The collapse behind is still going on. The entire swamp seems to have been affected, and bubbles began to appear in the ground. Toxic gas is also covering this area.


Some areas have begun to ignite a greenish phosphorus fire.

They are more fearful and speed up to escape.


After half an hour, Zhang Xiaofan and others finally escaped the terrible swamp. He controlled the demon vines and put Lin Jie and others all on the ground.

Exploring the pulse of the explorer is still beating.

The explanation is not dead.

It seems that it should be too long for the demon to tighten, which leads to severe coma.

The strength of the old man is not weak, it seems to be the first of the farmer's school. I don't know how to deal with the demon vine. This makes Zhang Xiaofan somewhat contemptuous of the old man.

Even the farmer is not very optimistic.

"Well, you bring your teacher back to the city!" Zhang Xiaofan left a word indifferently, riding the source wolf, and quickly rushed to the direction of the city.

Newly got the demon vine, you must find a way to plant it into the flower pot, and then store it in the sketch.

However, Zhang Xiaofan has never tried it, so he has no bottom.

After staying away from Lin Jie and others, Zhang Xiaofan stopped. With a heartbeat, the demon vines are drilled from the ground.

It is very large in size.

It is more than 20 meters long and is as thick as a bucket. It looks like a giant python.

So big, how to plant it into the flower pot?

"Can you narrow it down?" Zhang Xiaofan said, frowning at the demon vine.

A magical scene appeared.

The demon vine actually began to shrink, eventually becoming only one foot long and the fingers were so thick.

Zhang Xiaofan dug it out of the ground.

I didn't expect it to have a lot of roots, and like a snake, it could be twisted. It can be easily plunged into the soil. No wonder this variant of the vine can be free to move around.

Take a flower pot and plant it inside.

Then try to collect in the hundred sketches.


It has disappeared.

On the top of the hundred sketches, there is a pattern of variation of vines.

"Haha, that's great! You can finally take it with you everywhere. If necessary, it is definitely a big killer." Zhang Xiaofan succeeded in making it into a hundred sketches, and he couldn't help laughing.

The variation of the vine is currently a first-order demon tree. Compared with the mutated old plum tree that Zhang Xiaofan has destroyed, who knows who is more powerful?

"come out!"

Zhang Xiaofan took it out again and held it in his hand and observed it carefully.

It is now 999 years old. I don't know how to add it to a year. Will it also be promoted to a second-order demon tree like a grass?

Think of it, Zhang Xiaofan tries to click the plus sign after the year.

Successfully added to the 1000 year.

Full of joy, waiting for it to evolve and advance, the result of a glimpse of time, its year actually fell into 999 years. These things have never been seen before.

Zhang Xiaofan did not believe in evil, but added a year to it.

The result is still the same.

As long as it takes a minute or two, it will drop to the 999 year again.

How can I help it advance?

It is still only a first-order demon tree, and it can kill ten-star source warriors, and the combat power is terrible. However, it took the old man to a coma, and it was a bit tricky.

Not caused by a frontal battle.

At that time, the old man must have been trapped in the swamp, unable to move and dodge, which is the way to it.

Under normal circumstances, the ten-star source should have the ability to kill the first-order tree demon.

"It seems that just adding a year to it should not help the tree demon to advance." Zhang Xiaofan passed the test and reached a conclusion.

Adding it to the year, the wood source power consumed is basically equivalent to the consumption of the first-order grass.

From this it can be inferred that the first-order tree demon should belong to the same level as the first-order spirit grass.

It's just that the roles of the two are very different.

The tree demon has evolved a certain ingenuity in advance and has a strong attack power. First-order grass, only has medicinal value. For example, to improve the repair, detoxification and so on.

"I don't know if Xianzhu can help it advance?" Zhang Xiaofan racked his brains and wanted to promote it to the second-order tree demon.

Immediately take out a pot of parsley and plant it directly into it.

For Zhang Xiaofan, Xiantuo is not a precious treasure. He can extract new fairy soil at any time.

The variation of vines seems to recognize the benefits of the earth. Just dug it out, it actually jumped into the pot with the earth. Then all the roots must be drilled down.

I don’t need Zhang Xiaofan to plant it in.

It grows itself.


I saw it began to absorb the scent and energy in the earth.

A circle of green light appears on the surface of its plants. It keeps swinging around the body.

After a while, it has maintained this state.

Zhang Xiaofan decided to put it into the hundred sketches first and let it evolve on its own.

As long as it can evolve into a second-order tree demon, even if you give it two pots of earth, it is not a problem.

It’s been a long time to come back to the city.

I have to inform the local government of the fact that there is a white lotus nest here.

As for those who are white lotus and the messenger, whether they are dead or alive, naturally there is a bureaucratic official to trace.

According to common sense, Zhang Xiaofan always feels that the possibility of suicide by those people is very small.

The mysterious woman controls the organ in order to kill Zhang Xiaofan.

At that time, the entire altar was sunk into the ground, and it was also possible to protect the people in the altar from harm.

There is a den of Bailianism, and the various organs built are very powerful.

People in the design agency can't be stupid enough to kill themselves.


In the city of Heifeng County, those soldiers and officials are still afraid to relax. One by one, they are waiting to climb the wall and see the movement outside the city. Prevent that ‘volupe’ from coming back at any time.

As for those who are taken away by the enchanting, they will not care.

When Zhang Xiaofan rode the source wolf mount and appeared under the city, the soldiers were secretly amazed that the life of this young man was really big.

I heard that none of the people who were taken away by the enchanting came back alive.

"The waist card of the title is here, open the door!" Zhang Xiaofan showed his waist and raised high.

The soldiers on the head of the city did not dare to neglect. Someone opened the small door next to the city gate and put Zhang Xiaofan into the city.

"Adult, how is that enchanting? Are you chasing it?" These soldiers looked at Zhang Xiaofan's eyes and were full of admiration. At that time, the situation was so dangerous. The one who dared to go out of town to pursue the battle was only Zhang Xiaofan.

"The enchanting has been removed. You immediately informed the county magistrate of the Black Wind County, saying that the southwest direction of the city, about fifty miles, has a swamp. There is a white lotus nest. The enchanting horror is also the white lotus. The manipulation of a messenger. Deliberately swearing, then forced to join the White Lotus."

Zhang Xiaofan said a few short sentences, and the rest of the matter is not governed by him.

"Trick or treat, my teacher, and Lin Jie, sister? Why didn't you save them?" Peng Yaogong asked with angrily.

"First of all, I have no obligation to save people. Secondly, pay attention to the tone and attitude of your speech. If you are upset, don't mind pumping your two ear scrapers." Zhang Xiaofan has no good temper for such people.

Peng Yao's son is very jealous of Zhang Xiaofan's powerful strength, and he is sullen, and he dares not to talk back with Zhang Xiaofan.

"Zhang Xiong, your courage is really big enough. Just did not expect that the demon vine, it is actually controlled by the white lotus. There is a disaster in the place where there is a white lotus. This is not too flat."

Chang Fugui came with two servants.

Just now, he did not dare to chase outside the city.

"Right, thank you for your brother's help." Although Chang is a swearword, but thank you, I don't want to say too much. After Zhang brother has any need to help, despite the buzz, it will not deny."

Chang Fugui is a person who remembers.

Before he fought with the demon vine, he almost got a poisonous hand. Thanks to Zhang Xiaofan for saving him.

"Some little things, no need to hang up." Zhang Xiaofan nodded to Chang Fugui, and then quickly took off on the source wolf mount.

Chang Fugui looked at his back and said to himself, "This person can pay!"

Just after Zhang Xiaofan just entered the city, Lin Jie, Liu Xie, and the old man also appeared in the city.

At this moment, the old man is still in a coma.

Liu Xie carries the old man.

"We are the students and teachers of Yuanwu College, and we will open the door soon."

Liu Xie rushed to the army on the tower.

The soldiers faintly recognized the three people who were previously captured by the enchanting. Immediately open the gate and put them in.

"Lin Jie, I am relieved to see you returning safely!" Peng Yaogong warmly greeted him and smiled at Lin Jiedao.

"Is it? When I was taken away by the demon vine, how could I not see you out of the city to save?" Lin Jie's tone was somewhat ridiculous.

Some people, hypocrisy, speak very beautiful, and the surface work is very good. But it is terrible.

And some people, who are cold-hearted, even if they do good things, give others the kindness, and do not return.

In Lin Jie’s mind, he could not help but reveal an indifferent and cold face.

The young man named Zhang Xiaofan is more than a hundred times more noble than Peng Yao’s character.

To say good things, Lin Jie has a crush on Zhang Xiaofan.

As for this false hypocritical Peng Yao, this time is particularly annoying.

"Lin Jie, don't be angry, I am going out to save the city. But they don't open the gate, I can't go out..." Peng Yaogong seems to feel Lin Jie's coldness to him.

Quickly explain to her.

"The teacher was injured and comatose, how can I not save, we still have to find a way to rescue the teacher!" Lin Jie did not pay attention to Peng Yaogongzi, but said to several other Yuanwu College students.

Several people work together to save the old man, and they don’t mention it.

Zhang Xiaofan returned to the inn and went straight back to his room. Wang Yuanyuan was worried that he would return to see him returning safely and hug him.

"French, I don't want to be a hero in the future. I only want you to live safely, stronger than anything else." Wang Yuanyuan whispered.

"Stupid, I never thought of being a hero. Besides, I am not coming back well? Don't worry, your family will not do things that are not sure." Zhang Xiaofan warmly appease her.

The two are embracing each other, and the love is not mentioned.


The next day, after Zhang Xiaofan got up, the first thing was to see if the demon vine evolved?

It is still absorbing the energy in the earth, and it has not yet evolved successfully.

It is estimated that it will take some time.

After getting out of the room, there was hot water from the second side of the store for the couple to wash.

The service of this inn is really impeccable and home away from home.

Living very comfortable.

After breakfast with Wang Yuanyuan, the two are preparing to leave for Yuanwu College. Before dark today, I should be able to rush to Wuyi County.

After going downstairs, Zhang Xiaofan heard many people talking about the enchanting siege of the city last night.

One by one, there is a nose and an eye.

"Do you know? I heard that there is a superhero who shot the enchanting horror yesterday. I would be able to worship the superhero as a teacher."

"The superhero can kill the enchanting, and certainly has three heads and six arms, tall and mighty!"

"I have heard about this. It seems to live in this inn where we stay."


Those people did not know that the hero they worshipped was in front of them. It’s just that they don’t know.

Zhang Xiaofan is not interested in those virtual names.

The low-key account was settled and then the mount was taken.

He found that the golden sculpture that had been in conflict with the source wolf yesterday was gone. There are also a few source beasts, all gone.

"Small two, are the masters from Yuanwu College gone?" Zhang Xiaofan asked curiously.

"Yeah! They left early in the morning. I heard that their teacher was fighting the enchanting scorpion yesterday. The result was a serious injury and there was no waking up. Those students sent their teachers back to the Yuanwu Yuanwu College for treatment."

The shop Xiaoji got the reward from Zhang Xiaofan yesterday, and his attitude towards Zhang Xiaofan was extraordinarily enthusiastic.

"Okay, thank you!"

Zhang Xiaofan nodded and took the source wolf and left with his wife.

When he was out of town, he saw a team of heavily armed soldiers rushing outside the city. For them, they should be prepared to catch the white lotus in the swamp.

Every time you catch a white lotus believer, you can get a lot of money.

Can also get meritorious service.

"Zhang Xiong, why don't you say hello when you go!" Chang Fugui chased him up on a white horse.

"We are not familiar with, why do you want to say hello to you?" Wang Yuanyuan said with a cold face and a bad tone.

"Would you like to go with us, how?" Chang Fugui asked Zhang Xiaofan. For Wang Yuanyuan's martyrdom, he ignored it.

"I don't agree!" Wang Yuanyuan refused again.

"Mrs. Hey, don't be so careful? I don't want to be yesterday... Hey, don't go!" Chang Fugui's words have not been finished yet, and Wang Yuanyuan took Zhang Xiaofan to forcefully leave.

"My wife does not agree to be with you, sorry!" Zhang Xiaofan smiled apologetically, urging the source wolf to gallop and go.

Estimated, after Wang Yuanyuan was afraid that Zhang Xiaofan and Chang Fugui had a good relationship, Chang Fugui really gave the maid to Zhang Xiaofan as a small sister.

Therefore, she will never let the two have opportunities to interact.


The road was far away, Zhang Xiaofan was bored, and remembered the amazing ability of the Qing Emperor's scepter yesterday. He took out the Qing Emperor's scepter and began to study it carefully.

Want to see, what is the secret of this scepter?

Even the body of the saint can be easily killed. Definitely an amazing treasure.

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