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Marvel: Play as Naruto at the Beginning

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Novel Summary

Traveling through the Marvel world, Wu Chen has the strongest acting system. The more he plays like the original character, the stronger his power will be.

Four generations of Naruto, Penn and Six Ways, Uchiha Madara, and Six Ways…

Hydra: Which village is Konoha? This terrifying power is actually hidden!

S.H.I.E.L.D.: Compared with Akatsuki, Hydra is simply a snake!

Thanos: Are the six immortals? Calling myself a fairy, I would like to see how strong you are!

When the characters played by Wu Chen appeared one after another, people in this world suddenly discovered that this is the ‘truth’ of the world…

- Description from MTL


Short Title:PANAB
Alternate Title:漫威:开局扮演火影
Author:Moon Shadow Like Meow
Weekly Rank:#26
Monthly Rank:#21
All Time Rank:#705
Tags:Accelerated Growth, Acting, Devoted Love Interests, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Magic, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Naruto, Overpowered Protagonist, System,
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49 Comments on “Marvel: Play as Naruto at the Beginning
  1. Jangan anggap serius dalam membaca novel fanfic ini, menganggap serius akan menyakiti sirkuit otak dan menurunkan IQ. Anggap saja sebagai bacaan lelucon dan tidak perlu berkomentar buruk terhadap MC dan penulis. Karena seburuk apapun Fanfic ini, novel ini adalah karya sastra jadi patut dihargai.

  2. Yg patut dihujat itu versi original tapi memancing amarah untuk dibaca baru bagus buat dihujat. Kalau fanfic ya wajar seenaknya penulis yg bikin, gk suka jangan dibaca

  3. Not too bad. But still want some more Marvel. So please add Marvel Charger Marvel Supergirl and there are others that are good but I have not heard of them but please add. Also DC related novels are also welcome although I do not have any recomendations. Thanks in advance if it happens to the admin and anybody that helps me out in getting more marvel and DC fan fics. Health and luck to all

  4. Tell me where you can read the full versions of the novel 人在漫威:我老婆是海拉神王; 漫威之我是漫画家; 海贼之神级网吧; 海贼之神级漫画家; or find similar stories

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