Chapter 734 Fanwai went to get married

   It has been more than a year since the original disaster of annihilation. Not to mention the earth that was guarded at the back, even the ancient gods have regained their vitality.

   What is gone is gone after all, and the scars cannot heal, but life never stops because of it.

In the last battle more than a year ago, Sheng Shijing and Xie Xihe thought of the duel with Sheng Zhichen at the last moment, and merged the power of Tiansha and fate in their bodies to create a A stronger and older force - the power of chaos.

   Finally wiped out the endless dark particles.

  But both Sheng Shijing and Xie Xihe are very clear that everything is temporary.

  No one knows how those dark particles appeared, but they know that as long as there is enough time, they will make a comeback and provoke the world with a very aggressive attitude.

  But that was in the past, from now on, as long as Xihuang and Tiansha are together, they will never be given a chance to break into the earth.

  Although the final battle ended with Xie Xihe and Sheng Shijing victorious, they also paid a considerable price.

  Not to mention the heavy casualties in the Ancient God Realm, Sheng Ming even saved Sheng Shijing at the cost of his life.

   Although Sheng Shijing's physical injuries were healed, his spiritual injuries were still serious.

   Finally, Xie Xihe took out the soul-suppressing pearl that Sheng Shijing had put in his body, and then temporarily stabilized his spirit.

   Afterwards, he entered the Hunyuan Land to cultivate. For more than a year, he has been staying in it except for occasions where he must appear.

  Fortunately, Emperor Hao is dead, and the elemental gods such as Luo Er and Minie, who helped him in the past, have also been punished as they should be. The only thing the Ancient God Realm needs now is time, and everything is developing in a good direction.

  Xie Xihe...Xie Xihe is still very busy.

   While trying her best to revive Sheng Ming as soon as possible, she took over the last two dark spar in Fu Yunting's hand and started a new round of research.

   Now that all her memories have recovered, she naturally remembered the origin of these five crystals.

  As Fu Yunting guessed, when she was still Emperor Xi, she had already counted the disaster that would destroy the world, and found that meager chance of survival.

So she opened a secret passage between the earth and the future, and with the help of Hypnos, she allowed her reincarnated soul to enter the future world, and finally brought out two starry sky cores and five dark spar .

Normally, the dark spar will be developed more than three thousand years later. By then, the dark particles will no longer be a crisis that threatens the survival of human beings, but will make human beings stronger and even explore more distant lands. Cosmic opportunity.

  But Xie Xihe obviously didn't want to wait until that time.

  Therefore, a project led by Xie Xihe, which mainly guards the palace and the future base, and is supplemented by major research and development institutions and universities, once again debuted.

  The news spread, and even some big forces applied to join, and they were willing to provide human, financial and material resources for the project.

   After all, everyone saw the scene more than a year ago with their own eyes. Although there were not many dark particles that crossed the Ancient God Realm and entered the earth, the few hundred or so particles had already caused considerable damage to the earth.

  There are still guardian halls, future bases, and the three giants of the ancient martial arts standing in front of the earth. If they weren't in the way... people can't even imagine what the world will look like on that day! !

  So when they heard that the black crystal project was born for dark particles, people immediately joined it enthusiastically, and the major forces are even more rarely active.

  Under the concerted effort, the progress of the project was so fast that even Xie Xihe was surprised.

   March 21, 2024.

  Black Crystal's research and development has entered a critical stage. Xie Xihe was locked in the laboratory for more than two full months before he was released to let the wind go.

  She stretched her sore body and walked out while thinking about the problem. When she looked up, she found that today's experimental base was extraordinarily quiet.

  The aisle where people usually come and go is empty, and even the sound seems to have disappeared, and the only quiet sound can be heard is her own breathing.

  Xie Xihe paused, and frowned slightly.

   Just when she was about to ask someone to ask, she heard a chuckle from the front side. She subconsciously looked sideways, but this time she was stunned.

  At this moment, when the winter and spring are handing over, it is the time when the plum blossoms in Kyoto are at their peak.

   At this time, a man was leaning under a plum tree not far from the experimental base.

  He was dressed in a simple white shirt and black trousers, with one hand casually inserted in the trouser pocket. It was obviously a simple dress and movement, but it gave people a thrilling beauty when placed on him.

  Especially against the background of the red plum tree, he is like a **** who accidentally fell into the mortal world, pure and unparalleled in the world.

  The man looked at him with a smile, his black eyes were as deep as the sea, as if he wanted to absorb her soul into it.

  Xie Xihe was startled.

  In a daze, the man had already stepped up and walked towards her, his fingers like jade chopsticks rested lightly on her forehead, and a smile overflowed from his throat: "You look stupid?"

  Xie Xihe's cheeks turned red, and he couldn't help but glared at him angrily: "You did it on purpose."

  Sheng Shijing smiled lowly: "It's been a year since my husband left. Isn't it because I was worried that the coquettish **** outside would seduce my wife, so I had to please my wife with sex, so as to stabilize my position as the wife."

  Xie Xihe: "..."

   I haven't seen you for half a year, why are you still glib.

  Xie Xihe gave him a sideways look, and then looked at him carefully: "Is the injury healed?"

  Sheng Shijing nodded: "Almost."

  Xie Xihe frowned: "Why didn't you come out after everything is finished?"

  Sheng Shijing: "My little life is awake."

  Xie Xihe's eyes lit up immediately: "Are you awake? What about the others, why didn't they come with you?"

  Sheng Shijing glanced at her resentfully: "I thought you were still concerned about my injury just now?"

  Xie Xihe: "...There are priorities."

  Sheng Shijing: "So I'm that light?"

  Xie Xihe: "..."

  She suspected he was being vexatious, but she had no proof.

  Sheng Shijing looked at her daughter-in-law's darkened face twice, and finally remembered that enough was enough, and raised her hand to hold her hand: "Let's go."

  Xie Xihe: "Where are you going?"

  Sheng Shijing looked at him sideways, her dark eyes seemed to be full of starlight, and she looked deeply at her: "Rectify your name."

  Xie Xihe: "???"

Sheng Shijing looked at her confused eyes, thought for a while, and suddenly hugged the girl horizontally with all her strength, and walked out at a faster speed, while gritting her teeth, she said, "Xie Xie, did you forget something? "

  Xie Xihe thought about it seriously, recalled what he said just now, and then looked at the tense jaw in front of him, and finally realized it belatedly, and said uncertainly: "You mean...marriage?"

  Sheng Shijing bowed her head and smiled softly: "Congratulations, you got the answer right, and I will reward you with a beautiful husband."

  (end of this chapter)

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