Yi Ge's own strength has already reached the level of the heavenly father, and with the addition of the power gem, it is even more powerful, and he doesn't take these people's resistance seriously at all.

"Beep, beep, please pay attention! Please pay attention! A huge energy body was found at the location of xxx!!"

The brain of the battleship, which has been monitoring, issued a loud siren.

Chapter 190 The Scary Egg

"The target appears, please pay attention to all departments! Please pay attention to all departments!!"

The news instantly spread throughout the fleet of battleships stretching tens of thousands of kilometers.

"Everyone is there, ready to fight!!"

Under the orders of the three representatives of the empire, the battleship group immediately began to mobilize, ready to go into battle.

"Buzz buzz—"

The star of Egg has finally arrived.

The people on the battleship in the distance can observe the planet without even using the probe, which shows how huge it is.



"Bang bang bang!!"

Thousands of warships immediately pressed the attack button.

Numerous energy bombs and lasers were densely packed like raindrops, and they flew towards Yigo Star at an extremely fast speed.


The star of Yigo was hit instantly, and a series of huge explosions occurred, stirring up dust all over the sky, covering the sky and blocking the sun, making it difficult for people to see clearly.


"What kind of **** planet monster is nothing in front of our powerful firepower!"

"All fear stems from the lack of firepower. Our attack just now is enough to destroy any planet. I don't believe it can withstand it!"

Before the dust cleared, the soldiers of the Alliance cheered first.

After a while, the dust gradually dissipated, revealing the intact Egg Star.

"My God, it's... all right?!"

"How is it possible? Such a powerful attack can..."

"Nightmare...it's a terrible nightmare!"

Seeing the intact Egg Star, the Union soldiers who were cheering just now were all stunned and couldn't believe the facts before them.

"It's a protective shield!!"

Everyone looked carefully, only to find that the surface of the planet was covered with a light purple energy shield.

The command room of the main ship.


The technician exclaimed, attracting the attention of everyone in the command room.

"Calm down, what happened?"

Zana, the representative of the Kree Empire, hurriedly asked.

"This...it's impossible to do. A protective shield covering a planet...this requires an enormous amount of energy, and there is no energy source in the universe that can support it!"

The technician looks at the data on the screen in disbelief.

The scene in front of him was like a slap on his face, shattering his three views.

"No, there is this energy source!"

Li Ye, who had been silent by the side, suddenly spoke out.


"Cosmic spirit ball, or... power gem!"

"What? The Cosmic Spirit Orb is the legendary... Infinity Gem!!"

Everyone was shocked.

The legend of infinite gems is not a secret in this universe, and many forces know it.

Legend has it that as long as you collect all 6 infinite gems, you can gain unparalleled power, thereby dominating the universe, and even realizing any wish in your heart.

But no one knows where the Infinity Stones are, and no one has ever found them, let alone collected them.

Now, the mysterious infinite gems actually appeared in front of them.

"The attack is over? Then it's up to me!"

Egg looked at the rows of battleships and sneered.


The terrifying mental storm was launched instantly, and layers of rippled mental waves quickly attacked the battleship group.

"Boom bang bang bang bang—"

Thousands of warships on the periphery exploded one after another like a firecracker.

"Turn on the protective shield!!"

Following the command of the commander, a protective cover like an eggshell was instantly deployed on the rows of battleships, blocking Yi Ge's thought force wave.

However, the surrounding meteorites were not so lucky. Under the action of Nian Libo, they exploded instantly.

This was still Yi Ge's probing attack.

"Just...one attack destroyed nearly one-tenth of our fleet!"

"This monster... is really scary!"

"Can we really stop this monster?"




"It seems that ordinary attacks won't work. Prepare to execute the plan. It will be up to you later, Carol!"

Zana, the representative of the Cree Empire, spoke.

Star Destroyer, a strategic weapon, is only carried on a few main ships.

Since the discovery of Egg, the energy storage has begun, and it will be completed soon.

Why not put one on every battleship?

One is fear of abuse. There are not many living planets, and one less is destroyed. Just like the nuclear weapons on the earth, the deterrent effect is greater than the actual effect.

Every use of Star Destroyer weapons must be strictly approved by the upper echelons of the empire, and invaders like the Chitauri naturally use them recklessly.

The second is the lack of energy. Only a few main ships are equipped with enough energy to complete the energy storage of the Star Destroyer Cannon, and other warships cannot do it.

"I will do my best!"

Captain Marvel replied.

Captain Marvel, who had personally experienced Egg's power, didn't dare to make a promise at this time.

Egg was strong, very strong, definitely above her.

"call out!"

Captain Marvel flew out of the skylight of the battleship and flew quickly in the direction of Yi Ge.

"You can actually block my attack, let's see how many times you can block it!"

Seeing that his Psychic Storm was blocked by the opponent's protective shield, Yi Ge sneered and prepared to attack again.

"call out!"


A dazzling wave of light hit his shield.


Seeing someone sneaking up on him, Yi Ge roared angrily, and then quickly observed with his divine sense.

It was discovered that there was a woman exuding golden light outside the planet, and it was Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel kept waving his hands, releasing waves of light on the protective shield.

The energy contained in the light waves is extremely powerful, blasting the protective cover into ripples, and it seems that it will not be able to support it.

"go to hell!"

Ego immediately used his divine power to control the sand and rocks on the surface of the planet to form a huge arm reaching the sky, like a huge mountain range, passing through the protective shield, and grabbing towards Captain Marvel, threatening to crush her.

I saw Captain Marvel clashing his fists, and instantly entered the double star form.

Hair and eyes all exude a dazzling golden light.

Then it slammed straight into Yi Ge's huge arm.


Captain Marvel's body passed directly through the center of the huge arm, and the energy on his body destroyed all the structures where he passed.


The huge arm collapsed, and the wreckage turned into cosmic dust.

"Besides the man in the cloak, is there such a strong man?"

Egg said in shock.


Captain Marvel clenched his right fist, and then slammed on the shield of Egg Star.


The shield was suddenly shattered under the action of powerful energy.