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Marshal, She Has Seven Appearances a Week

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A third-tier star, Lu Weiyu, an ordinary beta, urgently needs a backer.
After finally getting into the marshal’s banquet, just about to strike up a conversation——
Marshal raised his phoenix eyes and said, “Get lost.”
Lu Weiyu rolled away non-stop, and was pulled back by the marshal before he rolled away.
With a low voice and domineering eyes, the Marshal put him in his arms: “Did I tell you to get out? Get back.”
Lu Weiyu nodded tremblingly.
The marshal surrounded her, humming: “If you touch someone, you will be responsible to him.”
Lu Weiyu was dumbfounded, and said nonsense: “Okay, take responsibility.”
The marshal pinched the man’s chin and snorted coldly: “What are you responsible for? Women, don’t play with fire.”

It was only later that Lu Weiyu found out that the marshal had fallen ill again.
Marshal: “I hit you with my life.”
Glyph of sand.
ABO, I don’t know what to write, just arrange it.
The cultural design is mine, please leave if you don’t like it.
Which channel to write about is my business, and I don’t need others to tell me what to do.
Content tags: female supporting role sweet text wearing books
Search keywords: Protagonist: Lu Weiyu ┃ Supporting role: Zhao Shumi ┃ Others: Wearing Books, Dog Blood, Sand Sculpture

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Short Title:MSHSAW
Alternate Title:元帅她一周七个样
Author:Xu Xie
Weekly Rank:#6278
Monthly Rank:#6835
All Time Rank:#9188
Tags:Acting, Aggressive Characters, Beautiful Female Lead, beautiful heroine, Bickering Couple, Bloodlines, books like upgrade specialist in another world, Childcare, Cold Love Interests, Discrimination, Doting Parents, Entertainment, Familial Love, Female Partner, Female Protagonist, Jealousy, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Loyal Subordinates, Marriage, Multiple Personalities, Mysterious Illness, Obsessive Love, Omegaverse, Possession, Possessive Characters, Pregnancy, Quick Transmigration, Rebirth, Royalty, Sweet Text, Wealthy Characters, Wear Book,
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  1. Recently, the people of Lin'an City have been talking about a certain incident. It's about Shen Yunqing, the third young master of Shen Family Restaurant, who, disguised as a man, fell into the water while trying to pursue the daughter of the Minister of Household, and woke up with amnesia. That's not the main point, though. The main point is that after waking up, the way this third young master acted completely changed, and now they spend their days following around the fiancée of the Minister of Household's son. Shen Yunqing is a recent college graduate who just entered society, but on the first day of work, they accidentally fell into a fountain pool and woke up to find themselves in the body of the same-named and same-surnamed third young master, in a completely unfamiliar place. Shen Yunqing: "I like women? That's impossible. I'm a straight, narrow little white poplar tree." Qin Yumo: "I'm not saying anything. I'm just quietly watching you slap yourself in the face." Friendly reminder: the romance between the two female leads develops slowly. Be sure to check the comments section of important chapters for surprises. Tags: Happy Enemies, Time Travel, Farming, Cross-Dressing Search Keywords: Protagonists: Shen Yunqing, Qin Yumo | Supporting Characters: Jin Qianqian, Jin Hanfeng, Qin Shaoxi | Others: One-sentence summary: A mistaken flirtation between arch-rivals with hidden agendas. Moral: Turn the impossible into the possible and create a happy life together.

  2. Here's the chinese title "夫人,撩你可好". Eng title "Ma'am, how nice to tease you". Below is the link https://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=4480634

  3. Oof it feels like chinese yuri authors these days are obsessed with writing stories set in the omegaverse. I really don't get the hype for this type of novel. Abo makes no sense according to science and most of the time the authors only use the setting to artificially 'roofie' their characters. Which would be fine if they could actually write smut without going againsts the 'core socialist values', as it stands we the readers don't get anything else from the setting and while romance is fine, abo adds nothing but needless complications to that. The only good thing that comes from it is that 2 girls can have children, but its not like that type of setting is exclusive only to abo. There are many ways that type of thing can be introduced

  4. Looks like I can't edit my comment above, so I'll finish the thought here, there are many ways to introduce children to a yuri story without relying on ABO. In conclusion, ABO requires an author to write an entire society around the existence of 6 different biological genders. They have to talk about pheromones and all the complicated rules that affect them and how characters react to them. And at the end of the day, there's really no need for that, 2 genders is already complicated enough for the society we currently live in right now. (Obviously, I'm not interested in talking about transgender or Tumbler gender. After all, I came here for girl on girl romance stories not tumbler gender on helicopter gender.)

  5. i'm just curious. when you said "Oof it feels like chinese yuri authors these days are obsessed with writing stories set in the omegaverse." Could it be because the novels uploaded here recently are abo ones? or that is really the case in jjwxc site?

  6. No, just the novels on this site. I don't check jjwxc that much, since the mtl on my browser isn't that good. I just wanted to express my own personal frustration with the abo genre and its recent uptick in popularity. Still, it's not as if I absolutely can't read it, good stories shine through even if their setting bothers me, but in my opinion with all things being equal, a yuri story without abo is much more interesting to me than one with it.

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