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Master of the Last Days (Almighty Great Master of End of the World)

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Novel Summary

This novel is also known as Almighty Great Master of End of the World

The dark age is approaching, cracks in unknown planes suddenly appear on the earth, monsters invade, beasts mutate, and human beings have become the hegemonic status of the food chain.

Hundred years later, humans have evolved into the three strongest professions: the Powerful, the Ancient Warrior, and the Gunner.

Qin Yue, an orphan in the dark age, was persecuted just as soon as he awakened the top power.

Then he was born again …

- Description from Uukanshu


Short Title:MLD
Alternate Title:末世之全能大师 / Almighty Great Master of End of the World
Author:Qin Xiaoci
Weekly Rank:#527
Monthly Rank:#480
All Time Rank:#221
Tags:Academy, Accelerated Growth, Apocalypse, Arrogant Characters, Battle Academy, Battle Competition, Beast Companions, Beasts, Beautiful Female Lead, Calm Protagonist, Celebrities, Cheats, Child Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Demon Lord, Demons, Devoted Love Interests, Earth Invasion, Eidetic Memory, Evil Organizations, Fast Cultivation, Fox Spirits, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Hidden Abilities, Hiding True Abilities, Human-Nonhuman Relationship, Insects, Leadership, Level System, Low-key Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Monsters, Pets, Rebirth, Romantic Subplot, Ruthless Protagonist, Schemes And Conspiracies, Scientists, Second Chance, Slow Romance, Unique Cultivation Technique, Wars,
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5 Comments on “Master of the Last Days
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  1. The author got bored in the end and there is this chapter numbered 1043 also titled “book end”. It was from that chapter onwards the story got confused and took away the interest. The first thing that was the problem was that in 1042 he switched his cultivation method and his Internal strength was absorbed to change is body on a cellular level. However he still had his Dantian and Internal Strength in chapter 1043 for some inexplicable reason.

  2. Regresa al pasado al comienzo de su crecimiento pero sigue con Actitud muy amigable, ayuda todos y falta de previsión futura tiene una mentalidad de sostener el mundo o todo lo malo que le pase ala ciudad es su responsabilidad hace desesperad amente todo por apoyarla pero el mismo no mejora su poder que es la forma mas facil junto con su memoria futura, pero prefiriere irse arreglar todo el solo en lugar de probar otras formas

  3. I DOnt Wanna Sound Like A hater But As Soon as I STarted Reading Litterally The Names Of ThE maincharecter kept chaging frist qin wei then Qi Qin Then Qi Hei Like Make up Up Your Mind Like It Keeps Tripping Me Out Cuz I just Pass it off as them adding Knew Charecters Like Every Chapter But Thats acuttaly how they are adressing the main charecter

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