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On Broken Blade Peak, the silver moon wolves swallowed the clouds and the moon, the endless sea sky and sunflower stars moved in waves, and the Shenyan Mountain Immortal Bird Hongyan rolled thousands of miles.

This is a world of spirit beasts and spiritual masters!

Starting from Guyang City, Xiao Yang brought a mysterious Firefox and an ancient book of unpredictable origins, constantly conquering new spirit beasts, and embarking on the road to become the strongest spiritualist.

- Description from Unknown


Short Title:MOB
Alternate Title:驭兽主宰
Author:Fan Yan
Weekly Rank:#169
Monthly Rank:#48
All Time Rank:#1773
Tags:Action, Alchemy, Animal Rearing, Beast Companions, Beasts, Books, Elemental Magic, Fox Spirits, Handsome Male Lead, Hiding True Abilities, Hiding True Identity, Magic Beasts, Male Protagonist, Monster Tamer, Mythical Beasts, Naive Protagonist, Pets,
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27 Comments on “Master of Beasts
  1. Chinese come up with a novel, it's either everybody hates the MC or the people in the novel are dumb and the MC is the only one who is "smart" or even both, the MC is either dumb and shameless, or cool wannabe "chick magnet", there are only literally handful of novel that are decent enough to be appreciated and enjoy, at the very least 2 or 10 percent of them. They really lack creativity whatsoever. Anyhow, I subconsciously developed a certain disgust with the chinese people because of reading their novels for years now, holy cow.

  2. It's also one of those stupid shitty Chuunibyou Xianxias where Mc will hide his talent and specialness until the day he dies while he constantly gets bullied, chased, and killed regardless.

  3. How is that stupid the mc literally got a small family to worry over so he can't just flaunt everything he has because it will endanger them. The more stupid mc are the ones who flaunt everything and their families gets killed or kidnapped multiple times just for them to save them at the last second.

  4. The fact that he's still chased and killed every chapter by people that wouldn't chase and kill him if his title as an alchemist was known makes the whole point of hiding his identity redundant. It's one of the many illogical things that happen in this novel.

  5. Yeah, in all novels where mc has a profesion of alchemist, he will be killed everywhere regardless of his status as alchemist, but some random guy/old bitch will get respected everywhere for being alchemist

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