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A perfect exercise has created a mythology academy that makes the heavens and the world tremble.

The invincible dean leads a group of teachers and students who are not afraid of the sky and earth to compose a myth together!

When hundreds of millions of years have passed and he is no longer in the world, there is one title that still makes the world tremble: Dean!

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Short Title:MM
Alternate Title:武极神话
Author:simple otaku
Weekly Rank:#1017
Monthly Rank:#952
All Time Rank:#650
Tags:Academy, Alternate World, Clever Protagonist, Clever Protagonist Cultivation, Clones, Evil Gods, Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy World, Fast Cultivation, Fast Learner, Gate to Another World, God Protagonist, Godly Powers, Heaven, Hell, Interdimensional Travel, Jack of All Trades, Lost Civilizations, Male Protagonist, Multiple Identities, Multiple Timelines, Mysterious Past, Mythical, Mythical Beasts, Mythology, Overpowered Protagonist, Sect Development, Shameless Protagonist, Special Abilitie, Strong Love Interests, Strong to Stronger, Student-Teacher Relationship, System, Teachers, Time Travel, Transmigration, Weak to Strong, World Travel,
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28 Comments on “Martial Mythology
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  1. Hah... read until chapter 1632... I'm satisfied though still dissatisfied with MC's view of strength especially this sentence "Without a woman in his heart, he draws his sword and is naturally divine. Women will only affect the speed at which he draws the knife! " I don't like enuch mc for me being attracted to the opposite sex is natural whether male or female. feeling he would be stronger without being attracted to other people is not strength but fear, fear that being attracted to others will make him weak but not so true. that's why I don't like Enuch MC who feels that without women/men they will be strong. if he himself is for another reason I still accept it but to close his heart to make it stronger the answer is no

  2. It means that his pursuit of the sword is more pure than the natural attraction of the opposite sex, procreation is burned in the deepest parts of every organism yet his interest in the sword is ever higher. Having to care about people also does stain your mind. Best example I can think of is Fang Yuan from Reverend Insanity, one of the biggest reasons he was such an absolute menace to the Heavenly Court was because there was no way to bait him out, he had no friends, no master, no lover and he killed his own family long time ago and on top of all of that he had no sense of shame. He was quite literally immune to being threatened and wouldn't care about completely losing all of his reputation to just run away from a fight. That is what happens when feelings don't get in one's way, little to no MC can boast to have this level of freedom. Also harems suck, female characters are always written like shit

  3. I’d rather a eunuch than a sex craved manic. At least one doesn’t have a bunch of useless meat shields that don’t help after the chapter they’re introduced and worry about being kidnapped. Straight up, so far, I’ve just seen them basically worry for the protagonist, sleep together, worry about the protagonist. Furthermore, 90% of these protagonists with harem are just awful people that are egoistic and selfish to their own needs. Others are naive or too saint like. Besides, intercourse takes time, dealing with the women’s problem(cause always some villain bothers the protagonist for the woman or some background issue) takes time, helping them grow(and still not help) takes time, love affairs takes time. Besides, what’s wrong with having female friends and not just sex dolls that can act as a meat shield for when the time is bad and make a 1 minute sad scene where the villain just stands there and waits. Oh wait, another reason why I prefer the first type is solely because you don’t have filler lines about their beauty, personality, body type, sex. I actually hate it solely for that reason. I dropped a novel solely because it kept on talking about women’s curves and beauty, never for their strength. Tell me, when the hell did a novel have a protagonist value a women not for their beautiful face or high background? Cause clearly beautiful faces are required for harems, not ability.

  4. Novel cina bro , di cina sendiri terlalu banyak aborsi anak perempuan karena kebijakan 1 anak . Jatuhnya memang pria di china kesulitan buat ngewe , jadilah novel novel beginian yang gak ada kisah cintanya . Bagiku buat apa kuat/immortal tapi gapernah ngewe . Goblok banget . Aku sampai gak baca reverend insanity loh yang katanya best seller itu , gara gara mcnya gapernah ngewe kasian bat kntlnya gak dipake

  5. reveren insanity memang keren, tapi ya gitu kaya gk punya titit anjir, yakali punya titit tapi gk ada dorongan seksual sama sekali. Kecuali mungkin titit mc dah dipotong wkwkwkwk. 400ch pertama sih oke karena ceritanya mantep, lah 1600 lebih sisanya ceritanya b aja anjir.

  6. oh the MC doesn't want women to hold him back? and your issues is uh, because the mc somehow doesn't like women and not the very much red flag sentiment of women holding men back i mean yeah liking anyone in a romantic/sexual manner is natural but we know what we read and it is chinese powerup fantasy and we know what that entails usually a harem of jade like beauties with copy paste personalities whose names are of lesser importance than their bust size so i think it is a fresh air for an mc to not be a hormone addled teenager level of horny man strapped with god power giving system

  7. This mc is stupid. He can make many clones but he never leaves one in the academy to inform him of things whenever he wanted to go do something or do a close door cultivation. As a result many unwanted things happened.

  8. All right, my question is simple. Will mc be with bai ling? Honestly, I just started reading and only reached chapter 300+. I'm kinda annoyed with the very Dense mc. 2000+ plus chapter, I didn't want to wait that long to find out.

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