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Master Sheng, Ma’am, She Became Popular All Over the World with Her Fortune-telling Skills

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[Group favorite + metaphysics + genius doctor + entertainment circle, super burning and super cool! ! 】

Xie Xihe, the boss of the previous life, was reborn.

She was reborn as a good-for-nothing young lady who had countless black fans, angered her father, and was about to be kicked out of the family.

Xie Xihe couldn’t help but click his tongue: What a tragedy.

Then everyone discovered that the ignorant Aunt Xie’s painting style suddenly went wrong.

With superb medical skills, the panacea made by hand is popular all over the world!

Knowing people and fate, fortune-telling fortune-telling, fortune-telling mystical skills against the sky, stirring up countless troubles!

Even Dawn Academy, the sacred place of study that everyone dreams of, is robbing people at any cost!

There are also younger brothers from the previous life who came to the door one after another, and opened the brainless cub protection mode.

Medical tycoon: “If you dare to call me the boss, ask about the knife in my hand first!”

Master hacker: “Swear at the whole family.”

The chaebol tycoon: “Nurture? Hidden rules? Hehe, I’m afraid I don’t know that the property under my name is owned by my boss.”

The person in charge of the mysterious organization: “Whatever, get out!”

As the identity of the boss Xi was exposed one after another, the cheerful scumbags were completely dumbfounded, crying and letting go.

But he was kicked out by the man who appeared suddenly: “Begging for mercy? It’s too late.”

The younger brothers who are gearing up to show their presence in front of their boss:! ! !

The man pulled his girl into his arms with a backhand, with a stern look on his face: What do you think?

The little brothers trembled: … dare not.

[Super A, super sassy, ​​queen-style heroine VS the former tyrant, the queen milk dog, the invincible male protagonist]


One-sentence introduction: The big boss of the past has returned strongly, turned against the wind, and led a group of younger brothers to climb to the top again! !

Recommend ending the old article “The Almighty Daughter Becomes the Group’s Favorite Little Jiaojiao”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:MSMSBP
Alternate Title:盛爷,夫人她靠算命火爆了全球
Author:Yan Mo Xiaoxiao
Weekly Rank:#3014
Monthly Rank:#2118
All Time Rank:#2889
Tags:Female Protagonist,
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  1. Wow... I hate the protagonist & ML. She already got a lot of evidences but still letting her enemies go with that shitty holier-than-thou attitude.

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