Hua Ye argued with Karl, the **** of death, and Karl, the **** of death, agreed to help him upgrade.

blue star!

Qilin started today's patrol as usual. Since she got the upgrade and the dark silver blade from Lufa, Qilin can be said to have sheltered many people in this area of ​​Los Angeles, and she has also beheaded countless gluttonous The civilization and the people of the giant wolf civilization have caused them heavy losses.

And after the Taotie civilization went to the Death Song Academy to upgrade the Taotie King, the few remaining commanders finally couldn't bear the aggrieved situation.

"During this time, the Blue Star Army's super fighter named Qilin killed many of us!"

The main ship of the Taotie civilization is in the Chiwu star system, and it is not completely close to the blue star, mainly because the current situation of the blue star is very complicated.

"They deserve to die!"

A gluttonous commander said angrily.

"My **** Karl has already explained it when the battle started. When you encounter female angels and black armors, you are not allowed to fight with them. If they die, they will be disobedient."

"What the **** does my God mean? I'm so aggrieved!"

"If you can't fight a female angel or a black armor, then we'll still have a ball fight!"

This statement immediately aroused the dissatisfaction of the other Taotie commanders, and they began to speak angrily.

"Enough, are you going to question the order of my **** Karl!"

The first gluttonous commander stopped their more and more presumptuous words.

"Damn it, we can't just let it go, we have killed tens of thousands of gluttonous fighters!"

A Taotie commander was very irritable, he looked at the other Taotie and said.

"We're going to launch a fierce wave attack on Los Angeles. We can't hit Hei Jia and the female angel. Can't we destroy their city?"

"But, isn't the devil civilization prohibiting us from using weapons above nuclear weapons?"

Some Taotie became worried.

"Hmph, no matter what he does so much, behind us is my **** Karl, but Death Song Academy, the demon civilization can do anything to us, and they don't do anything themselves, so don't blame us!"

The gluttonous civilization means tens of thousands of gluttonous warriors and hundreds of gluttonous warships. These are all money. Even if the gluttonous civilization is the most powerful among the aerospace-grade civilizations, it cannot afford such consumption.

So they must take revenge!

With a red light of death falling from the sky, the entire Blue Star shook.

Originally, the fierce tide was a star-destroying weapon used by the gluttonous civilization, but the gluttonous civilization still did not dare to destroy the blue star, so it was modified into a weapon above the nuclear level that could destroy a city.

But even so, it was enough to make the people of Lanxing and Huachao furious.

Ge Xiaolun even forgot the disappointment that Du Qiangwei brought him, and rushed towards the universe like crazy, but after entering the universe, what he saw was densely packed gluttons rushing towards his face, so Ge ​​Xiaolun collapsed and lost his revenge The thought fell from space.

Qilin was under the attack of gluttony's ominous tide very close to her. During this time, the people of Luo City and those soldiers who had been sheltered by her were all wiped out under the ominous tide.

The fierce tide of Taotie stirred the atmosphere and stirred up the earth, and where it passed, huge mushroom clouds rose up.

"Do not!"

Qilin's petite body knelt down on the ground, looking at everything in front of her in disbelief.

"That's the attack of the gluttonous tide."

Angel Leng and the others didn't expect that Taotie would use more than a nuclear strike in this situation, but thinking about the loss of Taotie's civilization, it seems normal?

Most importantly, the gluttons don't know what a **** is, so it seems normal to act against the will of a god?

"The city of Los Angeles is gone?"

After Du Qiangwei learned from the Black Great Wall that Los Angeles was destroyed by a fierce tide of gluttonous civilization, she collapsed.

She never expected such a thing to happen.

Liang Bing felt very distressed when he saw it.


Liangbing contacted the sword demon Atuo.


Ato quickly answered.

"The gluttonous civilization used the fierce tide to strike. I remember that we have warned them not to use weapons above nuclear weapons?"

Liang Bing said.

"Queen, after all, you can't expect a group of idiots to really know God, and they are already more tolerant than I thought."

Atuo was silent for a moment, then replied.

"Qiangwei is very unhappy."

Liang Bing knew that A Tuo was right, but she was very upset now, and if she was unhappy, it meant that others should not be happy either.

"I see, Queen."

Sword Demon Atuo didn't continue to say anything, he knew what to do next.

Therefore, the sword demon Atuo took the watermelon knife and led the elite demons to invade the spaceship of the gluttonous civilization through the wormhole transportation technology.

"I remember that Her Majesty the Queen has ordered that whoever dares to use a nuclear-level strike against Xia Guo will be sanctioned by the devil."

The gluttonous civilization was cheering that they had destroyed Los Angeles, but the next moment they heard a strange voice appear, and then they turned around and found that there was a huge demon in the command room at some point, it was holding a A watermelon knife is peeling a watermelon.

"You, who are you!"

Commander Taotie said hastily.

"Demon? You mean Morgana?"

"Wait, how did you find this place?"

The gluttonous commanders naturally also thought about the situation where the demon civilization came to the door, but they were very clever and hid here, why were they still found?

Ato took a bite of the watermelon, its huge size made the watermelon in his hand the size of an apple.

"In the entire galaxy, there is no target that the devil can't find..."

Atuo finished a watermelon in three bites, then stood up.

"Similarly, whoever the devil wants to die must die."

The other elite demons also sucked the melon seeds out of their mouths.

"Wait, behind us is Death Song Academy, and it's my **** Karl, how dare you demons fight against Death Song Academy?"

Commander Taotie was hacked by A Tuo with a knife, and the rest were frightened, pointing at A Tuo and saying.

"Hmph, Death Karl?"

Atuo sneered, isn't it my queen's licking dog?

Even if you are all dead, Karl, the **** of death, will not say anything about my queen.

Then it was Atuo and the others who raised their knives and lowered their hands, chopping melons and vegetables, from the head to the tail of the main ship of the gluttonous civilization, without blinking an eye.

Let's go and give it a try. 】

On Lufa's side, he didn't make any movement.

Instead, it was Qi Lin who came over directly, her whole body scorched black and her eyes bloodshot.


As soon as she saw Lufa, Qilin threw herself into Lufa's arms and cried regardless of whether Du Qiangwei and Ge Xiaolun were still in arms.

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