Of course, he didn't show kindness and couldn't see aliens suffering.

The main purpose is still power gems.

In Li Ye's eyes, the 6 Infinity Gems have become private property, and they are an indispensable source of energy for him to unlock the Silver Superman template. He will never let any of them fall into the hands of others.

As for Thanos? Call it how far it rolls.

Li Ye, who had obtained the Silver Superman template, had long since ignored Thanos.

The normal Thanos without the blessing of infinite gems is simply pitifully weak, except for a little meat, basically has no advantages, and he can't even do energy attacks, he can only slash there with a big knife.

Can only beat children, abuse food (Captain America? Thor? Hulk? Iron Man???)

For Li Ye, whose power level had already reached the level of a single universe, there was no need to worry about the fact that Thanos and his dark army were just one breath away.

Unless the Thanos in the comics ran into this world, it would be a bit troublesome for Li Ye.

If it was the Thanos who had obtained the Heart of the Universe, Li Ye would have no choice but to run away. That Thanos could hold the five creation gods at the multiverse level.

If Li Ye could unlock 100% of the superman power of silver, he would be able to touch it.

As for the Time Gem left on Earth, Li Ye would have snatched it long ago if it wasn't for the face of Mage Gu Yi.

But Li Ye is not in a hurry, because he has already seen the next supreme mage Strange in Karma Taj, and he understands that Gu Yi already has the idea of ​​retiring, and now he only needs to wait for her to retire, the time gem will eventually escape. Not out of Li Ye's palm.

"Very good!!"

Captain Marvel exclaimed excitedly.

After fighting against Superman, she deeply realized how powerful Superman is. Even if all the powers of the three empires are gathered together, they cannot compare with Superman.

Then Li Ye held a small meeting and announced that he was going to the universe.

"What, Li Ye, you want to leave the earth?!"

Tony was shocked.

The faces of the others were also full of surprise.

"Well, I'm going to leave the earth for a while!"

Li Ye nodded.

"Li Ye, do you... want to think about it again?"

"Think about what?"

"You left the earth, what about the safety of the earth?"

"Aren't you still there?"

"Although everyone can do their best to fight for the earth, everyone understands that you are the key to protecting the earth. Only you have the power to stop the Chitauri invasion, the invasion of the Shi'ar Empire and other crises... "

Tony persuaded.

The more Li Ye listened, the more he felt that something was wrong. He reached out to stop Tony and said:

"I think you have misunderstood!"


Everyone was confused, not knowing what Li Ye meant.

"I can't remember when it became my duty to protect the Earth!"

"Li Ye, what do you mean...?"

Tony wondered.

"It literally means that everything I do now, including saving the earth several times, is what I want to do, not what I have to do. I think you should figure this out first!"

"Li Ye, I think you misunderstood, we didn't mean that..."

Tony hurried to explain.

"Tony, needless to say! You just need to understand that in the end, you can only protect the earth by yourself!"

Li Ye interrupted Tony directly and said.


After hearing Li Ye's words, all the superheroes present fell silent.

For so long, they have been accustomed to the existence of Superman. No matter how big a crisis occurs, when they are helpless, Superman will definitely come out to solve it, and gradually become more and more dependent on Superman.

But they never thought about the day when Superman disappeared and the earth happened to be in danger of extinction, what would they do then!

After the meeting, Li Ye and Captain Marvel teamed up to go to the universe and opened the dungeon of fighting monsters and upgrading.


Inside a laboratory.

"Banner, you heard it all, the protection of the earth depends on us in the end!"

"I... know, but I still don't think it should be done..."

"Banner, this is necessary, please continue to assist me!"

Tony invited again.

"I..., alas, forget it, this is all for the earth!"

Banner replied.

In this way, the two continued to study, and no one knew what they were studying.

Chapter 186 Star of Ego

In order to obtain the power gem, Li Ye followed Captain Marvel to the universe.

"Superman, our destination is far away, you have to keep up with my speed!"

Captain Marvel ordered.

"Wait, you mean... we're going to fly there like this?"

Li Ye was puzzled.

Although both of them can cross the void physically, they have to fly to the Year of the Monkey if they fly there.

"Of course, otherwise, how do you think I got back! Do you have a better way?"

Captain Marvel said as a matter of course.

After she enters the double star form, she can fly faster than the speed of light, and because the energy comes from the space gem, she can distort the space to a certain extent, so as to achieve the effect of passing through the wormhole.

This would explain why she was able to come back from light-years away in a matter of days.

"Of course, I have a better way!"

Li Ye smiled mysteriously.

The figure disappeared instantly, and then appeared several kilometers away.

"What's this?"

Captain Surprise looked confused and asked in confusion.

"Teleportation, also known as space teleportation, can travel freely within the universe..."

Li Ye briefly explained the principle of teleportation.

"It's...unbelievable, to have such a miraculous ability! This is a technology that even the three great empires have not conquered..."

Captain Marvel was shocked.

Then, according to the coordinates provided by Captain Marvel, Li Ye teleported her to the destination with her.

"That planet is the planet where my friend is!"

Captain Marvel pointed to a khaki planet and said.

So the two flew to that planet.

The interior of the planet is a large area of ​​desert, and occasionally there are a few oases. Although the environment is harsh, it can barely support the survival of life.

The two soon came to an oasis, and there was a strange building next to the oasis, whose style was completely different from that on the earth.

"Carol, you're finally back!"

An alien who looks like a human and wears a strange costume sees Captain Marvel and greets him excitedly.

The Marvel world is like this. There is no difference between many aliens and Earthlings. It may be because the director wants to save money.

"Sorry, it's a bit late to come back, there is a traffic jam on the road!"

Captain Marvel laughed.

"Car? Isn't that a means of transportation for the earth?"

"That's right, I came here by car!"


After a while of joking, the man saw Li Ye next to him, and asked suspiciously:

"Carol, is this your friend?"

"Well, his name is Li Ye, the strongest warrior on earth, and he is here to help this time!"

Captain Marvel introduced.

"Hi, my name is Shaq, and I'm Carol's friend!"

The man extended his hand friendly.


Li Ye also responded politely.

"Thank you so much for coming to help!"

"Maintaining the justice of the universe is everyone's responsibility!"


The two chatted for a while.

Li Ye also knew his identity. He was a Skrull man and an officer of the Skrull Empire. His current appearance was changed, not his real appearance.

The Skrull Empire, one of the three major empires in the known universe, is also the oldest known interstellar empire in the Andromeda galaxy, and one of the largest empires.

The Skrulls, an alien race with highly developed technological civilization, the Skrulls developed earlier. On the parent star of the Andromeda Galaxy, they were just like the current human beings at the beginning. Later, the Cosmic Celestial Group came and created some Super-powered Skrull humanoid race, one of the "mutated Skrulls" can transform into various creatures at will (similar to mutants); the other "eternal Skrulls" cannot deform but their own power Powerful (similar to Titans). Mutated Skrulls wiped out all competing species and became the ancestors of contemporary Skrulls, while the last member of the Eternal Skrulls, Clayburn (nickname: Eternal Skrull), was with a The female leader of the mutated Skrulls, Slugult, married and became the supreme **** of the Skrulls (in addition, the Eternal Race to which Thanos belongs and the Eternal Skrulls are two different races, please do not confuse them)

They can change their appearance at will, pretend to be another person, and their memories can be copied together; among them, the Super Skrulls can even copy the abilities of the imitated person, so they are nicknamed "Shanzhai Starman".

They once took advantage of the distrust among heroes after the Avengers Civil War, pretending to be the Avengers to cause a greater crisis of trust, further disintegrating the Avengers, and secretly invading the earth.

This time, in order to deal with Yi Ge, the three empires united unprecedentedly to form an incomparably huge fleet, and Shaq was the commander of one of the fleets.

"What's going on now?"

Captain Marvel asked.

"The situation is very urgent. A few days ago, our outpost, planet b-114514 has fallen! The monster's next target is planet b-114528 not far from this planet. 10,000 large warships, 30,000 medium-sized warships, and 100,000 small warships, as well as the latest planetary orbital guns, plan to kill this monster here..."

Shaq replied.

"...It really is a terrifying force. With such a configuration, it is more than enough to fight an empire conquest!"

Captain Marvel was shocked.

Li Ye next to him was also secretly surprised.

Compared with the old empires of these universes, the earth is simply pitifully weak.

I'm afraid that any small warship can blow up humans.

No way, the level of technology is too different.

Humans can't conquer just the protective shield of a battleship.

Fortunately, the earth also has its own advantages, that is, powerful superheroes.

In terms of individual combat capabilities, the superheroes of the earth have completely abused this group of aliens. After all, Gamora's combat power is already the number one killer in the universe, and the difference is the overall technological level.

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