It was Li Ye who threw the package from a biological standpoint.


Captain Marvel roared, put his hands together, and released the photon energy on his body with all his strength, instantly forming a huge golden light. The vast and majestic energy shattered the surrounding space, and cracks appeared like broken mirrors.


The huge light instantly penetrated the 10,000-meter mountain, separated it from the middle into two halves of the city, and then shot straight at Li Ye, as if to swallow Li Ye completely.

Speaking of it, the two of them didn't have any hatred, so there was no need for such a heavy hand, but now the two of them were intoxicated in the battle, and they fought real fire. Unless one party surrendered, the battle would not stop.

Of course, if Li Ye erupted with real power, he would be able to instantly kill Captain Marvel, but the Pujie boy who was typing outside was not allowed to use his real power for the sake of counting.

'Since you have an opinion, I will allow you to exert your true strength! '

At this moment, a whisper came from Li Ye's ear.

It was this whisper that changed Li Ye's mind and decided not to delay and end the battle.

He clenched his right fist tightly and began to accumulate strength, and then punched the golden light that was flying over quickly.

The fist pierced the golden light directly, and Li Ye's body followed closely behind, just like this, he kept approaching Captain Marvel.

"What? How... suddenly became so strong? Didn't he use his real strength to fight me just now?"

Captain Marvel horrified.

All the energy of the explosion in his strongest state is actually no match for a...fist.

Li Ye's fist kept approaching, and when he was about to attack Captain Marvel, Li Ye suddenly withdrew his strength.


But the energy aftermath still shattered half of the planet behind Captain Marvel.

"you lose!"

Li Ye smiled, and then slowly withdrew his fist.

"I lost!"

Captain Marvel murmured, obviously not reacting yet.

After all, the last second was still evenly matched, and the next second he was beaten.

Then Li Ye returned to Earth with Captain Marvel.


S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters.

"Director, according to the energy detection data, the center of the energy explosion is here—Io...Oh my God!!"

"What's wrong?"

"Io... only half left..."


Nick Fury looked at the image sent back with shock written all over his face.

Then he breathed a sigh of relief: "Fortunately, it's outside the earth!"

When he called Carol back, he knew there was going to be a fight between her and Superman, but he didn't expect the damage to be so severe.

If they fight on the earth, the earth will not be blown up by them!

Nick Fury, who is just a mortal, has no way of understanding the true power of the two.

Chapter 184

"So, you can talk about your purpose now!"

Li Ye asked Captain Marvel who was sitting beside him.

"...Superman, I need your help!"

Captain Marvel was silent for a while, then said seriously.

"What? Help? Did I hear you right?"

Li Ye was stunned.

Although his strength is not as good as his own, he is also one of the strongest in this universe, and he actually needs his help.

"You heard me right, I need your strength!"

Captain Marvel said seriously again.

"Tell me about the specific situation!"

Li Ye smoked a Cuban cigar and said casually.

"A few days ago, I received a message from my friends in the universe that a terrible monster appeared on the border of the three empires and has destroyed dozens of planets...I must stop it, but I alone The power might not be its opponent, so I hope you can go with me!"

Surprise explained to Shang.

"What monster?"

Li Ye was puzzled.

"A planet, a living planet, which calls itself... Egg!"

"Fuck, it's this guy!"

Hearing this name, Li Ye instantly remembered who it was.

This guy is the cheap father of Star-Lord in "Guardians of the Galaxy 2".

Ego in the comics is a living planet that has the size of a planet and has survived for millions of years. It has immeasurable wisdom. It also has god-level strength and endurance. It is the top existence in the Marvel Universe.

A member of the Cosmic Presbyterian Church, he even hunted and killed the Galactus, one of the five creation gods, with a group of powerful beings in the universe, and has also made enemies of superheroes many times.

Unlike Ego in the movie, he claims to be a group of gods who have lived for millions of years.

Egg is very smart and very powerful. He learned how to manipulate molecules and used this ability to build himself a celestial armor (disguised himself as a planet).

Egg explores the universe because of loneliness, trying to find intelligent life other than himself.

In the end, he accomplished this goal, but he was disappointed with the intelligent life he found. He thought that these lower creatures were not qualified to coexist with him in the unified world.

Since then, Ego has traveled the galaxy for many years, planting seeds on alien planets to expand his territory, hoping to expand all existence he controls as a living planet (or create his own kind, because he said he no longer has to be alone).

In order to improve the efficiency of expansion, he tried to create offspring similar to himself, so Ego had children with other species on many planets, including the star-lord who was also his biological son.

He also raised mantis on his planet, because the ability of mantis can make him sleep.

Years ago, he hired yondu to go to various planets to hand over his children to him to see if they could help his galaxy expansion plan, but because none of them had the celestial powers he asked for, they were all killed die. And Xingjue is the first and last child to inherit the gene of the god.

Yondu later found out Egg's true colors, so when he took young Peter Quill (Star-Lord) from Earth, he decided not to give Ego, but left him with the Marauders upbringing.

After Yi Ge heard about Xingjue's deeds, he decided that Xingjue was his descendant. He found Xingjue and took Xingjue to his planet.

He then tried to convince Star-Lord to join him, using their abilities to grow alien seeds on each planet, control them, and expand himself and conquer the universe.

In the process of persuading Star-Lord, Ego admitted that he killed Star-Lord's mother, Meredith Quill, by planting a tumor in her brain and turning it into cancer to take her life, while Star-Lord was a child at the time.

Knowing that his mother was killed by his father Yi Ge, the enraged Star-Lord began to rebel against Yi Ge, and reached the interior of the planet with the Guardians of the Galaxy, trying to kill Yi Ge's brain.

In the process, he was attacked by Ego and was at a disadvantage. At this time, Star-Lord used the **** ability to fight against Ego, and distracted Ego while the other members of the **** set bombs on Ego's brain.

In the end, Egg was killed by a bomb and the planet disintegrated.

Of course, Egg's strength is greatly weakened in the movie.

That is an old monster that has lived for millions of years, how could it be killed so easily, it is purely the halo of the protagonists of Xingjue and others.

But isn't this guy the boss of Silver Guardian 2?

Why come out now!

It seems that this universe has been completely messed up, and there is no plot anymore.

"Oh? You know it?"

Captain Marvel wondered.

"I've heard of it before!"

Li Ye said casually.

"Isn't there a guy named Fighting Sword in the Shia Empire? He's not Ego's opponent either?"

According to the performance of the plot, that Ego is no more than the heavenly father level at most, and it can't reach the single universe level of the **** group.

If you confront Odin, you might be beaten.

There is a bug in the fighting sword, which should be able to explode it.

"...He has already been defeated by Egg. If he hadn't been lucky enough to escape, he might have lost his life!"

"What's the situation? Isn't he the one who becomes more confident and stronger?"

Li Ye was puzzled.

"After he fought you last time, he can no longer be confident!"

Captain Marvel looked at Li Ye with strange eyes, and spoke speechlessly after a while.

"Is this... being beaten into autism?"

Li Ye complained.

I didn't abuse him, but deliberately suppressed my strength to a level similar to his.

Little did he know that he was hurting people even more.

Can you imagine the feeling?

You obviously feel that your opponent is about the same strength as you are now, but no matter how you improve your strength, or even cheat, in the end, the opponent will always be able to firmly press your front line, which is simply driving people crazy.

"What's more serious... Yi Ge also has a powerful weapon in his hands—the Cosmic Spirit Ball!"

Captain Marvel said again.


This time Li Ye was completely dumbfounded.

How did the cosmic spirit ball, that is, the power gem, fall into Yi Ge's hands.

Then, with Captain Marvel's explanation and Li Ye's own deduction, the incident was restored.

It turned out that Ego somehow knew that Star-Lord was his descendant ahead of the original book, and soon found Star-Lord.

When persuading Xingjue, he let Xingjue know that his mother died in the hands of Yi Ge, and the two broke out in a big fight.

But the real world is not like the movie world, Xingjue and others are not Yige's opponents at all, they are easily abused, and finally the cosmic spirit ball carried by Xingjue also falls into Yigo's hands.

Egg, who had lived for millions of years, was naturally knowledgeable, so he recognized it as a power gem at a glance.

Yi Ge, who got the power gem, was ambitious and wanted to devour countless planets to strengthen his power, so he launched an attack on the three empires.

Chapter 185 Going to the Universe

Yi Ge himself possesses almost destructive power, and the power gem is even more powerful. Even if the three empires use all the weapons, they are still useless to him.

No matter how many battleships were dispatched, Yi Ge was just thinking about it, and the terrifying power of his thoughts tore all the battleships into pieces.

Even if the Star Destroyer is used in the air to shoot an energy ray capable of destroying the planet, it is easily blocked by the energy released by the power gem.

In the end, he had to choose to give in, evacuate from the planet, and obediently give up the planet to Egg.

But I didn't expect that Yi Ge was insatiable and swallowed one after another, still not satisfied. In the end, the three empires lost dozens of planets at once, which made them lose their blood.

Although there are countless planets in the universe, the planets suitable for life are very rare, one in a million.

More are those planets with harsh environments and almost no life can survive. Such planets are often called dead stars.

The reason why the three empires are called the three empires is mainly because in the known universe, most of the living planets are occupied by them and become their territories.

"Okay, I promise you!"

Li Ye thought about it and agreed.

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