not on the same level as us (one more Chapter 559 There is no problem that cannot be solved, only the problem is not enough Chapter 558 Sheng Ming: You are all bad guys! (one more) Chapter 557 Then deal with it the way it doesn't make sense Chapter 556 Now the problem is, I'm not ready to let it go, Chapter 555 Xie Xihe protects his shortcomings (second update) Chapter 554 End, fight (one more) Chapter 553 Continue to abuse scum! (two more) Chapter 552 Lin Ying played himself to death (1 more) Chapter 551 Poach Chong Li from Xie's Medicine? (two more) Chapter 550 Slapping He Hongying in the face (one more)

Chapter 549 Encounter (2 more) Chapter 548 The whole family must be tidy (one more) Chapter 547 A life-threatening idea? (two more) Chapter 546 Xie Xihe... she is so amazing! (one more) Chapter 545 Xie Xihe: Then I can only follow my way Chapter 544 Secret talk (one more) Chapter 543 Thank you doctor! (two more) Chapter 542 Something went wrong! (one more) Chapter 541 Playing, Lu Qingqing's decision (second update) Chapter 540 Make trouble, kids (one more) Chapter 539 Dog bites dog (2 more) Chapter 538 Misfortune Leading East (Part 1)

Chapter 537 Girl, come on! (two more) Chapter 536 have something to do with me? (one more) Chapter 535 Xie's father and daughter came to the door (second update) Chapter 534 Chance (one more) Chapter 533 Sheng Shijing's embarrassment (second watch) Chapter 532 Intimate scene (one more) Chapter 531 It has been planned for a long time (make up the third update on 12.19) Chapter 530 Director, I can't, I really can't! (Supplement 12 Chapter 529 The first scene (make up the third update on 12.11) Chapter 528 Younger brother Jingdou in the prime of life (second watch) Chapter 527 Slap in the face! Chi Xuan is off! (one more) Chapter 526 public! Shocked the whole network! (two more)

Chapter 525 Fu Yunting vest, she is my ancestor (1 more) Chapter 524 Gather together, face-slap prelude! (two more) Chapter 523 Rumor rebuttal, interview (1 more) Chapter 522 Love exposure! (Second update yesterday) Chapter 521 Sheng Shijing: I want to make it public (one update) Chapter 520 Kicked to the iron plate! Mister TISO Executive Officer! (two Chapter 519 candid (one more) Chapter 518 Sheng Shijing: Is Mrs. Sheng implying something? ( Chapter 517 Xie Xihe: up (first update) Chapter 516 You are Dawn! (two more) Chapter 515 How will you be here? ! (one more) Chapter 514 Xie Xihe: Let's compete together? (two more)

Chapter 513 Xie Xihe: You and your dad look alike (1st update) Chapter 512 National Medical Association (one more) Chapter 511 stone (one more) Chapter 510 Sensation (replenish three updates) Chapter 509 The future base is here! (Supplement two more) Chapter 508 Junior class (one more) Chapter 507 She will definitely come back (second update) Chapter 506 Bless God (1 more) Chapter 505 On the other side of the cloud, the vast galaxy (yesterday's second update) Chapter 504 Sheng Zhichen's Counter-Assassination (Part 1) Chapter 503 Goodbye to those with supernatural powers (3rd watch) Chapter 502 Discuss (two more)

Chapter 501 Entering the Abyss for the First Time (Part 1) Chapter 500 Go to Xie Xihe for a discussion (one update) Chapter 499 Self-knowledge is a good thing, but you don't have it ( Chapter 498 Hot all over the Internet! (One update, 3000 words Chapter 497 The principal of Peking University called, full marks! ! (Yesterday's three Chapter 496 Start checking points (second update) Chapter 495 Advocate (one more) Chapter 494 Check score day (one more) Chapter 493 With rhythm (three shifts) Chapter 492 Shocked the audience! (two more) Chapter 491 How about bullying you? (one more) Chapter 490 Using a panacea to make a deal with Xie Xihe? (three more)

Chapter 489 Molesting (Second more) Chapter 488 Xie Xihe: It's me, I'm here (one update) Chapter 487 Big fight (one more) Chapter 486 Discuss conditions (three more) Chapter 485 Gu Wu Xiao's family, Gu Wu Mu's family (second watch) Chapter 484 Soul Repelling Orb (1st update) Chapter 483 So what if she knew? (two more) Chapter 482 Xie Xihe: I need it? (one more) Chapter 481 vent (three more) Chapter 480 recognize (two more) Chapter 479 Xie Xihe: I don't need it (one update) Chapter 478 First meeting (yesterday's third update)

Chapter 477 Dreamland, missing (2 more) Chapter 476 Wrath (one more) Chapter 475 She is Xie Xihe (3rd watch) Chapter 474 dead end (second update) Chapter 473 College entrance examination day (one more) Chapter 472 The coming day will be long, don’t worry (one more) Chapter 471 Sheng Shijing: I want to wait for you to come back together (second update) Chapter 470 Liang Suqin's end (one more) Chapter 469 It's too late! ! (three more) Chapter 468 Abusing the scum of the Liang family! (two more) Chapter 467 mom? You deserve it too? (one more) Chapter 466 This old woman surnamed Liang is too inhuman! (three

Chapter 465 Use his own way to treat his own body (second update) Chapter 464 He doesn't deserve to understand the big brother's world (1 more) Chapter 463 Competing for favor (three shifts) Chapter 462 When his identity was exposed, Xie Xihe turned out to be the Huo family's child Chapter 461 Xie Xihe: I am a doctor, I only save people, why? Chapter 460 Can't Stop Being a Demon (Second Watch) Chapter 459 Guests come to the door (one more) Chapter 458 Shi Jing protects his wife and abuses the scum! (two more) Chapter 457 Collective apology (one more) Chapter 456 Family banquet (one more) Chapter 455 The Jingwei order came out, and the situation changed! (two more) Chapter 454 What you are looking for is there (one more)

Chapter 453 When the venomous tongue is in full bloom, Jing, the husband sings and the wife follows (2 more) Chapter 452 Ugly food (1 more) Chapter 451 It's all messed up (second update) Chapter 450 Tuan Chong Xihe (1 more) Chapter 449 Sheng Family (Second Watch) Chapter 448 But anything involving Miss Xie is no small matter Chapter 447 The end (two more) Chapter 446 Jiasong is cold (1 more) ~ written request for leave Chapter 445 Xihe makes a move, and praises the scumbags (second watch) Chapter 444 The official blog speaks out! Thorough clarification! (one more) Chapter 443 Xie Xihe and her little boys (second update)

Chapter 442 Self-Eating Bad Fruits (Part 1) Chapter 441 First lawyer! Slap everyone! (two more) Chapter 440 Xie Xihe: If you've beaten them all, don't ask if you dare Chapter 439 confront! block! (two more) Chapter 438 Threats and lures (one more) Chapter 437 Sheng Shaoqiong protects cubs (second watch) Chapter 436 Recommendation letter (one more) Chapter 435 Let Xie Xihe seduce Sheng Shijing? (two more) Chapter 434 Sheng Shijing wants to kill someone (1 more) Chapter 433 Xiaobie wins the newlyweds (second update) Chapter 432 Xie Xihe's character design collapsed again (one update) Chapter 431 Suppression (Yesterday's second update)

Chapter 430 Sheng Shijing: Cooperate with his wife to act (one more) Chapter 429 It was for Sheng Shijing! (two more) Chapter 428 The little wife that the president of SG holds on the cusp of his heart (one more Chapter 427 The Eye of the Sky (Second Watch) Chapter 426 Encountering Xuanmen for the first time (one more) Chapter 425 Little life (second watch) Chapter 424 I don't believe that they can't beat Xie's Medicine! (one more) Chapter 423 Xie Xihe: I just tell fortunes, I can't cure diseases ( Chapter 422 Debunking Mr. Yi 2 (Second update) Chapter 421 Debunking Mr. Yi (1 more) Chapter 420 Return things to their original owners and take Xie Xihe's things? (Second more Chapter 419 Take a bite back (one more)

Chapter 418 In the confrontation, Xie Xihe won the victory (third watch) Chapter 417 First fight (second update) Chapter 416 Flowering on both sides, becoming famous (one more) Chapter 415 Imagine (one more) Chapter 414 Desire and Wild Sheng Shijing (Third Watch) Chapter 413 The beauty of the prosperous age, Xu you Xiguang (second update) Chapter 412 Meet the old friend again (one more) Chapter 411 is her! ! ! (Yesterday's third update) Chapter 410 Open the fortune-telling order mode (second update) Chapter 409 Calculate (one more) Chapter 408 Xie Pipi Xihe (third watch) Chapter 407 You look too anxious! (two more)

Chapter 406 Scared Chi Xuan out of her wits (1 more) Chapter 405 Immortal Yi (third shift) Chapter 404 Chapter 404 Xie Banxian (One More) Chapter 403 Flyover stalls, good or bad fortune telling (one more) Chapter 402 Thank you master for help! (three more) Chapter 401 Sheng Yingdi, your character design has collapsed (second update) Chapter 400 Life experience (one more) Chapter 399 Get together (three shifts) Chapter 398 Sheng Shijing: Madam has the final say (second update) Chapter 397 The Core of the Starry Sky (1st update) Chapter 396 Xuanmen (one more) Chapter 395 Lu Tingqian VS Sheng Shijing (Supplement 1.7 Second Update)

Chapter 394 You have to blame yourself, Fu Yunting (third watch) Chapter 393 Song Yanxi's end (second watch) Chapter 392 Expose Song Yanxi's lies 2, Song Lingxi appears! ( Chapter 391 Expose Song Yanxi's lies and continue to abuse the scum! (one Chapter 390 Xihe makes a move, abuses the scum (third watch) Chapter 389 Why did she show up! ! ! (two more) Chapter 388 To frame Xie Xihe? (one more) Chapter 387 The scandal was exposed, and Song Yanxi collapsed (third shift) Chapter 386 It's better not to be too arrogant as a human being (second update) Chapter 385 Eat your own fruit, the auction begins (one more) Chapter 384 Jealousy (three more) Chapter 383 It's good from the heart (Second update)

Chapter 382 Counting on Xie Xihe? (one more) Chapter 381 Talk to the Stars (Yesterday's third update) Chapter 380 You really should be honored (two more) Chapter 379 Abusive Scum Song Yanxi (1st update) Chapter 378 Invite Xie Xihe to dance? (three more) Chapter 377 Stupid uncle, cheating on his son without hesitation (second watch Chapter 376 The curtain ends, the marriage (one more) Chapter 375 Settle accounts after autumn (make up the third update of 12.1) Chapter 374 Xie Xihe: What should I do if I want to beat someone up? (Supplement 12 Chapter 373 Official Weibo voice, Xie Xihe grabs resources (third update) Chapter 372 You can slap your face remotely even if you are not on the scene! (two more) Chapter 371 found it! On gambling! (one more)

Chapter 370 A Different Fang Xun (Third Watch) Chapter 369 Complain, investigate! (two more) Chapter 368 Full marks! The score is valid! (one more) Chapter 367 Sheng Shijing's Abnormality (Second Watch) Chapter 366 Sheng Shijing's head exploded (one more) Chapter 365 Set gas (second more) Chapter 364 Sheng Shijing likes to be a father? (one more) Chapter 363 Underground space (second update) Chapter 362 Let's meet, Xiaoyingying (one more) Chapter 361 It must be X! (Supplement to the second update of 12.26) Chapter 360 A contest between hackers! (three more) Chapter 359 Confrontation in Silence (2 more)

Chapter 358 Leaving early (one more) Chapter 357 Blessing question bank, the competition begins (one update) Chapter 356 Scumbag, slap in the face! (Second update, 3000 words Chapter 355 Abusive Scum Song Yanxi (1st update, 3000 Chapter 354 Jealousy (three more) Chapter 353 Pull her down from the altar, dream (two more) Chapter 352 Supernatural Organization: Death (1 more) Chapter 351 Embarrassed into anger, Xie Xihe (third watch) Chapter 350 night (two more) Chapter 349 Marriage registration, exchanging vests: Mr. T VS Miss X Chapter 348 Have you figured it out? (three more) Chapter 347 Hiring 1 (Second update)

Chapter 346 Qingqing, I can't wait any longer (one more) Chapter 345 Xie Xihe: I'll go (third watch) Chapter 344 Fu Yunting (second watch) Chapter 343 TFB five-person group (one more) Chapter 342 Blessing College, Goddess Statue (make up for yesterday's third watch Chapter 341 Qingqing, I miss you (second update) Chapter 340 Master Helson (1st update) Chapter 339 position (two more) Chapter 338 Where did this silly white sweet sister come from? (one more) Chapter 337 Blackstone S-Class Auction (Second Update) Chapter 336 Queen Xie Xihe (1st update) Chapter 335 Your goal has been achieved, congratulations (make up the third update on 11.27

Chapter 334 Plastic Sisters (reward for book friend "Haijiao" plus Chapter 333 Meng Ke, the Windsor family (third watch) Chapter 332 Magic stick Xihe is online: Peach Blossom Evil (Second update) Chapter 331 Continue to hit the face, Song Yanxi's face is swollen (1 more) Chapter 330 Anonymous black card, face slap starts (make up 11.27 second update Chapter 329 Back to the participating teams (three more) Chapter 328 Cranky Xihe, abuses people online (second update) Chapter 327 Fang Xun was injured, Xie Xihe was angry (one more) Chapter 326 Teacher Fang, can we talk? (three more) Chapter 325 Climb to Huo's house? (two more) Chapter 324 Lost horse: Xiguang Group's largest shareholder! (one more) Chapter 323 Silent slap in the face is the deadliest (third shift)

Chapter 322 Beat up Odinwen (second update) Chapter 321 Group favorite daughter Song Yanxi (1st update) Chapter 320 Song Yanxi, student of Blessing College (3rd watch) Chapter 319 Depart from country Y (second update) Chapter 318 Ancient God Realm (1st update) Chapter 317 I am willing (three more) Chapter 316 The Nemesis of Evil Qi (Second Watch) Chapter 315 She is the nobleman of the Zhong family (1 more) Chapter 314 Mr. Yi (second update) Chapter 313 Zhong Family Ancestral Tomb (1st update) Chapter 312 Earn money to raise a girlfriend (third shift) Chapter 311 Wei Jingyao's end (second update)

Chapter 310 Abusive Wei Jingyao (1st update) Chapter 309 Sheng Shijing: Get lost (third watch) Chapter 308 Protect your wife, Sheng Shijing will fall off the horse again! (two more) Chapter 307 Recognition 2 (one more) Chapter 306 Recognize each other (update of 11.27) Chapter 305 Confrontation (make up the third update of 11.26) Chapter 304 Guwu Xie's family (three shifts) Chapter 303 Wei Jingyao's revenge (second update) Chapter 302 He set her up so long ago (one more) Chapter 301 Huo Jinyu (third shift) Chapter 300 Shocked the audience! Jade pendant! (two more) Chapter 299 King Kong Barbie Xie Xihe (Part 1)

Chapter 298 Look down on Xie Xihe (3rd watch) Chapter 297 Self-explosive Vest: Lord of the Black Stone, Ten (2 more) Chapter 296 Huo Shi, the heart of memory (1 more) Chapter 295 The Huo family came and shocked the audience! (three more) Chapter 294 Put your face up and beg for a fight (second watch) Chapter 293 Not worthy, Xie Xihe has become a favorite (one more) Chapter 292 Scum! (three more) Chapter 291 Face slapping begins! (two more) Chapter 290 The arrival of Mr. Lin (1st update) Chapter 289 Rejection, unexpected visitor (third shift) Chapter 288 Song Yanxi posted a post, everyone's guess (second update) Chapter 287 Master Xuan (1st update)

Chapter 286 Rebellious son, rebellious son! (three more) Chapter 285 A golden statue (second update) Chapter 284 It was you who teased me first, you have to be responsible (one more) Chapter 283 Assassination, you are an ancient warrior! (one more) Chapter 282 Foxy Xie Xihe (3rd watch) Chapter 281 The capacity for alcohol is not so bad (second update) Chapter 280 This Xie Xihe is really annoying! (one more) Chapter 279 You can lose it, understand? (three more) Chapter 278 Unruly and willful Sheng Yanran (second update) Chapter 277 Hitting Sheng Shijing's idea? (one more) Chapter 276 After driving out of Sheng's house, Xie Mingzhu passed out (third shift) Chapter 275 I depend on them to my death (2 more)

Chapter 274 Shengjia Banquet (1st update) ~ written request for leave Chapter 273 Nothing to show gallantry, either **** or steal (Second more) Chapter 272 The lost little piglet was kidnapped (1 more) Chapter 271 The third brother, sister-in-law or aunt? (three more) Chapter 270 She is God (2 more) Chapter 269 Acupuncture and anesthesia (one more) Chapter 268 Professor Mo arrives (third shift) Chapter 267 Night (second more) Chapter 266 Sheng Zhihuan is cold (1 more) Chapter 265 Brainstorming father and son team, slap in the face! (October monthly pass Chapter 264 Xie Xihe is not as good as Xie Mingzhu in everything? (three more)

Chapter 263 Sheng Sanye's little ancestor (second watch) Chapter 262 Who does she think she is? (one more) Chapter 261 I'll be the chief surgeon (Burst Update 17) Chapter 260 Grandpa Sheng is injured, it's dangerous! (Burst update sixteen) Chapter 259 Medical Skills (Burst Update 15) Chapter 258 Rescue (Explosion 14) Chapter 257 Jiuhe Hospital (Burst update 13) Chapter 256 It's getting cold, the Xu family should go bankrupt (update 12) Chapter 255 Hot search, reversal, Liang Suqin passed out again (explosive Chapter 254 [Thank you] (Burst update ten) Chapter 253 Sheng Shijing is really not easy to provoke (Burst 9) Chapter 252 She suspects that he wants to blackmail her (Burst 8)

Chapter 251 Sheng Shijing, you are mine (Burst 7) Chapter 250 I believe that the country will forgive my unfilial piety (Burst 6 Chapter 249 This is WCE stuff, Huaguo No. 1 Law Firm Chapter 248 Brawl (Burst 4) Chapter 247 The topic suddenly jumped to Xie Xihe (explosive update Chapter 246 Be the first to strike first (Explosion 2) Chapter 245 Why is it so difficult to get in touch with your girlfriend? Chapter 244 Meet the parents? (two more) Chapter 243 Song Yanxi (1st update) Chapter 242 Dress stolen (second update) Chapter 241 Because she is worth it (one more) Chapter 240 Life experience (two more)

Chapter 239 You are a younger sister, you should let your older sister go (one update) Chapter 238 Moved Xie Xihe's things (third watch) Chapter 237 One million one hexagram, no money is not allowed (second update) Chapter 236 Xu Youming's Calculation (Part 1) Chapter 235 Aunt Xie, why are you here? ! ! Chapter 234 Kyoto Guishao (Second watch) Chapter 233 Old Seven and Old Eight (one more) Chapter 232 Be tracked (three more) Chapter 231 win! (two more) Chapter 230 Officer S, have you been possessed by a devil? (one more) Chapter 229 Dawn's Light VS Wenhua High School (3rd watch) Chapter 228 Xiang Weiwei's exit (second update)

Chapter 227 Amazing audience! win! (one more) Chapter 226 Oral English Competition (Yesterday's third update) Chapter 225 The first competition (second update) Chapter 224 An Qing protects the short! live streaming! (one more) Chapter 223 Live broadcast, appearance (third shift) Chapter 222 Overwhelmed (Second watch) Chapter 221 Break the spell and be the first to defeat Dawn Chapter 220 She is his light (3rd watch) Chapter 219 Drive out the morning light! (two more) Chapter 218 Xie Xihe was actually admitted to Chenxi High School! (one Chapter 217 The second little brother (three more) Chapter 216 High school competition, against Chen Xi (second update)

Chapter 215 Miracle Doctor Xie Xihe (1st update) Chapter 214 Patriarch Huo (third shift) Chapter 213 Slag abuse (two more) Chapter 212 Since she wants to find something so much, she will fulfill them (a Chapter 211 Dog bites dog, the show begins (third watch) Chapter 210 Talking nonsense with eyes open (Second watch) Chapter 209 Kneeling in front of Xie Xihe (1st update) Chapter 208 Sheng Shijing's little vest, X (third shift) Chapter 207 Panacea (Second update) Chapter 206 Wake up Luo Ruiyang from being stunned and angry again (one more) Chapter 205 The thief shouted "Stop the thief" and continued to slap the face! (three more) Chapter 204 The panacea hits the face! (two more)

Chapter 203 Face slapping begins! (one more) Chapter 202 The thief shouts, stop the thief (three shifts) Chapter 201 Both sides press conference! Be the first to attack! (two more) Chapter 200 slap (one more) Chapter 199 Are you also here to attend the Luo family's new drug launch event? (three Chapter 198 Crackdown education on the little nephew (two more) Chapter 197 Deal with it, this couple of dogs and men! (one more) Chapter 196 Killer.NO.1 (three shifts) Chapter 195 Xie Xihe: If you move around again, I won't care about you (second update) Chapter 194 How can I compare with Miss Fan? (one more) Chapter 193 Xie Xihe: Trouble the three senior brothers take him down (three Chapter 192 Sheng Shijing: After that, it's instinct (second update)

Chapter 191 Is this a needle or a fight? (one more) Chapter 190 Abusive Fan Jinyun (3rd watch) Chapter 189 Sheng Shijing: Get out! (two more) Chapter 188 Fan Jinyun's Calculation (Part 1) Chapter 187 Sheng Shijing is in a coma (1W appreciation plus more) Chapter 186 Sheng Yunzhou: My uncle is too stupid! (three shifts Chapter 185 Accept the task, Zhu Ming training camp (second update) Chapter 184 Set of sacks (one more) Chapter 183 Slap Dong Qiwen's master and apprentice in the face! Fang Xun raised his eyebrows and elated (three Chapter 182 Ji Danyun vomited blood out of anger (second update) Chapter 181 It's impossible that you have the final say (one more) Chapter 180 Attacking Xie Xihe, prelude to slap in the face (yesterday's third watch

Chapter 179 Finding faults is addictive (second update) Chapter 178 On the day of distributing the elixir, Chu Xuan (one more) Chapter 177 Xie Xi and her are really versatile! (September monthly ticket plus Chapter 176 Sheng Shijing lost contact, the worst artist agent combination ( Chapter 175 Slap in the face continuously! (two more) Chapter 174 Harassing Xie Xihe (1 more) Chapter 173 Invitation (three more) Chapter 172 Mr. Sheng and Miss Xie (second update) Chapter 171 Xie Xihe: Uncle Sheng, you are a bit too much Chapter 170 Zhou Weijun is off (10.24 update) Chapter 169 Save lives, all in one basket (Third watch) Chapter 168 Then they succeeded, she was disgusted (second more

Chapter 167 Sheng Mingli said respectfully: "Third Lord (one more) Chapter 166 S628 project bidding (three more) Chapter 165 What went wrong? (Second update) Chapter 164 She is Miss Zhong's family (one more) Chapter 163 Finding faults (three shifts) Chapter 162 I just want to see Xie Xihe blushing (second update) Chapter 161 Got a perfect score! (one more) Chapter 160 Lanling King Enters the Battle Song (Second Update) Chapter 159 Xie Xihe (1 update) Chapter 158 Repay the person with the way of the person (three more) Chapter 157 Full marks! ! (two more) Chapter 156 Amazing audience! Sheng Shijing: It looks good (one more)

Chapter 155 Ting Qian protects the cub and lights a cigarette for Xiguang's father! (replenish yesterday Chapter 154 Game start! (two more) Chapter 153 Domineering Xihe, online food protection (one more) Chapter 152 Suppression of Bloodlines (Third Watch) Chapter 151 Chopping Peach Blossoms (Second Watch) Chapter 150 Teaming up to pit Zhou Weijun (one more) Chapter 149 Do you jump by yourself or do I throw you down? (three shifts Chapter 148 Recognition (Second update) Chapter 147 The first little brother (one more) Chapter 146 Solve the problem from the source (three changes) Chapter 145 Want to suppress Xie Xihe? I'm afraid I don't think too much (second update) Chapter 144 She is his medicine (one more)

Chapter 143 Sheng Shijing: Am I not being obvious enough? ( Chapter 142 Dream, Xie Xi and coma (3rd watch) Chapter 141 Sheng Shijing is here (second update) Chapter 140 Zhou Weijun quit the show (1 more) Chapter 139 Zhou Wanrou's reputation is ruined (second watch) Chapter 138 Let the slap in the face be more violent! (one more) Chapter 137 Slap in the face severely (three shifts) Chapter 136 Get Xie Xihe out of the game! (two more) Chapter 135 I will never give up on this matter! (one Chapter 134 reverse! Let the Zhou brothers and sisters become a joke (three shifts Chapter 133 Slap the Zhou brothers and sisters in the face! (two more) Chapter 132 Shi Jing protects his wife (1st update)

Chapter 131 Meet Lin Anyang again (third shift) Chapter 130 Ms. Xie is planning to adopt me? (two more) Chapter 129 Gradually thickening fog (1 more) Chapter 128 The full version of Panacea! (three more) Chapter 127 Xie Xihe: Stepping to death (second update) Chapter 126 Let him roll as far as he can (1 more) Chapter 125 Hot search: Xie Xi and cheating (3rd watch) Chapter 124 Junior sister, she is a real boss (second update) Chapter 123 Seek, Buy Simple Panacea Prescription! (one more Chapter 122 Throw Zhou Weijun into the river (3rd watch) Chapter 121 Xie Xihe, have you had enough trouble? (Second update) Chapter 120 Boyfriend and Girlfriend (1 more)

Chapter 119 It's not worse than what Ji Danyun refined! (three Chapter 118 The world outside the world (two more) Chapter 117 So, did I succeed in seducing? (one more) Chapter 116 The Chosen Son, the Supernatural Organization (Supplementary Explosion 14) Chapter 115 Post a photo, and face-slapping is in progress! (three more) Chapter 114 Who is Sheng Shijing's girlfriend? (two more) Chapter 113 The president of SG travels with beauty, but the woman is... (one) Chapter 112 her child (three more) Chapter 111 Go to Sheng's house (second watch) Chapter 110 Xi Huang (one more) Chapter 109 She may finally not have to die (third shift) Chapter 108 Father and daughter soldiers in battle, short guard duo (second update)

Chapter 107 Nine turns and three clear needles, liquidation! (one more) Chapter 106 Thank you, old man, for coming (three shifts) Chapter 105 If you don't talk about it, you're done. If you talk about it, you will be angry to death (2 Chapter 104 The Luo family father and son (1 more) Chapter 103 Arriving at Zhong's house for the first time (Addition 13) Chapter 102 Zhong's house visits (midnight) Chapter 101 Sheng Shaoqiong (second watch) Chapter 100 If you find a girlfriend, you will be cured automatically (one update) Chapter 99 Make yourself a multi-scenario concubine (Burst 12) Chapter 98 She was born with supreme glory (Burst 11) Chapter 97 That's her! ! (Burst update 10) Chapter 96 Kicking a scumbag, Xie Xihe protects his weaknesses (update 9)

Chapter 95 Hazy (Burst 8) Chapter 94 At the end, Xie Xihe's little vest fell off (update 7) Chapter 93 Everyone betrayed their relatives, Xue Wanyu ended! (Burst update 6) Chapter 92 The Xue family was scared to death (Burst 5) Chapter 91 Smashed the face directly (Burst update 4) Chapter 90 Take turns to play, let the slap in the face be more violent! ( Chapter 89 He put his face in front of Xie Xihe and begged for a beating (Burst 2) Chapter 88 She is not my daughter! ! (Available for first order! Explosion Chapter 87 I just want to be a little salty fish who is content with the status quo Chapter 86 They paid wrong after all Chapter 85 The contest between hackers, Xihe crushed Chapter 84 Vest in previous life——Dan Shen

Chapter 83 Xie Xihe: This is what is called misbehavior, understand? Chapter 82 Enrollment means graduation! Slap Dong Qiwen in the face! Chapter 81 Swearing is dirty, poisonous tongue Xihe Chapter 80 Do you still expect her to be born with a spirit? Chapter 79 I knew Xiaoxi that you were the most kind and considerate Chapter 78 Dad Xi, I was really wrong Chapter 77 Xie Xihe, who is so angry that people don't pay for his life Chapter 76 Xie Xihe's position Chapter 75 teasing and counter teasing Chapter 74 Sheng Shijing protects short Chapter 73 talk about marriage Chapter 72 Zhou Weijun's changes

Chapter 71 Xie Xihe: Can you please get out of here? Chapter 70 Ruan Shaohuai, Cooperation Proposal Chapter 69 Which one is better at hacking technology depends on Xihe in the end Chapter 68 The way of heaven is reincarnation, who will the heaven spare Chapter 67 Termination of Brokerage Agreement Chapter 66 Brainless Qiao Yazhen Chapter 65 Xie Xihe vs Xiangsi Chapter 64 broker candidate Chapter 63 Sheng Shijing: You should change your agent Chapter 62 Xue Zang Xie Xihe Chapter 61 Beijing Guard, reached an agreement Chapter 60 Sheng Huanan VS Xie Bowen

Chapter 59 Evil Qi (Yunqi 3000 recommended tickets plus update) Chapter 58 Xie Xihe: I took off my clothes Chapter 57 When Mr. Sheng arrived, his eyes lit up Chapter 56 reverse! On the hot search again! Chapter 55 Abusing Lin Anyang, the revenge of the Xie family Chapter 54 Mr. Xie's abnormality, Xie Xihe was puzzled Chapter 53 Xie Xihe was admitted by the Light of the Morning Sun! Chapter 52 Xie Mingzhu accidentally slipped her mouth Chapter 51 Does he really want to be her father? Chapter 50 No one wants to be Xie Xihe's first mentor Chapter 49 The girl who gave Fang Xun lemon tea Chapter 48 Explode the test stone, Xie Xihe's sky-defying ability!

Chapter 47 Morning Light Academy Chapter 46 Slap Lin Anyang in the face! Chapter 45 I'm here to go through the withdrawal procedures, understand? Chapter 44 Xie Mingzhu's calculation Chapter 43 Using Xie Xihe's seat as a personal storage space? Chapter 42 Three hot searches, Xie Xihe's counterattack Chapter 41 Thank you for your concern Chapter 40 Pleading, on the hot search Chapter 39 Save me, Miss Yun Chapter 38 Sheng Yunzhou is in distress, save people Chapter 37 cause and effect Chapter 36 Thanks to the people of the family, belong to me

Chapter 35 Do you believe me when I say we are relatives? Chapter 34 Black-faced Chapter 33 first old friend Chapter 32 The poisonous tongue Xie Xihe is online again Chapter 31 It's for Xie Xihe Chapter 30 dinner show Chapter 29 Don't ask, it's you Chapter 28 Xie Xihe: Get lost Chapter 27 Xie Xihe was taken care of? Chapter 26 Queen Xie Xihe Chapter 25 Ask Aunt Xie for advice Chapter 24 broker

Chapter 23 rebirth truth Chapter 22 X! It's X! He is back! Chapter 21 Meaning, she likes good looking Chapter 20 The doctor said respectfully: Miss Xie, what do you mean? ( Chapter 19 Vegetarian Vegetarian VIP Card VS Chongyuan Pavilion Black Gold Card Chapter 18 Mr. Xie was furious, Xie Xihe shot Chapter 17 Sheng Zhihuan's Calculation Chapter 16 Xie Xihe: Pretty? Chapter 15 Tacit understanding, slap Sheng Zhihuan in the face Chapter 14 Kneel down, I'm waiting Chapter 13 Sheng Shijing: Trash Chapter 12 Sheng Shijing shot

Chapter 11 As an older brother, you need to take care of him more Chapter 10 Well, as long as the third master is happy Chapter 9 Slap Xue Wanyu in the face! Chapter 8 Killing people and punishing their hearts, Xie Xihe with a poisonous tongue Chapter 7 Thank you old man for waking up, backing up Chapter 6 Add black material Chapter 5 Uncle, you have changed Chapter 4 The old lady is pretty cool Chapter 3 Tuition fee, add a WeChat Chapter 2 Aunt Xie's VS Uncle Sheng's Chapter 1 Rebirth, return! (Opening a new book, please collect it, please

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