Chapter 1 Rebirth, return! (Opening a new book, please collect, please pay attention)

   A loud "bang" echoed in his mind, stimulated by the intense pain from the back of his head, Xie Xihe suddenly opened his eyes.

  The next moment, countless miscellaneous memories flooded into my mind, causing my head, which was already suffering from dull pain, to twitch violently a few times again.

  Xie Xihe frowned, raised his hands to support his head.

  It was just a subconscious behavior, but it made the face of the man standing on the steps not far away even darker.

Xie Tingyuan snorted heavily, and said angrily: "Dad has been hospitalized with a cerebral hemorrhage because of your anger, and he is still lying in the operating room. The hospital has issued a critical illness notice three times. If you don't want to repent, you are still here. Pretend to die!"

"The dignified daughter of the Xie family has never learned or learned since she was a child, and she doesn't seek to make progress. Now she is still acting like those actors and becoming a trainee in the entertainment industry. She has made a lot of scandals and made her own father angry. Hospital, Xie Xihe, the reputation that our Xie family has accumulated over hundreds of years has been completely ruined by you alone!"

   "The Xie family doesn't have such an embarrassing young lady like you!"

  After saying that, Xie Tingyuan shook his hand violently, smashing all the thick stack of documents on Xie Xihe's face.

  Countless snow-white papers flashed across his sight, accompanied by a tingling sensation on his face, finally awakening Xie Xihe's consciousness filled with memories.

  She slowly raised her eyes.

  The girl's face was slightly pale, with tiny bloodstains that had just been scratched by paper, but because of the overly delicate facial features, her beauty was not diminished, and she was even more tender and tender.

  A pair of twinkling peach blossom eyes, the pupils are extremely clean and translucent glass color, when the gaze turns, it seems to be able to look directly into the bottom of people's heart.

  Xie Tingyuan paused, feeling inexplicably weak.

  But realized something was wrong in the next moment, and immediately looked at it again, frowning and said: "You..."

  Xie Xihe has already withdrawn his gaze.

  She was looking at the materials scattered around her—to be precise, her "black materials".

  At this moment, Xie Xihe has roughly cleared his mind.

   She was born again.

  Eighteen years later, she was reborn in a girl with the same name and surname as her, but compared to her smooth sailing, this girl named "Xie Xihe" was much more bumpy than her.

As the old daughter of the head of the Xie family of the Xinglin family, she was supposed to be a daughter of thousands of people, but this Miss Xie was not only taciturn and unlovable since she was a child, she was also slow to respond, and she was slow to learn everything. After two beats, they were ridiculed and despised from all sides.

  Because there is a niece in the family who is half a year younger than her, but knows everything about piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. Even her mother, Mrs. Xie, doesn't like her.

   As for her eldest brother and sister-in-law, let alone.

   That is to say, Mr. Xie favored her and took good care of her since she was a child, so that no one would bully her too badly.

   But that was only on the surface. Miss Xie has suffered a lot of grievances where Mr. Xie can't take care of her.

   And just half a year ago, Xie Xihe didn't know what kind of cramp, suddenly signed a contract with a brokerage company in the imperial capital without telling his family, and entered the entertainment industry as a trainee.

  After the incident was revealed, even Mr. Xie, who had always loved Xie Xihe very much, became very angry and strongly asked her to quit the show.

   But Xie Xihe insisted on going his own way, Mr. Xie got angry twice and persuaded him three times and found that he couldn't be persuaded, so he let her go.

   Everything was fine at first, but just this morning, a summary of Xie Xihe's scandals in the entertainment industry for the past six months suddenly appeared on the coffee table in Xie's living room, and it happened to be seen by Mr. Xie.

   Things exploded in an instant.

  Mr. Xie is old, and his health is not particularly good. After being stimulated like this, his blood pressure immediately went up, and finally he fell to the ground.

  So there is the present scene.

  Xie Xihe heard the news and rushed to visit his father, but her elder brother Xie Tingyuan blocked the hospital entrance, and accidentally stepped on the empty stairs and fell to the ground.

   And then she came...

  Although I don't know why such a bizarre thing happened, and I don't know whether the previous Miss Xie died or died somewhere, but now that she has taken over this body, she can't tolerate being bullied.

  A few dark colors flashed between the drooping eyebrows and eyes, Xie Xihe stretched out his hand, picked up the documents scattered around him one by one, and lightly stacked them on the ground, making a muffled "clang".

  The sound was not too loud, but it made Xie Tingyuan's heart beat hard.

   Finally came to his senses.

   But the feeling of weirdness in my heart became even stronger.

   His brows were frowned even tighter: "Xie Xihe, if you still have a conscience, get out of here immediately, and don't show up again until the old man's illness is cured!"

  Xie Xihe had already stood up with the support on the ground. Hearing this, he looked up and chuckled softly: "Brother, I'm a little slow to react, but I'm not stupid."

  Xie Tingyuan's expression froze: "What do you mean?"

  Xie Xihe casually flipped through the documents in his hand, and said unhurriedly: "From the time I signed a contract with Jiasong Media in September last year, until yesterday, six months and eight days, not a single day was missed."

Turning to the middle page, Xie Xihe paused, and a smile spread from the corner of his lips: "There are even small things that only the insider knows about, such as the fact that I knocked over the red wine at a party and was laughed at, and it's sorted out in detail. "

"So," Xie Xihe closed the file, the smile on her face disappeared in an instant, leaving only a persuasive coldness, she stared at Xie Tingyuan closely, and said, "Can I trouble Brother to explain, where are these files from?" Yes, how did it show up at home?"

Xie Tingyuan's brows twitched fiercely, and when he noticed the sudden strange eyes of the people around him, he felt a little uneasy, and immediately said: "You said that this is a small matter that only the inside knows, except yourself, who else can know so much?" clear!"

   Xie Xihe responded, and said casually: "Collect your black materials, organize them into a book, and put them in the most conspicuous place at home. Well, I'm quite curious. What am I drawing?"

  What is the picture?

  How does he know what to draw? !

  Xie Xihe has been bored since he was a child. He belongs to the type who can't hold back a few words all day. Even if he is wronged or wronged, he just looks at people indifferently, turns around and leaves.

  Don't talk about fighting back, you don't even know how to explain.

  Xie Tingyuan couldn't figure it out, why did this girl suddenly become enlightened, one sentence after another, one after another, with a clear mind, he even wondered if the person in front of him had been swapped!

   But obviously impossible.

   Seeing that the onlookers who had been pointing at Xie Xihe had turned their horses around and started talking about him, Xie Tingyuan's face turned red and white.

  Just as he was about to make amends, Xie Xihe had already turned around, walked outside, and said, "Dad is still in the operating room, I don't have time to argue with you about right and wrong."

   "Two hours, tell the doctor that you can use any method to save my dad's life before I come back."

As she spoke, she paused and turned her head slightly to look at Xie Tingyuan: "By the way, there is one thing that my elder brother may not know. Dad has already made a will and left half of the assets under his name to me. If he is born what's up..."

  Xie Xihe chuckled and didn't continue talking.

  Xie Tingyuan's face was ashen.

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