When Luo Xiu said this, Chen Feng was also stunned.

Yes, since primitive martial arts are stronger than multiple martial arts, why have multiple martial arts suppressed primitive martial arts for so many years?

Chen Feng and Luo Xiu looked at the big brother Hong Zhan.

"Master, do you know something I don't know?"

Chen Feng said silently.

He has joined the line of primitive martial arts for so many years.

As a result, I didn't know what was going on with me at all.

Hong Zhan nodded and said in a low voice, "Our primitive martial arts are suppressed not only in the martial arts halls, but in the five halls of the entire five-dimensional world."

"Why?" Both Chen Feng and Luo Xiu couldn't understand.

"Is it because of the different concepts?" Luo Xiu frowned. "Although the original martial arts and the multi-dimensional martial arts have different training concepts, they are not incompatible with fire and water?"

"Furthermore, for us cultivators, making ourselves stronger is the most important thing. Primitive martial arts and multiple martial arts have their own merits."

Luo Xiu was really puzzled about this. If it was just a simple idea, it would be too trivial.

Chen Feng also wondered, "I heard that our multiple martial arts line has also been very prosperous and powerful. Is it related to some past grievances?"

"You guy is a rare piece of cleverness." Hong Zhan nodded, apparently agreeing with Chen Feng's statement.

After pondering a little, Hong Zhan said, "I have heard from Master before that, probably before hundreds of chaotic eras, a war broke out between our five-dimensional world and other higher dimensions."

"It was also in that dimensional war that the original five ways and the multi-dimensional five to all broke completely."

"Our primitive martial arts once had a strong man who was not at the peak of the sky, and he leapfrogged and killed the supreme."

The title of Supreme, in the higher dimensional world, is called the existence above the non-emptiness.

There are also many supreme in the five-dimensional world, but they rarely appear in front of people.

However, in the endless long years, there has never been an existence in the five-dimensional world that can leapfrog the supreme by relying on the cultivation base of the non-emptiness.

Therefore, the strong person who was not the peak of the sky at the beginning seemed very special.

Hong Zhan continued, "At the beginning, many people had high hopes for the strong man, thinking that if he breaks through to the realm of supreme, he should be able to reach the level of invincible sweep of the supreme realm."

"However, in the end he still had no chance to break through to the Supreme, because he died in the world of life and death."

"Dead? How could a strong man like him die?" Chen Feng was a little unbelievable. "He can leapfrog to kill even a strong man at the supreme level. Who can kill him?"

Hong Zhan shook his head, "He can leapfrog and kill the Supreme, but that is in the case of heads-up."

"After all, his own realm has not reached the level of supreme. One supreme can't kill him, two can't kill him, then three or more."

Having said that, Luo Xiu and Chen Feng understood.

According to Hong Zhan's statement, the other higher dimensions of the alien world sent out more than a dozen supreme lords in order to deal with the powerhouse of primitive martial arts.

In the end, the peak of the Primal Martial Dao was killed!

And there are some obscure evidences that the reason why the peak of the original martial arts is not empty state will be ambushed by more than a dozen supreme alien dimensions, it is very likely that people with multiple martial arts have passed on the message.

The incident at that time caused a great sensation.

But later it was also suppressed by some supreme princes in the five-dimensional world.

The follow-up did not continue to pursue it.

It was also since that incident that the multiple martial arts and primitive martial arts have completely opposed.

"Big brother, was that really betrayed by a multi-martial man?" Chen Feng asked.

"How do I know?" Hong Zhan shook his head speechlessly, "This matter is now a taboo everywhere! It is said that there were some obscure evidence before, but these evidences were erased later."

"Who dares to talk nonsense without evidence?"

"This matter has a high probability of involving some powerful people in the Supreme Realm."

Speaking of this, Hong Zhan did not continue.

Luo Xiu and Chen Feng also understood what Hong Zhan meant.

Because if this matter involves the Supreme, then if anyone talks nonsense, it is going to die.

Especially in the current situation of the primitive martial arts, no one can compete with the Supreme.

It is even possible that the person who revealed the information of the multi-dimensional martial arts peak powerhouse might be a multi-dimensional martial arts supreme.

"Master, if this is the case, it is equivalent to someone in the supremacy of our five-dimensional world who is a traitor."

"Will the other supreme beings in the five-dimensional world allow such a traitor to exist and collude with other higher dimensions of the alien world?"

Luo Xiu expressed his doubts.

Hong Zhan looked at Luo Xiu and said, "The other supreme you mentioned must have been considered, but there is no real evidence to determine which supreme it is. It is impossible to give a certain supreme just because of certain doubts. Convict?"

"It is precisely because of the fact that the cause and effect involved are too great, so Master has been very low-key these years, including me."

Hong Zhan said helplessly, "But now the appearance of Junior Brothers has once again expanded the contradiction between our primitive martial arts and multi-dimensional martial arts."

"I don't know whether this is a blessing or a curse..."