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I picked up a crimson at the beginning, and became a life and death enemy with Iron Man by the way. Does this style seem to be wrong?

Fortunately, it comes with a golden finger, but this system seems to be a little abnormal?

I want to be a good person, why is the whole world pushing me?

A single infinite stream based on the Marvel world.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:MMD
Alternate Title:漫威之电影大破坏
Author:Eternal star
Weekly Rank:#525
Monthly Rank:#348
All Time Rank:#595
Tags:Antihero Protagonist, Comedic Undertone, Lolicon, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Marvel Universe, Modern Day, Movies, Naive Protagonist, Racism, Rape, Rape Victim Becomes Lover, System, Weak Protagonist, World Hopping,
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58 Comments on “Marvel Movie Destruction
  1. These writers are idiots writing English character and change their name into Chinese it's novel why are they hell bent on using Chinese names which is wierd as hell

  2. author with a dog shit writing women character: see MC acting cool, women character: instantly becomes wet women character: see MC super strong, women character: instantly becomes wet MC see women kidnaps them n just keep em in his basement MC see loli ok amma adopt you n fuck u later MC goes to other world acts like a god but when he is in the main world(marvel World) he is weak af

  3. do you know this name? Shao Liwen, Sen Mazi, Tiantong, Li Gong, Leiyan, Nawei, Wannerwei, Lao Fei, HeLao, Duang, Xinghuk, Yingxiu, Cao Ama, Tie Qimei, Xu Jinjiang, Fashen, Mao Xiongguo, Ying Dan, Fashen, Hongfu, Qitian, Wuhuada, Haihou, Haiwang, Xianglin, Gujing Wubo.. why novelists from china do not use the alphabet? for names, places, etc. and for word terms = Flying Dragon, lots of golden words, Dharma, Monkey king, etc. why? WHY?????

  4. This one is good read for me. I'm just disappointed that he just use the other girls from other movie as a plaything he didn't even bother whether they could be useful just put'em in the basement

  5. very disappointing.. is this the world of Marvel or a collection of bunch other movies?? messy storyline, WEIRD AND WEAK MC, the author of his MIND was SICK, no recommendation.. thank you

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