Marvel: I play Superman with the power of the spell Author: 52 Zhang Dagui

As soon as Li Ye opened his eyes, he saw two three-meter-tall giants fighting each other.

"What sin did I do, I'm going to die just after crossing over!"

"Ding, feel that the host is in danger, activate the system, and reward the novice with a big gift package - 12 spell powers"

Since then, Marvel has added a superman who can fly, whose eyes can emit lasers, and who can...

"Hulk, from now on, I will be the strongest on Earth!"

"Thor, I lifted your hammer!"

"Ultra, it's time to go back to the furnace and rebuild!"

"Hella, just because I beat you, doesn't mean I want to marry you!"

"Purple Sweet Potato Essence, don't run away! Don't you snap your fingers?"

"Gwen, Wanda...we're all family"

Chapter 1 Misunderstood into Marvel and gained the power of spells at the beginning


In New York City, the most prosperous city in the United States, a huge explosion occurred, and two monsters more than two meters high were fighting frantically.

The houses on the street, cars, and even the helicopters in the sky are like small toys in their eyes, and they have become victims of their struggle.

"Hulk! You are too weak, I am the strongest!"

The spiky monster pressed down on another monster and kept mocking.


The only answer to him was a growl.

The helicopters in the sky are constantly circling.

"Hurry up and attack me!"

The white-haired old man next to him urged the soldier holding Gatling.

"General! Which one should I attack?"

"Both are monsters, attack together!"

"Father, don't hurt Banner!"

A female voice discouraged.

"Yes... General, there is another person there..."


Not far from where the two monsters were fighting, a figure suddenly appeared.

The monster with spikes on its back knocked the other monster into the air with a punch, and flew towards the figure.

"Fuck! What is this!"

The figure had no time to dodge, and could only send out a cordial greeting.

"Ding—the host's life is in danger, activate the system!"

The entire time and space were frozen, and everyone's movements stopped motionless, just like a photo.

"Huha...huha...almost died! I, Li Ye, didn't do anything good, why did I pass through time?"

The figure panted heavily.

That's right, this person's name is Li Ye, and now he has traveled through time.

Li Ye is not from this world. He was originally a carefree useless otaku on Blue Star. He usually earns living expenses by helping other people's game characters level up. He likes to watch various novels, animations and movies the most.

He didn't know how he crossed over to this dangerous place, and he didn't get struck by lightning or hit by a car, but how he managed to cross over well, he was quite satisfied with his otaku life.

'By the way, I remember that there seemed to be some strange voice just now, as if talking about some system! '

"System, are you there?" Li Ye tried to shout.

"Yes, host!" The system immediately responded.

"System! Did you bring me here? Where is this place?"

"Host, this system didn't bring you here. As for who, this system doesn't know. I only know that the mission of this system is to train the host to be the strongest person in this time and space! This time and space host should be very familiar. The name of the host's original world, this world is the Marvel Cinematic Universe!"

"Marvel Cinematic Universe?! Those two green monsters just now are Hulk and Abomination!"

Li Ye was taken aback. It was the great **** who threw him into this extremely dangerous world. After watching the Avengers series, he knew how dangerous this world was.

This world is a world dominated by superheroes and super villains. Ordinary people can only eat and wait to die. Those super villains don’t know which muscle is wrong. They think about destroying the world every day. Destroy a street today, and tomorrow Destroy a city, and there is a purple sweet potato spirit who fantasizes about collecting 6 infinite gems every day to destroy half of the creatures in the entire universe.

Even if he can escape the scourge of those super villains, Li Ye can't guarantee that he can escape the snapping fingers of Purple Sweet Potato Essence.

"System, can you bring me back to my original world?"

Li Ye begged.

"Sorry, host, this system doesn't have this function yet, so I can't provide you with this service!"

After shutting himself down for a minute, Li Ye sighed, "If I'm here, let's be safe! System, you just said that you want to train me to be the strongest person in the entire time and space. Tell me about your function!"

"Okay, host! The full name of this system is the god-level lottery system. As long as the tasks of this system are completed, the host can draw items, bloodlines, skills, etc. from the heavens! Only the host can't think of it, and no system doesn't have it!"

The system introduced with a tone of bragging.

"Don't blow the water for now, is there any way to help me tide over the current difficulty!"

Li Ye interrupted the system directly.

It turns out that when the system was activated, the entire space-time was suspended. Only Li Ye's body was not suspended, but he could not leave his current position, and he could not give the system time to start. His body will crush him into a meatloaf!

"Ding! This system has detected that the host still has a novice gift package that has not been claimed yet, do you want to claim it?"

"Isn't that nonsense? Get it now!"

Then, a colorful box appeared in Li Ye, and then it opened, emitting dazzling colorful light, and images of 12 kinds of animals appeared.

"Congratulations to the host! You have obtained 12 spell powers!"

"What? System... Are you talking about the spell in [The Adventures of Jackie Chan]?"

Li Ye asked in surprise.

"Yes, host!"

The system gave an affirmative answer.

"Great, System, I love you to death!"

"Host, this system has no gender distinction and cannot meet the needs of the host!"

"Cut! What a sense of humor! Well, what should I do! Give me the power of the spell!"

Li Ye couldn't wait to get up. Friends who have watched "The Adventures of Jackie Chan" should know how powerful the 12 spells are!

The 12 spells come from an ancient demon—Holy Lord! The Holy Lord is a terrible demon that rules the entire Asia region. Under his brutal rule, his people couldn't bear it, and finally overthrew him and split his power into 12 spells.

The 12 charms contain the 12 powers of the Holy Lord, what kind of electric eyes! Dragon Blast! Immortal body! The power is infinite! Float!

All kinds of abilities can be said to be very comprehensive, and the Lord can be said to be the strongest of all demons.

The devil dragon, the son of the Lord, was still violently beaten by the Lord after he got the magic energy of the other eight demons. The combined power of the 12 spells was not much worse than that of a superman in a normal state, and he was completely a little superman.

"Now integrate the power of the spell into the host body!"

Those animal images began to melt into Li Ye's body one by one, as if they were coming home.

"The fusion has been completed!"

"Fuck! Is this my current strength?"

Li Ye felt the powerful force in his body and couldn't help admiring it.

Since the system was directly fused, the usage memory was also instilled, and Li Ye didn't need to be familiar with it himself.

"System, unlock the suspension!"


Ripples appeared in the whole space, like the surface of water! In a moment, the entire time and space are restored.

Seeing the Hulk flying upside down, Li Ye clenched his fists, feeling the divine power brought by the cow charm, and punched out.


A punch hit the Hulk in the back, sending it flying hundreds of meters into another street.

"Hey! There's a little bug here!"

Abomination saw Li Ye, and was puzzled.

Chapter 2 Slaughtering Hate, Tormenting the Hulk!

"Little bug? Are you talking about me?"

Li Ye said lightly.

"Is there anyone else here besides you little bug?"

He hated the banter on his face, and regarded Li Ye as a little bug that could be crushed to death.

Even though Li Ye had just seen Hulk flying with a punch, he was full of confidence in his own strength and thought he was invincible.

"You disgusting monster, Hulk is so nice, look at yourself, you look like a scorpion, how do you have the nerve to hang out here? It's not your fault that you look ugly. It's your fault that the disgusting people come out like a lump of flying!"

Li Ye almost died just now, and he was so angry that he greeted the hatred kindly.

"Hey! Little bug! You are courting death!"

With a roar of hatred and anger, he dragged his huge body and rushed over, like an indomitable tank, smashing all the cars on the road away.

"It's you who is courting death!"

Li Ye disappeared in an instant, and then appeared under the abomination. It was a rising dragon fist, which hit the abomination's chin directly.

The hatred was sent flying violently, and his teeth were still floating in the air.

"Little bug, I can't spare you!"

Hate got up again, rushed over, swung his big fist, and Li Ye didn't show any weakness, and punched out.


There was a huge sonic boom that shattered all the windows of nearby houses.

The one who hated being beaten took several steps back, but Li Ye didn't move at all.

"Impossible! How can you, a little bug, have such powerful power!"

Hate and terrified, he can't accept that there are still people stronger than him in this world.

"Not only are you ugly, you also have bad eyes! Tell me now, who is the little bug!"

Li Ye yelled boldly, and then flew forward.

The hatred couldn't dodge, and was caught by Li Ye, and then started a crazy beating mode.

"Ola Ola Ola Ola Ola Ola Ola Ola Ola..."

In an instant, he punched dozens of punches at the abomination.

Hate was covered in scars, and there was no longer a good piece of meat.

"Is... still a human? That guy can't be a mutant!"

The soldier sitting on the helicopter said in shock.

" the super fighter of my dreams, powerful and controllable, much stronger than that trash Hulk!"

General Ross looked at Li Ye with fiery eyes.

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