From this point of view, his mind trembled and saw that there was an altar inside.

Hundreds of men and women dressed in white and wearing white lotus badges, sitting cross-legged in the altar, worshipped and sang against the statues on the high platform in front of the altar.

This scene is very shocking.

No one can think of it. In the depths of these swamps in the wilderness, there will be such an altar. And there are hundreds of people practicing here.

They are all white lotus.

"Congratulations to the Virgin Mary to come!"

The mysterious woman suddenly said to a group of believers.

Suddenly, their singing voice changed. One of the believers climbed to the front of the statue.

"White lotus reincarnation, with my blood as a guide, with my soul as the medium, please ask the saint to come!" The believer was very religious, cut his wrist, and blood poured on the lotus seat of the statue.

Zhang Xiaofan looked at all of this, it was very creepy, but it was a bit unnoticeable.

"Stop, let them stop!" Zhang Xiaofan reached out and grabbed the mysterious woman's neck, roaring.

"It has not stopped! The holy woman's law and driving will soon come here. At that time, everyone will be bathed in the glory of the saint. And you will be willing to become a member of my white lotus."

The mysterious woman showed a smug smile, and she had an unspeakable fanaticism about the White Lotus.

In her mind, the white lotus sacred woman is the omnipotent god.

Just then, the lotus platform under the statue of God lit up.

Blooms with a soft white glow.

"not good!"

Zhang Xiaofan felt a strong unease.

The statue is carved in white jade, exactly the same as the badge pattern worn on the chest of the mysterious woman.

From a distance, a solemn and holy woman sits on the lotus seat, holding the law in one hand and holding the green branches in the other. Her face is equally vague.

I can't say it, it is that the five features are clearly carved, but it looks blurry.

It is difficult to leave her clear image in her mind.

The rest of the prints are beautiful, solemn, and sacred, and people can't help but cherish their hearts and fears, and never dare to give birth to any heart.

At this moment, Zhang Xiaofan has only one idea, and must stop the saint's legal body from coming. Otherwise, bad things will happen.

His soul has begun to tremble, and the six gods are uneasy.

Grabbing the mysterious woman, rushing to the statue, Zhang Xiaofan wants to break the statue and prevent the saint from coming.

As for the mysterious woman in the hand, I can't kill it for the time being. Just holding her as a hostage is equivalent to holding a life preserver in my hand.

The lotus seat absorbs the blood of the person very fast.

In the blink of an eye, the believer began to tremble and his skin quickly became dry. A person who loses too much blood will die.

But the believer kept a sincere expression on his face from beginning to end.

It seems that even if you give your life, it is a happy thing.

"It's holy!"

The mysterious woman makes a cry of joy.

"Welcome to the Virgin Mary!" A group of believers also worshipped in the same place, and they did not dare to move.

Zhang Xiaofan can't control this.

These believers are pious to the statue of the goddess, but Zhang Xiaofan does not believe in white lotus.

He is also daring, and still rushes to the gods at a speed that is fast. The figure is turned into a residual image.

The statue of the Virgin has blossomed with dazzling white light, and its eyes have actually opened.

Indifferent sweeps through all the worshippers who worship on the ground, without a trace of emotion. As if looking at a group of ants.

This is the true look of the gods.

"Please ask the saint to influence this person!" The mysterious woman who was pinned by Zhang Xiaofan, said with respect.

The gaze of the statue of the goddess looks at Zhang Xiaofan who is rushing toward it.

Stared by its gaze, Zhang Xiaofan instantly resembled the body-building method, and the soul was shocked, such as being struck by lightning. The whole person immediately stayed still. His eyes, like a demon, are so obsessively staring at the statue of the Virgin.

An invisible amount of pressure, forcing him to let him go down to the statue of the goddess.

The only sense of faintness made Zhang Xiaofan bite his teeth and resolutely refused.

This embarrassment, he will never be able to embark on the peak of martial arts. Because since then, his faith is not himself, but a saint. He will be the servant of the saint.

The true powerhouse, who does not believe in ghosts and gods, does not fear the heavens and the earth, but only believes in his own strength.

I believe that I can conquer the whole world, overlooking the heavens and the earth and living with all things, and being at ease.

The mysterious woman caught by Zhang Xiaofan took the opportunity to get out of trouble. She stepped forward to the statue of the goddess and squatted in front of the statue, waiting for Zhang Xiaofan to be influenced by the saint.

Time passed a little bit, and Zhang Xiaofan seemed to have a curse and could not move.

He is doing everything he can to confront the gods of the goddess.

With strong willpower, never yielded.

The body of the saint seems to be impatient.

She uses the means of heaven and earth, and through the manifestation of the gods, she should also have a small consumption of her deity.

In order to influence a small person, it is definitely not worth the waste of too much energy and time.

A vain woman's shadow, floating from the image of the gods, is inviolable and supreme.

She actually flew to Zhang Xiaofan.

The mysterious woman and a group of believers seemed more devout, turning their bodies and following the false figure of the saint.

As the false image of the Virgin is close, Zhang Xiaofan's mental pressure is getting bigger and bigger.

He has begun to support it.

On several occasions, I almost gave up resistance and chose to bow down.

"Believing in my life, worshiping me, and abandoning me!" The false voice of the Virgin sent a cold and indifferent voice.

Her voice is very pleasant, but without any emotional color.

It is a **** of the world.

Every word spit out, like a sledgehammer, slamming on the heart of Zhang Xiaofan. Constantly weakening his will to resist.

Perhaps, the saint did not expect Zhang Xiaofan to be a small person, so persistent, so tenacious.

Has been against her, swearing to refuse to bow down.

This kind of strong willpower that does not turn to power and does not bow to difficulties is Zhang Xiaofan’s tempering after more than a decade. In the past, his source was extremely poor. But he has been reluctant to give up and has been working hard to cultivate.

Just to one day, to change the fate, not to be weak.

The grass that has been devastated by the wind and rain is stronger.

He is a 'grass' that has suffered through hardships.

The virgin illusion has come to him, so he floats in the air and looks down on him. The maximum distance is no more than one meter.

Zhang Xiaofan’s body trembled more and more, and he could not support it.

The knee began to bend down, and as soon as I saw it, I was going to worship the saint.

Suddenly, a cool energy emerged from the Supreme Scepter in his sleeve and rushed to his brain.

His Lingtai suddenly became one of the clear.

Almost instinctive, the Qing Emperor's scepter was taken from the sleeve as a 'weapon', and the sacred shadow of the saint was swayed forward.

The saint is really terrible, just a body of law, almost pressed Zhang Xiaofan.


The Qing Emperor's scepter squatted on the false image of the Virgin. It all happened too suddenly, and even a large number of believers screamed with anger.

In fact, these believers, Zhang Xiaofan seriously suspected that the mysterious woman controlled the mutant vine, after they came, forced them to join the white lotus.

If there are people who do not, kill directly.

Look at the thick white bone under the Bone Cave, you know how many dead people there are.

"No..." The false voice of the Virgin was horrified. Because the Qing Emperor's scepter burst into a green light, a powerful suction directly inhaled her body shadow into the scepter.

"My life is not for me. You, the so-called **** saint, is a second item in front of Xiaoye. If you don't see it, you will easily destroy her." Zhang Xiaofan did not expect it, at this critical juncture, Qing The imperial scepter is so powerful.

It turned out that the false image of the Virgin was directly destroyed.


The image of the Virgin seems to have also been affected, bursting on the spot, scaring a group of believers to scream again.

But the mysterious woman has returned to calm. She saw the situation is not good, directly stepping on the foot, touched the organ button under the white rosette.



The whole ground is shaking, and the mysterious woman hates Zhang Xiaofan with hatred on her face.

"You damn, actually destroying the saint's body, this is a sinful crime. Even after death, you have to fall into the nose and hell." Her voice just fell, the entire altar suddenly collapsed.

Scared Zhang Xiaofan quickly jumped out and then fled outside.

He didn't want to be buried in the abyss with these lunatics.

A poisonous arrow hits him from the surrounding wall.

Fortunately, Zhang Xiaofan has a shield armor in the body, while retreating, while resisting those poison arrows.

Shimen is closing quickly.

Zhang Xiaofan tried his best and finally rushed out before Shimen closed. Outside, Lin Jie and Liu Xie are still treating their teachers.

The entire cave was shaking, and a piece of stone rolled down.

It will soon fall down.


Zhang Xiaofan found that the white cave was very deep, at least over forty meters. The hole wall is smooth. It is too difficult to escape in a very short time.

"Devil vine, take us out!"

In a critical moment, he ordered the demon vine to escape with them.

I saw the demon vines entangled them, and then escaped the white bones as quickly as possible.

As soon as he escaped, the entire White Cave began to collapse.

It really has to be ruined here.

The mysterious woman and the believers are mad. Are they not afraid to be buried inside?

There are swamps everywhere, and if there is no demon vine to run with them, it is really difficult here.

Zhang Xiaofan also discovered a new use of the demon vine. Later, in some harsh environments like the swamp, he can help with the help of the demon vine.

Bang! Bang!

The entire cave was collapsed and the momentum was extremely scary.

Fortunately, Zhang Xiaofan has escaped. Lin Jie and Liu Xie, both of them scared, could not speak out, only know that they were shaking and their faces were white.

The old man still does not wake up, still do not know if he died?

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