The matter was settled. Yang Kai used six resources of two thousand people and two hundred yin and yang resources of two hundred people as a gift, and greeted two yin and yang disciples at the right time.


The generosity displayed by Qu Huashang made Chen Xiu grateful.


He is a good product, and he is the elder of the yin and yang. He can naturally know some insiders, and it is also his contribution to the Taishang people that he has become one of the conditions for the commemoration of Tao Ling.


Chen Xiuwei, naturally, is for the future prospects of his disciples. After all, Tao Ling's small Qiankun has been contaminated with Yang Kai's strength. Without Yang Kai, Tao Lingqi is unlikely to promote seven products in the future, and he is more likely to have life at any time.


The generosity of Qu Huashang exempted Tao Ling’s embarrassing situation and allowed the two women to stand on their own.


The news that two of the six core disciples may be married at some point in the future is unnoticed. The news spread that the whole yin and yang days are shaking.


However, after learning about the offer made by Yang Kai, it was another shock.


Six products for two thousand people, seven products for two hundred people, and all the yin and yang genus, such a huge resource is almost unimaginable.


As a dowry to welcome the two core disciples, it is indeed enough.


Outside the yin and yang days, everyone bids farewell.


Yang Kai wants to return to the astral world. Since he came out of the astral world on the same day, he first went to the blessed land, and made a big fuss. He followed the giant **** Ai Er to the chaotic dead zone, trapped for decades, and then in the yin and yang days. I have been in the reincarnation for more than 130 years.


It is time to go back.


Now that yin and yang are in trouble, he has to retreat carefully and hit the seven products.


Qu Huashang naturally accompanied, and Tao Lingqi, who is accompanied by him, has the risk of getting mad at any time. He needs to stay with Yang Kai.


Because of the world tree, Luo Tinghe is also preparing to go to the astral world to pay tribute to the rare treasures in this world, and it is not long before she promotes eight products. If it can be closed next to the world tree, there may be Some unexpected gains.


A group of four people.


Chen Xiu and Yu Xiangdie both said goodbye, and Chen Xiu’s disciple Feng Chengyu also followed.


"Qu Shi Yan, Yang Shizhen, in the past, Chen Xiu's wrong, the two do not care, Chen Xiu here to apologize to the two." As such, Chen Xiuchong Yang Kai and Qu Huachang deep I was deeply convinced and very sincere.


As a Zongmen elder, it is not easy for him to express his position.


Yang Xinzhong had some grievances, but now I want to come. It seems that there is nothing. I have reached out to one hand: "Chen Shishu is serious."


Chen Xiu glanced at Tao Lingyi, who was standing beside him, and sighed: "This child may have been taught by me. I have been keeping it around, I have never seen the world, my mind is simple, and I have two teachers in the future." A lot of worry, if she has something wrong, the two are swearing."


Qu Huachang took the arm of Tao Lingqi and smiled. "Chen Shishu is relieved. The sister of Tao Shi is obedient and obedient. The younger brother likes to be too late. How can he fight and punish, is it a younger brother?"


Yang Kai nodded: "I will not let the teacher and sister suffer any grievances."


Chen Xiu said to Tao Ling: "Hey, this is going to listen to your future husband, you can't have any rebellious arrogance, go out, marry a husband, if you tell me what you have done, sorry for others or teachers. The master will not spare you."


Tao Ling’s eyes were slightly red, and tears swirled in it. He bowed his head and said: “Yes, Master, the disciples will obey.”


She lived in the yin and yang days from a young age. Although she is now a six-product, she has never left the division, and she has not left the master for a long time.


Now this is going, I don’t know what year and month to come back, my heart is inevitably sad, and the world is too big. Maybe there is no goodbye in this life.


"Go." Chen Xiu turned his head.


Feng Chenghao held a fist on the side: "Sister, treasure!"


In the eyes of Tao Ling's eyes, tears could no longer be tolerated, and slowly fell down. He confronted Chen Xiu with three sorrows: "The teacher respects the grace of teaching and the disciples will never forget!"


"Go and go." Chen Xiu waved.


"Teacher, take care of the Master." Tao Ling did not worry about Feng Chengzhen, the latter nodded: "The teacher is relieved."


"Walk away, why are you still grinding it?" On the deck of the ship, Luo listened to the boat and rushed to the crowd, and he couldn’t wait to start. She was interested in the world tree. .


Yang Kai looked back and glanced at Chen Xiu and Yu Xiangdie: "The two uncles stayed, and the disciples left!"


"Be careful on the road!" Yu Xiangdie smiled slightly.


Leading the two women to step on the building, urging the power to make the building into the void, and soon disappeared.


Chen Xiu and Yu Xiang Butterfly sent the building to disappear into the field of vision.


Yu Xiangdie suddenly turned his head and said: "The boss is not a small person, how can he still cry? Not afraid of jokes."


Chen Xiu’s face was red and speechless.


Yu Xiangdie Chong Feng Cheng said: "Take care of your master."


"Yes!" Feng Chengyu responded.


Chen Xiu couldn’t stand it anymore: "Don’t listen to your uncle, it’s okay for the teacher.”


Yu Xiangdie said with a sigh of relief: "Hey, this suddenly left the Zongmen, went elsewhere, I don’t know if I would be bullied. Yang Kai’s character is OK, I want to be kind to her, but he is There are several companions, women are jealous of the wind... What means are made out, and the children are afraid that they can’t stand it. If it is bullied, no one will support it. How pitiful it is."


Chen Xiu paced, his eyes were red, and he almost couldn't hold back and chased Tao Lingqi back.


Yu Xiangdie has already laughed and ran away. Chen Xiu suddenly stared at her back with a sigh of relief, but her face was angry but helpless.


For Tao Lingqi, who has left the division for the first time, everything is strange, and the sadness of the separation has not been calmed down, and the heart has shrouded all kinds of uneasiness.


Fortunately, Qu Huashang has been with her, and it took her a few days to finally calm her down.


The building has Yang Kai control, and there is no need for three women to worry about anything.


Luo listened to the retreat in the wing, consolidating his own eight-in-one repair, and did not show up.


Qu Huashang led Tao Lingqi to come to Yang Kai. The former was generous, but the latter was still as shy as he was, bowed his head and did not dare to go to see Yang Kai.


As if in the first world reincarnation, he stood up in front of Yang Kai and suffered a fatal blow for him. Others, not the woman in front of him.


Yang Kai looked at them curiously.


"French!" Qu Huachang's eyes flashed with a ray of light, Yingying salute a ceremony, the language temperature is soft and turbulent.


Yang Kai was speechless and reached out to help.


Not waiting for him to say anything, but seeing Tao Lingqi tremble slightly, and followed a ceremony, as if to provoke the courage of the whole body, sound like a mosquito: "French!"


Yang Kai couldn't help but smack a song of Qu Hua, which means that you are doing something.


With Tao Lingqi's character, it is impossible to shout out such a title. It is exactly what Qu Huashang and her have slandered. Tao Ling's temperament is simple, and he casually cheats.


When Qu Huashang didn’t see it, the voice was still sweet: “Would you like to eat me first, or do you eat the pottery sister first?”


Yang opened a mouthful of old blood and almost did not spray it out.


Tao Lingqi suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Yang Kai with a blank look. The shock in the big eyes was overflowing with words, as if he had heard something incredible.


Qu Huachang has a lot of fun, and his tone is long and full of flirtatiousness: "It is okay to eat together."


"Don't make trouble!" Yang opened his face and scolded.


Qu Huashang immediately pouted and protested.


Yang Kai, regardless of her, just looked at Tao Lingyi, and for a moment she did not know how to speak.


This trip to the yin and yang days, there are many accidents, and the biggest accident is Tao Ling. Although Qu Huashang made a dowry for him, he is not ready to face this timid and shy woman.


Not much contact with each other, not familiar, and her character is not as close as Qu Huashang.


"Hey... um, I can call you like this?" Yang Kai Shen said for a moment. As Qu Huashang said before, Tao Lingqi is the teacher of Qu Huashang, and Qu Huashang has been calling Yang Kai’s younger brother. If Yang Kai is going to call Tao Ling’s sister, he will be confused.


Tao Lingwei can not check the nod.


"You and I don't know much time and don't have much contact, so they don't know each other too much, but it doesn't matter. We can get familiar with it later. You can also consider this marriage contract carefully. If you want to repent, ......"


"I will not regret it!" Tao Ling did not know where the courage, suddenly interrupted Yang Kai's words, and looked up at him.


After I finished speaking, I realized that I suddenly lowered my head: "I... I will not regret it."


Yang Kai nodded: "I was wrong. About my business, you can learn from the song teacher, you can also observe it yourself later, we are still young, the days are long, everything is not urgent, if there is a day You want the master and the younger brother, remember to tell me, I will let you send you back to the yin and yang days. Yin and Yang days are also the maiden of your two people, it is okay to walk around often."


"And, if you feel that you have signs of going out of the way, be sure to tell me in advance, you must not stand alone."


Yang Kaifu squatted, and Tao Ling couldn't help but beheaded, and it was not so nervous.


Speaking and talking suddenly, the brow wrinkled.


Qu Huachang was keenly aware of the wrong, nervous: "What happened?"


Yang Kai frowns for a moment, slowly shaking his head: "I don't know, there is a feeling of restlessness."


"I don't mind?" Qu Huachang's eyebrows rise, and Yang Kai is a high-spirited and powerful six-piece opener. It is not a good sign, which often indicates what is wrong. things happen.


"Hsu is an illusion." Yang Kai's face returned to normal.


"You can't care!" Qu Huashang said seriously. "You look at yourself first, and I will help you."


Yang nodded.


After the shackles, neither of them found any abnormalities. It seems that the ignorance of the mind is just an illusion.


This is not impossible. The perception of powerful people is sharp, but not every time.