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A guy became a brother of Iron man and got the ability to extract genes from anyone. Lets see how he changed the Marvel World

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Alternate Title:漫威之超级提取
Type:Web Novel
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Tags:Ability Steal, Fanfiction, Handsome Male Lead, Marvel, Marvel Universe, System, System Administrator,
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55 thoughts on “Marvel Super Extraction
  1. hey admin can you fix this? Obviously this novel is an error, can you respond now? or have you died from Corona? hehehe …. I hope so if you don’t fix it soon

  2. IMO, this novel wasn’t worth the amount of time I spent diving through it. Not necessarily because it was bad, just it didn’t keep to the themes I came for.

    Firstly, only the first 441 chapters are actually related to Marvel. Which wasn’t a bad experience all-in-all but I did feel like it started to rush things near the end of the arc. The first arc/volume is actually a mix between Marvel and DC Universe. When it comes to the actual characters, while I don’t mind the changes too much I do feel like some of them are a bit out of character.

    The thought of Spiderman, Flash, Superman and Batman actually killing people just seems so… not them. I don’t exactly have a problem with it but still its really hard to imagine them crossing that line no matter who influences them since not killing is such a huge part of their character design, for better or for worse. Hell, Spiderman has been corrupted so much by the MC and Deadpool that he acts nothing like the Spiderman we know.

    It did a few things I did like however, like empower the support characters. Some people only want the MC to be strong but I do like it when the MC remembers his team members and helps them achieve power also. They obviously can’t compare to him but its still better than the cannon version. I mean, why wouldn’t Tony Stark want a boosted super solider serum if offered to him? Even Batman got a little boost.

    There is also essentially no harem. Personally I like this. I don’t dislike harems but I feel like they tend to always water down the women to being essentially just collectibles with no real purpose in the story other than to be wooed by the amazingly handsome, well-hung MC that is just perfect. Sadly, despite not exactly being a harem, with only three relationships (Susan Storm, Jean Gray, Bulma) these relationships… are pretty shallow and irrelevant. So really not much different from what most harems would be. Other than Jean who is attracted by the MC’s own phoenix force the other two don’t even really seem suitable. Though I do give the MC credit for not actively pursuing a harem even though he could had.

    The MC also seems to have a grudge against Japan since the character has lead to two different large conflicts with it on both worlds – actually completely destroying/sinking the island in the DC universe and apparently killing every single person living there. Which Superman kinda just overlooks because he is too weak to stop him – they even have drinks after! Wow, okay. It seems mandatory for chinese novels to somehow take jabs at Japan but wow, extreme much?

    Now at this point the MC is pretty much the most powerful being in the DC/Marvel universe but the DC arc seems to be rushed through pretty quickly imo. I feel like there was a lot more to that world that could be explored since it only really touched on Superman, Flash and Batman. Especially since the MC was able to teleport Stark, Banner, Osborne and Spiderman over for a visit with Stark even creating a branch of company there. There’s a lot of fun potential in that I think but it was kinda only briefly mentioned by never really delved in on.

    It feels like because the MC at this point was so powerful the author didn’t know how to keep going and just ran to a conclusion for this volume to move on to the next. Which, after Marvel/DC was DragonBall Universe. Except, for reasons, the MC essentially loses all his god-level powers and has to start from scratch again because the laws of the universe reject his presence. This can be seen a good excuse to reintroduce challenge for the MC but to me it kinda just felt like it made everything pointless. Is it even his power anymore if everything he has worked to accomplish can be taken away so easily? I can get that the laws may not be the same so he may not have the same range of skills but why does his body revert to normal? So much for his genes.

    Along the way through this the author starts introducing his own story with other world travelers and reincarnators and some great battleground war they need to have. Then after a relatively short stay in the DBZ universe (shortly after the first world tournament) which was a mix between DBZ events and the authors own traveler story… the MC is sent to another world again after beating up Shenron for not granting a wish…

    It is at this point that I just gave up and dropped the story. I came for Marvel. The DC was fine. I didn’t even completely mind the DBZ (though it took away all the Marvel-gained powers which I think could had made things a bit more interesting then the MC just using the same saiyan and ki approach everyone else does) but now its just all over the place and has lost tract of what the lure of t he story was for me initially.

    However for those who are interested in reading it and cant find the missing chapters on this site, here is the site I used with google translate to continue:

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