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Reynolds slept with “Engineering Thermodynamics”, but finally crossed into a dangerous alien world. This book turned into the “Book of Thermodynamics” with the power of laws, giving him the magical ability to control heat.

The laws in the book have evolved into a series of magical skills, among which the [Third Law of Thermodynamics], under the deduction of the laws, has actually become the most powerful force that can control [Absolute Zero]!

As a result, Renault embarked on a road to dominate the fire and ice.

In addition to killing the black orcs, there are many ways to play with heat. Air conditioning in summer and heating in winter are the basic operations. Using eyes to grill skewers is just a matter of leisure. It is not impossible to make steel with bare hands and build with bare hands.

Faced with the army of black orcs sweeping the mainland, Renault said that labor and capital started with both hands, and the equipment was all dependent on the equipment. Waiting for me to release the space carrier and blow up your whole family!

However, he was forced to embark on a great escape in order to save his life before being able to be lawless.

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Short Title:MOT
Alternate Title:热力学主宰
Author:Yinma Liuquan
Weekly Rank:#4196
Monthly Rank:#4274
All Time Rank:#2618
Tags:Abusive Characters, Antihero Protagonist, Assassins, Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Clever Protagonist, Cooking, Cruel Characters, Cunning Protagonist, Demons, Depictions of Cruelty, Determined Protagonist, Evil Protagonist, Fantasy World, Firearms, Gore, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Industrialization, Inscriptions, Kingdom Building, Kingdoms, Knights, Late Romance, Management, Mercenaries, Merchants, Monsters, Orcs, Politics, Reincarnated in Another World, Schemes And Conspiracies, Sex Slaves, Wars, Weak to Strong, Wizards,
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  1. One chapter starts with : A rough-looking man suddenly walked out of the crowd, shouting loudly: "Burn the black bastard!" WOOOOooooOOw.. OoO??

  2. You got me on chapter 6, humanoid AC! Look here, im a humanoid AC and chicks want to get close to me. They get horny with AC guy. Fccking retarded! Ama drop this early coz its clear there would be more stupidity like this.

  3. author repeatly make "clif hanger" then change topic or scene, then continue clif hanger, it would be nice if one or two time, but if repeat again n again.. what he get is boring reader.. turn off mood.. dont think about climax, becus my d*ck dont even "stand"...

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